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[Request] 'Control' - Nuttyverse & Donutman

Donutman - Control

I tried to stay still but I can't control myself
I can't help it that my instincts call for me
This here is the land of Korea and Seoul is my city
I was born here and was raised eating kimchi

But I was a bit different from the average set of Korean people
With that said, I listened to hip hop
I don't about your family background or where you're from
If there's one thing that gets my attention, it's what you've done

This is my one request for success
If you can't abide by it, then you best believe that I'l fail
I don't put effects in my rap, I put my heart in
As if I literally took my heart out, I can't breathe

Look, Korean hip hop is literally full of foreigners
Once you listen to it, you'll say, "Ah, of course foreigners are different"
I prove that those words are wrong on my own
Look carefully as I bite onto kimchi and rip apart these gyopo rappers

Young & gifted, my source of income depends on this mission
I can't just drink water and leave on this long journey I've embarked on
My greed is overfilling but this is a blessing to me
Also, my empty plate is none other than a blessing from the gods

I'll maintain good health and live a long life in this game
Eternal life, I live well despite not taking any medicine
Swings, E-Sens, Yasu, Ugly Duck, and TakeOne
No one can stop me, fuck it, I'm outta control

Uh if you can't agree with my words, then take me as your target for your next track
Also, C-ZA hyung and Crucial Star hyung, stop sending messages on Kakao Talk
This message is for improvement so accept it confidently

All the hip hop fans are asking for disses of anyone but you turned away from me a few years ago just because I didn't have any connections
Are you all comfortable just watching while instigating fights?
Seriously here, who was the one that faced the loss alone?

Come out Okasian, despite me not having any ill feelings towards you
I'm just annoyed because people keep comparing us two
So turn back once you listen to this all the way in America
Prove yourself this once if you're really my opponent

I'm going to survive, I'm definitely going to survive
I'll be okay even if I get beat and cornered because I lived like a retard before
How many years has passed, yet I remember each and every moment

Uh, I respect Moon Ji Hoon hyung despite him getting cursed at
This case was your real upgrade, not your EP, hyung
You're really awesome and you kept your promise at your debut
You said you'd flip Korea over and there's no one above or below you now

Hip hop is skills, motha fucka and I'll steal all the handicap seats
You're a bitch like the sound of the bell when you get off
For the bitches who aren't confident, please get off
This is Korean hip hop, hip hop that's rewritten

Nuttyverse - Mind Control

This is a good bait, but control is unbearable for the kimchi men
To those who can't seem to get on rhythm, what you need first is some mind control
These souls with no sense of identity can't seem to understand as they have an excess of excretion
After trampling over everyone, I'm ready to penetrate the Arc de Triomphe

The discolored wild apricots calculate for how to promote themselves
Get the timing wrong and you lose your entire fortune
You criticize the system but if you look at the meat fenced in, don't you see how foolish this is? Chasing your beliefs

From Lamar to Swings, this
Somebody overlooking the situation asks why a catfish is butting in a fight between dragons
What? Have you listened to 'Control' a couple of times?
This is simply just playing around, "proof" to them promoting themselves

You call that rap? They can't control their sphincters with no respects to the beats
These guys are unruly, merely fuckers with no respect wanting respect
Who's the king and who are these countrified dumbasses bringing up the king's crown

Chicks hope you express your emotions when they give you blowjobs
That's why the results you ejaculate are always murky
Respect for Kendrick; take that sour smell out
Your competence is reevaluated so don't fuck around

Don't be satisfied with where you're at in how you got there sucking on your hyungs' dicks
Up till here was the message I'm delivering to the guys jacking off
Don't ruin the picture in butting into places and don't think that this is an opportunity for you just because it's a festival

An unjustifiable diss isn't ever cool
This is the rule for the fakes who
What are you trying to earn that you're spitting everywhere? (opportunists)
What are you trying to earn that you butt in? (attention seeking retards)

An opportunity is given to those who are prepared, you know what I mean?
What you can only grasp is what's in between your legs, you know what I mean?
Oh my God, please protect my ears, God
Oh my God, please protect my ears, God

These pathetic people don't ever worry
You can already see their limits but their dreams are too big
This is why I'm going to kill the bodies now as it's a form of self-defense for my ears

[Editorial] 'Control' Korean hip hop - wrap up of the recent controversy

With Swings pulling out of the diss battle with the release of 'New World' and there being no response from Amoeba Culture + Gaeko other than "respecting their artists' decisions," could this finally be the end of the big brawl? 

Everyone may be calling out Swings as the "bad guy who started it all," "a coward for backing out," or just some vulgar rapper who can't say personal things to someone in person but I personally respect Swings for what he did in the past few days. Sure, the angry cussing may have been something additional that wasn't quite necessary but for the most part, I think he did what needed to be done, intentional of his track becoming this controversial or not.

And the reason why I believe that this was needed was because Korean hip hop was in a state of withdrawal for quite a long time. Kind of like what Dead'P had mentioned in his track, the underground scene was moving up into mainstream and in order to do that, rappers had to change what they delivered to not just underground fans but the general public as well, so why not go down the safe route in selling yourself out with love songs? 

Although I don't believe that Swings' 'King Swings' represented this idea better than Dead'P did with his track since he mostly talked about how great he is (I mean, he did title it 'King Swings' after all), it at least opened up a can of worms for artists who were pursuing the exact said reason above in responding with harder, "real" tracks.

A lot of people seem to be blinded by the idea that 'King Swings' is a diss track. It's not. Sure, he called out a couple of people and crews but that's normal in any track in the hip hop scene. Some artists even dedicate an entire track written ambiguously to call out someone. As mentioned in his press release when he released the track, Swings mentioned that 'King Swings' was a "motivation" earned from the controversial verse from Kendrick Lamar in his featuring for Big Sean's 'Control.' And though people aren't buying it that Swings was straying away from the message that Kendrick had originally delivered, Swings was not that much different from Kendrick in that they both talked about trying to become victorious of their respective rap scenes over others except Swings did it in a much more narcissistic way of course. 

Another reason why I believe Swings released it with a cause is because of the shade clouding up the industry. The entertainment industry in general is always hush hush, keeping an eye out for others in trying to cover themselves from being exposed. We all know that this industry, both underground and mainstream, is dirty as hell and everyone wants to maintain a clean image for the sake of the fans and the public but all Swings had to do was throw a bait into the waters and wait for the right people to bite onto it. Who was the big fish that Swings managed to reel in at the end? Simon D.

It may or may not have been intentional but he sure as hell is smarter than a Seoul University graduate if he managed to plan this whole heist to lure Simon D in through Ugly Duck, who had also replied to Swings with 'Ctrl + Alt + Del *2' and is a close junior of Simon D's. It seemed that Simon D was really the bigger fish that Swings was waiting on because if you compare his tracks 'Hwang Jung Min' and 'New World,' he grills Simon D alive, front and back with a whole set of accusations in his newest track, leaving no room for Simon D to run away from, whereas 'Hwang Jung Min' was just him labeling Simon D with any cuss word he could think of. It's like 'Hwang Jung Min' was purposely poorly written with curse words to hurt Simon D's pride and make his blood broil for him to fight back so that he can close it off by tarnishing Simon D's image with one go.

However with actions also come consequences and Swings had to face those consequences through Simon D's 'Control.' Simon D did raise a few good points in his response track in mentioning Swings' lack of management as CEO of Just Music Entertainment when he had "signed" Jtong a.k.a "locked him up with no contract but assigned him a manager." Seeing how Jtong wasn't really going anywhere under Swings' care, this is also why Simon D decided to "steal" him according to Swings by introducing Jtong to Amoeba Culture around this time last year. Jtong never signed an official contract with the company however, as it remained strictly a business relationship. Amoeba Culture funded Jtong's album 'Mohican and the Barefoot' and Jtong was to pay the loan he had used for production and promotions. Going back on tangent, although Jtong and Swings didn't necessarily have a great relationship, it seemed the two had already worked things out since Swings gave Jtong a shoutout in 'Hwang Jung Min' and Jtong had tweeted, "Dumbass Swings piggy hyung ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋyou're cool like you were in 2008ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ."

Also, Simon D made it clear that he was bffs with E-Sens, not Swings. It was a somewhat relevant point to bring up since E-Sens had also made it clear on Twitter that he wasn't siding with anyone and respected both sides so Swings trying to steal E-Sens away was a childish 3rd grade move.

Photo of Illest Konfusion + friends

Brushing aside the consequences, Swings geared up his last response with 'New World.' He went straight to the points in his argument by putting Simon D's accusation to rest on his relationship with Jtong in bringing up that two had drinks with E-Sens a few days ago. Not only that but Swings pretty much punched Simon D in the gut by raising the question that everyone has been wondering about, why E-Sens decided to leave Illest Konfusion (crew led by Simon D) at the same time when E-Sens' contract with Amoeba Culture was terminated. The question goes back to E-Sens' relationship with Simon D, if something did really happen between the two and the result of it was E-Sens leaving everything (Amoeba Culture, Supreme Team, and Illest Konfusion) for the sake of avoiding being involved with Simon D any further.

Speaking of E-Sens, he was pretty much the protagonist of this whole controversy. After the termination of his contract with Amoeba Culture, E-Sens has been lingering around Twitter for the most part, talking about how he can't seem to understand how to use Facebook and for fans to wait since he had something "big" in store for them. After Swings had released 'King Swings' with a string of other rappers such as TakeOne and Ugly Duck following suit afterwards, E-Sens saw the opportunity and took it. If he had released this separately on its own, I don't think he'd receive as much publicity as he did today nor would I think Gaeko would have responded. 

In both tracks 'You Can't Control Me' and 'True Story,' E-Sens pretty much slammed both Amoeba Culture and Dynamic Duo publicly for the reasons of being businessmen and not artists, requesting a million dollars from him, "slave contracts," being a sub for Dynamic Duo while they were enlisted in the military, and how Dynamic Duo are frauds in deceiving who they really are when on television. The tracks made rounds not just with fans of hip hop but with both Korean and international netizens as well. E-Sens' name was floating around the top 10 most searched names on the search engines for major news portal sites and from the comments of both Korean and international netizens, everyone's respect for E-Sens seemed to have grown and it was acknowledged almost everywhere that E-Sens had won this battle. 

The reason why most people handed the trophy to E-Sens was because Gaeko's track was lackluster and didn't provide any explanations for the accusations that E-Sens had made against him. While some people praised Gaeko for shaking away from his mainstream image to put out a response track, many were disappointed at how soft-serve it was and the punchlines of his verse were that he was E-Sens' senior and how E-Sens was a weedhead. 

With the issue garnering heavy interest from not just netizens but reporters as well, Dispatch released a compilation editorial this morning on the whole "diss" controversy and found proof to E-Sens' statement on how Dynamic Duo were businessmen.

"You yourselves know that you're all businessmen" - E-Sens' 'You Can't Control Me'

"Your fox-like glare. Just admit it. You're not a rapper so go and be your dirty entertainment CEO." - E-Sens' 'True Story' 

In Dispatch's editorial, they were able to find a list of registered staff members in Amoeba Culture and listed as internal directors of the company were the names Choi Jae Ho (real name of Choiza) and Kim Yoon Sung (real name of Gaeko). Of course it's expected that artists who have been with a company for a while take on positions such as directors (examples of this can be seen with YG & SE7EN, Kangta and SM) but the reason why this evidence plays a crucial factor for E-Sens' side is because it shows that Gaeko probably had the power and influence to have E-Sens kicked out from the company. 

With the hype slowly winding down and no response tracks from Simon D to Swings and Gaeko to E-Sens, we can assume that Swings' 'New World' may have been the grand finale and the closure needed for this issue. Again, we'll never know the answer to why E-Sens left Illest Konfusion and the truth behind the million dollar pay up that E-Sens mentioned till either side brings it up again. Everyone's names are finally off the top 10 searches and even the unknown rookies aren't riding off of the 'Control' hype anymore.

People who came across the issue could have thought of this issue as irrelevant and unnecessary while if you're like me, you could think that this breakthrough was a needed refresher for the Korean hip hop scene, highlighting a culture of hip hop to the public that many never knew of cared about. Like E-Sens had tweeted, diss tracks and beef with artists aren't necessarily the core of what makes hip hop but it's a part of it. It's another side to hip hop where you can be obnoxious with your profanity and grill someone publicly all the while being lyrical and eloquent with rhymes and punchlines.

A lot of hip hop fans worried that with the issue becoming so controversial, the general public may view hip hop under a bad light, even worse than what Korea already thinks and sees of it but it was the exact opposite. I'm sure the comments of netizens don't represent what everyone in Korea thinks as a whole and that the people who commented probably barely keep up with hip hop in the first place but if even they knew that there was something wrong with Dynamic Duo singing sappy love songs and seeing tracks like this was a refresher, then I believe that itself says something.

In the end, it's not about who won or who wrote their lyrics better but more so that through this issue, all of the rappers played a pivotal role in becoming a motivation for the current new and old artists out in the scene right now and also became the starting point for new fans who came across the issue to learn and explore Korean hip hop. All in all, even though it was a tiring 3 days of having to listen to the same beat 20 times, I give credit to all the artists and hope that Korea stops becoming an army of Kendrick Lamars in the making.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

[Request] Tarae's 'Stop. Fighting' and Skandalous' 'ContLoL'

Tarae - Stop. Fighting

The hip hop scene used to be turned away and isolated by people but thanks to the verse Sens threw out, the scene became a source of luring onlookers
I'm not trying to claim a table full of delicious food by placing my spoon on top
According to the underground scene, they say that if you're a second generation rapper onlooking the scene for 14 years, you're just a bitch
I intervened fearlessly like a taxi driver; I'm a little pissed that I wasn't invited to the same party
You guys have fans who are there to listen to the albums you release but I'm far from the success and scandals
I wanted to keep cruising like an 8 ton truck with a broken handle but it's because of rocks like you that I end up hitting the floor
Simon D, San-E, Quiett, Zino, Dok2, Moon Swings, and Taewoon's little brother Zico
I end up remembering your title tracks and the reason why is because it's damn popular among the trainees I give lessons to
That's right, you guys are always the hot issue and have become my textbook for me to make a living every day
I released my album but I'm an old lady living alone with no husband, used rookie rapper Tarae with no motivation
When you guys ran joyfully across the stage, I had to starve from having privileges lie you and I tried starting up again but fuck now I'm too old
So even though I went on 'Show Me the Money,' everyone else besides Inchang, Mad C, Kyun, Zizo, and Swings, we're all leftovers
But what's this, I see some amateur imitating king kong bombastic reggae and his skills of course just bloomed; because of that fucker, he's the humidifier to my vision
I've seen failure and it's not all that sweet. The reason why I became an artist is slowly dissipating like 4men
Why do I keep going after something that I know I'll screw up in time and time again; a complete loss in electronic.
Also, this is my first confession but respect, respect, respect. I respect everyone and admire them.
I'm ashamed so I'm sleepy and when kids see my rap, they fall asleep ㅎㅎ
Whenever I see you guys make issues in the press I need a tissue
Of course everyone disses one another to protect their plates but go on the planes alone
It's disappointing to see the greedy seniors hit it off thinking they're the only ones who run hip hop
That's right, let's all band together but this doesn't mean I'm Gestapo
You guys add on labels like king and genius and no.1 but what am I? I'm just a crybaby
At least you guys are better off than where I am and no matter how much I rinse my eyes out, I can't see any fans of Tarae
You're lucky you're well off and your stomach is full because what happens when someone notices you? You just lower your snapback even more
Of course, that's not something to brag about because there's someone else out there living a life like me and holding it in
This is an opportunity for me to record now and to all the underlings uploading, stop and be friends with me
The rappers born in 84 that I mentioned above, when I say hi to you next time, greet me back because I never act like I'm better

Skandalous - ContLoL

This is control
Yeah Imma troll

During this chaotic time, I can't control my broiling blood
I don't talk about someone's personality if I haven't met them
I enjoy tasting and chewing from what I see, listen, and feel
I'm a thoughtless dude and all of my targets cry

All the uncool rap games rotted away
That's why everyone's popping beats by no I.D
I thought someone was really going to show something
Before I stand in front of the mic as one of the maniacs

The inferior third rates are celebrating with one another
The bitches who call themselves pros can't be more fed up with
The music that came out around the time I was born have changed up into 'Immortal Song' styles
Because there's no hip hop, they probably took $200 with them

D.O crew and Meta crew have a soccer match, so why is Usain Bolt out in the field dribbling then?
Rap isn't about running but soccer so better run smart
I think you need a rap lesson, this is chapter start

A wallowing bird is a wife sent to court
When talking about collecting pays, MC Sniper grits his teeth
According to the cunning fuckers, they're all the same with their words
I see if maybe their songs changed but they're all shit

It's the first time I've seen such thing on top of a broadcast stage where from the lips of a rapper that was from an underground label who held power before, he stammers while ignoring all lyrics on instrumentals
Although he did succeed in eye contact, he's still a shortfall rapper

Your puke-worthy vocals after the cries for oppa
It's the most disgusting, that old orange sensibility of youra
Even with hip hop bias aside, I can't see your strong point
Of course there's a reason for everything, especially why you had to crawl out to there as well

This royal rumble is boring as hell and it's like a female boxing match
Men's volleyball and WNBA
Let alone my eyes, now my ears are all rotten also
I even wasted my money so give me my TV licensing fee back

To be honest, I went on season 1 during 2012, but you can't see me and you know the reason why
I killin' all competitions in frot of Double K
But all he said to me after I was done was if I had any love songs?

After saying 16 more bars, I planted a sticker right on my chest but I went to home while the cunts who've waited for so long were the only ones happy
Fuck all the TV rappers, pussy ass rappers
Go and have it all for yourselves and I hope you screw up

You were born too late anyway
And a fuck you too to the hidden legends hiding behind sunglasses
You're also being ridiculed but it's something I can't say

You make a dedication album with your own hands but hurry up and wake up from your 20th century
It's not that great of a song and you ride off of idol artists
What's this nonsense of you being from the 1st hip hop generation

I have no fans, connections, or Twitter followers, nor do I have a company so I talk however the fuck I want
If you have a problem, then come out with a response yourself
Why are you calculating things because you only live once

Also, a fuck you to the retards lowering standards for being called here and there just because you're a girl
Your pussy isn't aromatic so stop biting Nicki and do something else

Everyone's a Yoon Mirae wannabe or a CL wannabe
For 10 years everyone's been a Yoon Mirae copycat and what makes them only different is their makeup
Even the replicas don't go blank and you better step up your game because all you are, are used for viewing pleasures

The number for that is too high for me to list names but maybe I'll make a list and post it on Facebook
I'll list it according to positions so try and guessing the shortlist
I got love for you all so Imma tryna fuck you

I heard music that reached 500 a month but are you fucking kidding me, just quit everything
Aren't you embarrassed to even hand out your business card?
Your standards are embarrassing and it's music that makes me feel sorry

Acting carelessly with your white pants and thick-rimmed glasses
Just shut up because I really have no idea what you eat that makes you that crazy
You're just a burden, so stop singing
I'm at a state of pleading you as I'm crying just like you

You're finally hearing how you're a has-been now. Isn't it so welcoming?
Have you listened to 'Nothing'? There isn't even the slightest value to it
Why don't you form a has-been trio: Nachal, Choiza, and Mithra
You've met a great match of partners and the postponement is a luxury

Dynamic Duo, Garion, and Epik High
I can only listen to 50% of the album and you know why
Because skills are our seniors, every day freshmen
Look up their discography and it's no different from trash

You guys made it on the news for dissing Sechskies
Now tie me up and go ahead in stoning me
Although you may shut up bitches, I speak what I want, even if everyone turns their backs on me
Don't ask me what to do because I'm originally microphone solo

I don't have time to care for what others think on this path I walk alone on
I make another track and Imma be your undertaker
This is a tombstone and a pile driver is my secret weapon
Uncontrollable, my inclination is senselessness

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dead'P hops on the 'Control' hype, targets kpop idols and ballad rappers instead

In midst of the battle that's going on within Korean hip hop scene and on top of Big Sean's Control beat, Dead'P walks in with a verse of his own but decides to choose a different opponent...or should I say, opponents. Instead of calling out a rapper for looking like a pig or digging deep into someone's history to pen into a diss track, Dead'P decides to bring one of the bigger issues that has been constantly clouding the underground scene into the spotlight which is the shallow music industry and rappers feeling the need to sell out to cater the general public's tastes.

Korean hip hop has been pretty dead for the past few years (I still consider it dead) but has been a bit lively due to the general public of Korea taking an interest to Korean hip hop thanks to 'Show Me the Money' (SMTM for short). But the problem lies in the fact that what's shown on SMTM is that they're suited for teenagers to be able to listen to which means cutting down on the cuss words, the topic of the rap being more understandable, and the list goes on. Outside of SMTM, you see rappers like Dynamic Duo not rapping about what used to be struggles and pride in the underground community but throwing in popular vocalists or rapping about how to win a girl on a smooth jazzy beat.

So what does Dead'P do? Exactly that. Except he also kind of calls out everyone else for being stupid and tries to drive the focus to where Korean hip hop needs it.

Anyway, as always, track is linked below with translated lyrics so let me know what you think of it!

Also, I solemnly swear the English parts were penned by Dead'P himself and to preserve the good nature of an artists' lyrics, I kept it in. That's right my friends, those aren't typos.

Dead'P - Rap Game Control

How can I say this
Fuck it, this is greatest
All of fake mc niggas, they just faded
No entertaining
How refreshing is it to take off all of our masks
I can fuck all you rap babies
Everyone calls themselves the rules at the place of where rules and guidelines to rap games were made
Fuck it, this game is royal rumble
Who's winner?
Yes, I talk about big men
You guys are funny, banding together, sticking together, disbanding and shit
You can't become The Rock, John Cena, or even hbk, even if you try to use your useless rap for another
Even if you count your losses after taking out your burial,even if you try to be fearless, you can't be a hero, fuckers
All of you are shitholes
So I be the undertaker, yeah I'm fucking taker
Although I've played around for 3 years, I can still win you with this one track
The shit that you've all taken becomes good nutrients
But now we can divide who the real and fakes are for sure
You raise the bar for Korean hip hop? Don't fucking kid me
The scene is burning with fuckers who are greedy and far from it
The secrets being told in stabbing, ripping apart, and dissing each other
Do we all live that life? The tragedy of a fatal war
Isn't our position already low and pitiful?
The politicians talk among themselves in debating and talking shit about us and all of this
Also, the entertainment businessmen that support them
The straw that they stuck and the borders they've made
They suck in our blood and build a castle of their own
This is the inheritance among slaves of Korean hip hop
Pat attention mother fuckers because I ask again
What's the greatest weapon of an emcee?
Where will your dagger-like words be aimed towards?
Your true enemy is not the brother in front of you but the entertainment TV shows and idol music; fuck 'em all
Electro shit, fuck it. Ballad rap, fuck it
Plastering make up on you in making you a clown, fuck it
Be a man, be a rapper. Yes you can fuck 'em all brothers
This is the rap game control

Friday, August 23, 2013

Gaeko releases 'I Can Control You' in response to E-Sens

Not as beefy as I'd like but Gaeko managed to break away from his mainstream status to at least post something to respond to E-Sens' diss, although the track does sound like it still considers his preteen fangirls since there's barely any cuss words at all and all he does is brag about Dynamic Duo. Also, there's no explanation whatsoever with what E-Sens called him out on re: 1 million dollar pay up, Gaeko being an ass to him, etc.

Anyway, enjoy!

Gaeko - I Can Control You

This is the last promotion I'm doing for the dongseng who left me from a bad hyung
Maybe finally your pupils will grow a bit bigger after being dilated every day
Since you're on Pat Healy's level, I'll accept your offer as I'm on par with Aldo
Shake off your ashes and wash your shirt that's drenched with the alcohol you spilled yesterday
I never hesitated to give talent for half of my day, yet you gave marijuana to the hardworking rapper kids
Look at the responses on your rap that you made sober: "This fucker's on something"
Look at the photo on Naver with your head hung low: "He smoked something"
You're basically asking for the company to clean up after your shit
As if you're turning your back on Kakao Talk and betraying the hyung who's held everything in
Your mouth is always always pent and your throat is hoarse after performing one track
You said you're doing this for the sake of those around me tired of you wearing a cynical smile and being pessmism but let's get this straight asshole, you made more than I did as our sub
Because of your cynical smile and your pessimism, see the atmosphere around the people surrounding you
I'll buy a ball point pen for you since you're so sophisticated
A worm can only become a catfish or a snake no matter how well he does
I released our 10th hit album BAAAM with the help of rap's greatest*
Bang bang, the bells have run. You don't need to ddeng ddeng in this match but I'm coming for it because of this messy entertain
Your fan-like rap is on rotation mode and all that's flowing is your bluff
The only attention that you're getting is from the attention seeking patients just like you
Your being is cancerous and your entire being is just poison
Even ten years from now, Primary's 'Poison' will probably be your representative track
Or maybe you'll be remembered as "ah, the kid who dissed Gaeko," "the kid who made the critical mistake in digging his own grave and burying himself in it," or "the kid who retired without having done much"
The freehug I gave you in your pissing and crying days prior to your reappearance
I erased the memories I had respecting you prior to the laws interfering
Learn to differentiate between being bold and being an idiot, and learn to save your words like you'd do with money because all you know how to do is complain brainlessly
Soldier to soldier, don't kid around with me. I am the king so why don't you go on in dissing cunts at home
What do you think you can do, you bum.
What do you think you can do when you'll be living in prison with no windows because I'll punish you
I am not a business man but tomorrow I will be sitting on business class
I'm a fairly busy person so go fuck yourself
You always said it habitually, "Gaeko hyung is my role model"
From this moment onward, I'll become your role model again
Hip hop

*In E-Sens' rap, he called Choiza a '랩퇴물' which means 'rap has-been' but Gaeko shielded Choiza by calling him a '랩대물'

Swings & Ugly Duck go at it again with respective responsive diss tracks 'Hwang Jung Min' & 'Format'

I'll edit this later as well as typos that may be in the translations. I'm running late but enjoy more diss tracks. 

Ugly Duck, you ugly fuck
You think you're cool? And you're the one saying I look like a pig? Hey, where's the mirror around here?
The Ssam D you so like? I saw him a few weeks ago and you remember too, right? And he said you look like me
Oink oink oink? Shut up, quack quack quack.
A lot of other kids have respect in their tracks but do you remember that day?
When I was having a hard time? And how you'd lend me money. That gave me a bit of strength
You were my fan 3 years ago but from now on, you're my bitch
I'm not going to beat you up because you're puny, but my right hand is fairly thick
I'm different from my seniors and I don't do that threatening shit
I'm eating a live duck and all I need are chopsticks
You want me to say actual names? Do you think I'm a pussy? Is that why you were only able to diss J'Kyun and Mad C?
The Son Seok Hee of hip hop and BB cream. If you diss an upright hyung, you atuomatically advance and tie, don't you?
I put bars in between my two slit eyes and I'll do what you want in dissing this 'big shot' of yours so strain your eyes open
First, fuck Jung Giseok (Simon D)
A retarded dog, this Judas fucker! You just stay where you are
You can't even stare at me straight in the eye and if you do, you get cut off like the end of a penis does
When Sens got kicked out, you joined both hands with Dynamic Duo
During the time he's asleep, you'd send in proofs of the contents
And then ㅋ you go on TV and smile while acting like the good guy ㅋ!?
A million dollar slave it his fault for rejecting the offer?
Ssam D you mother fucker, I knew it ever since you stole Jtong, you mother fucking bag of bones
Sun Jookyung, you didn't know about this, right? The one who apologized first was Ssam D and you were fooled
After siding with Dead'P, I did an interview in that I'm going to catch a big one unless they beg in apologizing first, then I'll let them off
Guess who I received a phone call oh-so-formally from? But you go on acting like you're a big shot saying I called you out to Just Jam?
Ay yo Jung Giseok, should I grab and rip your pussy right off? How could you eat Sun Jookyung, the one who always sucks on your pussy
Is that what you call loyalty?
This fucking duck tries to act manly but let me tell you something
There's only one reason as to why you dissed me and that's because I'm the enemy of an enemy that's your enemy
It's my mindset that doesn't trust anyone without an alliance
You only have one mixtape and you're saying that I'm getting ahead of myself again?
You have one mixtape. You have one mixtape. You say I'm not improving? What about you and your one mixtape then?
After I just sold Ssam D's organs, I shovel your front teeth, arm, leg, and your roach food and load
And I peel you off as I do it fast also
Why do you say I write? Because I'm damn good at it
Why am I lazy? Because that's how you get famous like Beenzino
Boogie on and on; you'll die if you ever show your scalp
I admit I suck at mixing but I can rip everything hundreds of times
I like King Swings but I rip it again with King Swings
Mad C says that you're a retard for dissing the weak
I'm the scab on top of the scab that's on top of a scab
I rip it and clean it again; my scab rams on your tongue
I force you to swallow and once it digests, then you shit, right?
If you place that shit on a platter, then Ssam D will eat it
You little fuckin' maggot. If you're trying to win against me, you need magic
You need the latest dictionary engraved in your head to be eloquent like Kim Koora, Jin Joong Kwon, and Sayuri
You fucking pig, we're brothers
Why don't you hop on over to the gay bar with Ssam D and Primary
I'm not done yet. Hold onto to the case and hang on
I took off his case, right? I'm sure that retard will cry
That fucking biaaaatch who always hid and was sensitive during the time I made a big deal
No way. Biaaaatch, okay.
You're the biggest slave and cunt of Amoeba lurkers
You probably don't know why I dissed Dead'P
It's better than fuckers who always suck up to him and ask, "Hyung, buy me a drink please"
Sun Jookyung, listen to me and put both hands on your shoulders
I love you too but gain more weight why don't you
Rhymer hyung, Rhymer hyung, I can't see to grasp myself
All the kids are right, I was a retard from the start
I'll leave if they tell me to and I'm not being sarcastic
But if they put charges on me, who's going to handle my debt?
Jtong Junghoon, I did everything you told me to do
If I screw up, then take me under your wing like a man
Fuck all you fuckin haters, you can suck my dick!
Also, fucking air, yeezees, I'm still a living king, believe me
Even if I get kicked off the floor of politics, I can still rap, fuck TV

Fuck TV man, what the fuck you know about that?
What the fuck you know about my life? What do you know about my life, you mother fuckers?
Yo, I don't like having to explain for myself so I'm not going to talk about each and every thing individually
But, I made it to the top 5 for the most noble people in the Korean hip hop scene
Seri, Hyndo, Taeji, VJ mother fucker. And who else? Moon Swings
And you say I don't improve? Damn. I don't improve? Damn.
What the fuck man. Who was the one who endured through all this in the first place?
You think you can do what I did? You think it looks easy, right? Then you try, mother fucker
Why don't you try cussing on SHow Me the Money while your mom watches, you cunts. Fuck
It's fucking Moon fucking Swings, man
This ain't no fucking joke.
I'm swimming in the sea of blood now. You understand what I'm saying?
Fuck this shit, turn it off

Should I give you another one, bitch?

Ay yo, I'll tell you about my situation now
I just dissed the top people of biggest companies in Korean hip hop
I could get kicked out from my company after releasing this
I'm releasing this behind our CEO Rhymer hyung's back, so there's no excuses, you fucker
Do you think I'm one to make excuses for myself, you retard?
You wanna know why you're dissing me? It's because you think I won't hit you
But let me tell you that I have guidelines for myself too, you fucker
You little fucker, who do you think you are trying to play me
When you see me, you always have this fear-stricken look on your face, you fucker
I'm going to piss on your face, you little fucker
Alright, let me tell you about my situation
I can get pressed charges for this and be kicked out of my company
If I don't get kicked out from my company, then I have to keep doing what I do
Why? It's because I have a contract to tend to and I'm thankful to the people who put their investments in me
This is my answer and that I just have to do well for myself
I have to think of my parents and I don't know why I have to do this shit
But it's all good man
A few days ago he said he hates me so I told him we should meet up
Why? Just tell me, why don't you like me? Hyung, you're not like how you used to fucking be
You look like a fucking retard
Okay man, I'll go back. Hyung, you don't like that company, I heard you don't like them. I heard you got backstabbed by them
Jtong, I did what you wanted me to. I'll say it fucking upfront but I fucking miss you, you fucker
This is love and hate
And to the rest of the fuckers trying to fight me, come and fight me
Alright man yo, I should have just done hip hop because I was born for hip hop
It's this. I'm going to do everything, whether it's fucking rock or fucking something else, I'm going to do it
But hip hop? It's my shit? Why? Because it's fucking meant for people who are aggressive in my opinion
Acting cool trying to hide scars
Anyway, Korean hip hop, to those who are good, fighting
Fighting to those who respect and diss me
Fighting to those who are going to come out soon
Also, TakeOne? I listened to yours. It gave me a lot of realization
I respect that shit. Thank you man
Hail Korean hip hop, hail Moon Swings, hail Just Music and Brand New, I don't know

How tearjerking

First off, say it again with both eyes open
If you thought I would've backed down for something like this, then I wouldn't have started it in the first place
Don't level me as Ssam D's hunting dog because this is my game
I went up on the ring myself and I'm more daring than anyone else
Sure, there's no other hyung that takes care of your dongsengs like you do
I enjoyed up until last week your release '500 Words' and I can't deny the influence you have
But I want to point out something and it's that you changedf for sure
You said it yourself that you weren't like this when you were a rookie
That's right fucker, you said you weren't like this then
Because I realized a lot, I do everything on my own now
I've been past the stage in hearing all the hyungs' cares
Seeing how each and every one of you changed your ways gave me great shock when I was younger
Keep slandering me as you've been doing
Buckwilds & Do'main
Although we have a lot of members, we don't stoop to your childish ways
Fake ass mother fucker, acting friendly once you're in front of people but talking shit behind their backs. I've seen it all
That's why they say being disciplined when you're young is crucial
Because I learned all of your wings, there's no sort of talking shit behind someone's back with me
All of you should come out and fight till there's dust
I'm sure there's a couple of fuckers that feel that this applies to them so come out
I never tried to control everyone because my goal is to reset
I honestly hated the fact that you guys would make excuses for yourself
So where did all the brothers from Illest Konfusion go?
The narrow-minded fuckers I was once proud of now need an upgrade, no, a format
I don't need anythinbg because I'm Buckwilds & Do'main

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Deepflow & E-Sens also respond to the string of diss tracks to Swings & Co.

The Kendrick Lamar fever in Korea is B.A.D. Everyone and their moms are becoming little Kendricks in the making and in addition to the four we already had on our roster, Deepflow and E-Sens just released their own versions in response to the hype surrounding Swings vs. Everyone.

However, the two are a little different than calling Swings out directly. Deepflow tries to be Gandhi in playing peacemaker but I kind of spaced out because he just talked about how he walks around in Hongdae but E-Sens. Oh E-Sens. It's what y'all been waiting for.

He finally opens up about the Amoeba Culture issue. Although it's no press release with exact statements and evidence of contract papers, he references a lot of possibilities of why he might have left Amoeba Culture, one being that he was only guaranteed a debut for the sake of covering Dynamic Duo's empty space while they enlisted and him having to pay the company for covering him with being cozy with the media during his downtime of his marijuana scandal.

Take a look at the lyrics below and tell me what you guys think!

Deepflow - Self Control

I roamed around Hongdae so much but everyone was angry without a single trace of brush mark (clue) left behind
This is music so why do you say what you want to say but cover your ears?
Everyone's on the edge of their seats with the anime ending 
The quality that flies away; your punchlines are withering
The war that Kendrick Lamar declared
It's become world wide but why don't you know the true core of the purpose from it
You practice your poker face all you want in front of the mirror but whenever I run into you in Hongdae, all you do is smile and shake my handThe sigh of a punchline king, the humiliation of mutiny 
All the kids learned through how your ways 
History flows and and records of who held the throne are erased
Reload. I saw it, the hell where everyone is tearing each other apart
Um Seok Dae, who was chosen by the grave classroom
"That fucker is a motherfucker"; you and I are also standing
Move your hand aside because all of you aren't fucking cool
Lee Bang Won and Lee Sung Kye; Michael and Don Corleone
The possibility of a purge happening with the blood of continuous success is only possible through words
If you were the sacrifice, then you have to repay with your words also
Like MC Hwang Soo Kwan's tweets, "Let's have a question and answer session"
Every night, your albums are gone through contraception and your albums are out of the question
Who am I and where am I 
Pay attention because this is the fucking underground
META is the one who built the pillar or our home that we live in
In the end, it was ZICO and Jay Park that brings home the bacon to feed the family
Hip hop has discolored into green skin color
A bird mournfully cries after consuming a sweet melon
Raps that instigate capitalism 
Rap Hooks are extinct in hip hop
For 10 years I've watched the past and present
Although I can't predict the future, one thing's important and that's that Deepflow is alive and well
The rule to this rap game isn't war but rivalry
If skill is the thesis, then your attitude in the future is the premise

E-Sens - You Can't Control Me

Who said it, that the life span of rappers is at its longest 5 years

I think I'm going to go on longer than that, seeing how people still remember me
I'm the grave of rappers deep below them
I went in and came back out 
Some people might think this is expected of me 
You can see it as a revival, or see me as a half rotten zombie; someone probably dug me up
There's no one to fulfill my tasks for me but it's something I don't want either
This timing and this beat. The hundreds of lines I've spit could be a crisis to rappers, but also an opportunity 
With my arms crossed and my face red, I hide my face and pretend I'm at ease
I don't do that stuff. There are a type of people who are best in that<
He's not raw but just rare that was barely cooked
Meanwhile, I'm always well done
Even if you try and hurry in talking shit, it's only your windpipe that'll suffocate
Dyspnea. All the people around you are hitting your back. >
In the end, what you cough up is rubbish. If you threw up, get on your knees
The idiots who fight stubbornly and major rappers who've become cowards take up 3/4 of the scene now
Your rhymes are expired as they've become preservatives
Don't pretend you're not a celebrity in it for the money
You're a fraud in acting like you sacrifice your entire being for the juniors in the Korean hip hop scene
Companies cut off your Achilles and give you crutches
They think that the reason why I'm walking is all thanks to them
They lift me up whenever and rant about it
They said that if I listen carefully, they'll give me a wheelchair
My life that you guys tried to sell, I won't give it to you easily because I myself am my own boss
Don't be hypocritical in pretending you're a good person
You yourselves know that you're all businessmen
That itself is a disrespect to the voice inside you
Are you curious as to what kind of bullying they did?
Even the blood of a fox with his mouth shut and eyes closed will broil
I'm washing away the makeup that they caked on my face which took me 2 years at minimum
I'm going to die in keeping my word that I've said in the past
The mind state of a winner
The entire studio is my gym and you're just a bite of protein to me
I'll cut the fat that's clouding your mentality but there's no anesthesia
If you hear this, then answer me Gaeko
Treat me like how you did in the past 5 years I was under the company
Don't back out now as this is the last respect for me
Since you already rejected the offer, let's battle as soldier to soldier
Cosplaying as a nice person - fuck that, that's dirty
Be honest when you're speaking because you're cheap
No matter how much I think of it, I was a sub during the time Dynamic Duo enlisted
They used the idea of respecting a junior so explain to me now, including your retired rap beside you
To the rest of of the fuckers, I was going to pen it but it'd be a waste of ink
Everyone probably understood anyway so pass
Give you 1 million? Amoeba Culture, kiss my ass
You'll probably do it again with the media play since it's what you're good at
You'll frame me as the ungrateful fucker
I'm no. 1 so if you can't acknowledge that, then say it like an emcee instead of seeking your older sister

Swings releases 'King Swings,' Ugly Duck, TakeOne, and everyone with their moms diss Swings

Just a few hours ago, Swings released a free track titled 'King Swings' which was made out of motivation from hearing Kendrick Lamar's recent controversial verse in his featuring for Big Sean's 'Control.'

Not too long after that, Ugly Duck and TakeOne as well as a couple of other artists released their own diss tracks in response to Swings.

The reason why these two artists are more noted for their diss tracks than others is because these two are members of the crews Buckwilds and Do'main, the two crews that Swings directly called out in his track. Also, the certain "hyung" that Swings mentions in his track is referencing Jtong, who is also the leader and founder of the Buckwilds crew.

It's funny because Jtong and Swings were once together in a crew themselves which was Illest Konfusion up until Swings left. Illest Konfusion also housed other artists in their crew such as Simon Dominic (Simon D for short), E-Sens, and Beenzino.

From my assumption after having translated and analyzed the lyrics of all the tracks below, the disses tossed back and forth are more than just calling Swings out for being fat and Ugly Duck for still being considered a rookie.

As mentioned in Ugly Duck's lyrics of Swings not having a good relationship with Simon D, what we can assume is that there was a rift probably at the time when Swings left Illest Konfusion. Another assumption that can be made is that as mentioned in my article of E-Sens leaving Amoeba Culture, Swings got involved in the rift that could have happened between Simon D and E-Sens. Last but not least, Simon D is known for being close to the members of Buckwilds, especially Jtong (as Simon D was also the one who recommended Jtong to Amoeba Culture) so it's easy to see how the Buckwilds members would go against Swings.

Anyway, the track got around pretty fast in the span of a few hours and the responses from netizens are really divided. Scanning through the comments on Swings' video, a lot of people feel that Swings is not how he used to be in the past. Not going to lie, I think this as well as I still enjoy Swings' older works but after being on the show 'Show Me the Money' and being in a powerhouse underground label going mainstream, he's bound to take a shift in his music to cater a different audience.

With underground artists who came across the diss tracks, there was nothing but appraisal. Artists like Simon D, Huck P, and Suda tweeted about how everyone did well and some believed that this may have been the better diss tracks that shook up the Korean hip hop scene in a while.

The lyrics and links to the respective tracks are below so take a look at the lyrics and enjoy!

Swings - King Swings

Kendrick's really amazing as he woke me up all the way from Cali
I got Seoul; Now I'm burning from my homeland and everyone burn in my methane
I counted the money I had and I still seem like a kid
But I'm not jealous anymore because I'm like Hammington Sam
Like a real man, I went in my bare skin under the scorching sun
Of course, now my skin as well as heart is poisoned black
I sit in front of my desk and fill the pen with my doglike drama, the sincere worries my dad has for me, and diss all the retarded emcees
Nearly all of Korea is too busy creating a trashy image
They call themselves hip hop, yet they can't even get a girl's number
Skills are your seniors, bitch; your little dick grew a wee bit
You're not even a trainee, yet you can't even release one album 
Be satisfied that being ignored by me is an honor
With your awkward gestures and talk mimicking black people 
I had a fight with a reporter in trying to defend you guys
Your skills are short like the length of Clara's shorts
You're like Minkyung wearing see through as your insides show clearly
If you don't want to be suppressed like a wheel, then why don't you move aside in trying to live
You're just a loser looking at yourself in the mirror wanting to become a celebrity
You even look like you'd lose in a fight with your girlfriend
You say swag only in front of those younger than you 
When I arrive, everyone grows quiet like it's time for service
I'm the Jack Sparrow of this game and you're just a model pirate
I'm always the skilled king but now I even have popularity
I'm the giant of advancing; that's right, your car and you yourself are a Wrangler
I don't lose, retard so why do you guys keep trying to step forward
Even if you cheat, I still shoot the ball into the net 
I take out the fire burning in me at night as it incinerates and burns you
You burn like a car that just got into an accident, fry like a French
Ride or fuckin' die, there's no one real like me
That crown is mine and take it off like a stripper
Or bow down to me like you would to your father-in-law
You're just a moldy bread, so how do you think you'll change...just like that, why don't you choke that broom-like neck of yours
Just make yourself turn grape color and explode, please explode
You wet the floor brightly beneath with the two holes missing your eyeballs
I want to even kill your crew, fucking hunchback roach
I hire foreign workers to gang rape you...that's revenge
The people who raise their tone of voice when they're scared when their tones are usually low, I'll chop both arms off
What you'll wear is a basketball shirt and I'll dunk your head inside the water..
Your oxygen supply is low so your lungs tell me, "My oxygen passed its curfew"
Are the words that the character from a novel spits real?
Because you got hit during your school years, do you spite me?
Again this year is the delicious seaweed soup my mom makes for me -
If you want to eat soup, then hop on your four-wheeled bicycle and move out of the way
This is my business and there's no positions for work
With a killer flow, I'm the right person to be in this position
Who are you trying to scare? I'm the MC eater 
This is my territory so try to come over and I'll give you a bruise on your cheek
I changed the motherfuckin' game
Your shit is motherfuckin' lame
Your pronunciation sucks and your Korean is lesser than mine
Hurry and apply for Kumon; learn with me starting from ABCs
Motherfucker you a fuckin' poser
Feature on the Playboy poser
When you walk, you walk carelessly but nowadays I'm healthy
When I meet with female college students, the discussion topic is always grades
You found a job early but I obtained skills first
Mr. Hip Hop, I declare that I'm going to run with Jang Moon Bok
No one can hear the meeting place for dummies
Don't worry, dad and mom are fine
I'm going to change the "boos" I hear with my ears to "yeah"
Instead of "fat," I'm going to become "grand"
When I make it real big, you'll see on my car on the highway with Busker Busker, Eloquent King, you get what I'm saying, right?
Whenever I won in arcades, I got hit by my hyungs
Now with age, your chin? It's going to disappear
But sometimes I'm not that bad, I'm a nice guy
My hair moves here and there like the wi-fi from a coffee shop
People say I look like Santa; Merry Christmas, jingle bells
U missed me man? It's alright because look, the king is back
If you're a rapper, then you have to rap first because that's first
You're doing the opposite in taking off your panties
With pants on, you ask me, "Swings, how does that happen?"
I don't know either but my attitude doesn't change on broadcast either so if you saw it, then acknowledge that nobody's real like me
You saw it, the corner of my mouth going up like Nike
Buckwilds and Do'main have too many members like Wu Tang
I'm still a new thing if I made my lyrics into a book, it'd be thicker and the weight of the paper would be heavier than all of yours combined
I don't hate you, I just don't like your certain hyung
Sure, I'm sorry so now follow me through rap
Except the fucking rookies because y'all are just fucking rookies
When I was a rookie, I wasn't like you guys so step it up
The politicians in the generation before me aren't that small in numbers
I don't respect you as you're just moldy rice to me
My mentality is Tupac and my mouth is a fuckin' boombox
Who's going to give me a shoulder note; the leader is the third emperor
Illionaire is my goal and of course I acknowledge Gonzo
But I'll redevelop everything as this hip hop scene is like my Songdo
Do I do this for the scene?
Fuck that, I do it for me
I did it for this scene but what did it ever do for me?
What is rivalry? I have to higher my standards
I have a lot to reflect on but it's not over this
Kang Minho, E-Sens; you left your company now
As a friend and a fan, I'll tell you that don't become a memory but a legend
VJ, we waitin' for ya, San-E we takin' OVER
We'll turn them all into dust and use them when we're ready to eat like baking soda
I'll cancel what I said about dissing the scene since I have both love and hatred for it
But, when I do become king, please accept the fact that victory is mine

There's one thing better than sex and that's succeeding

Ugly Duck - Ctrl + Alt + Del *2

Instead of feeling a sense of rivalry, my feelings of disappointment grow bigger
You're better off reminiscing on the days when I was your fan 3 years ago
You're no different than the fuckers you used to talked hella shit about
You can't open Just Jam shows without anyone famous on the lineup
You thought you were pretty tight if you labeled your works as "not mixed," huh?
You really have no sincerity, do you. Just stop making music overall
"Please understand me as I didn't do mixing for it~ This is the real RAW SHIT!~"
I can't even hear what you're saying, yet you try to rationalize
Let me make you another nickname: "Mr. Rush"
Do what you were best at, which were throwing fists and being a mobster
You think that just because your voice is loud that everything will go well for you
Stop making those pig screeching sounds and get on the rhythm
You never try to research but yet you blabber a lot
What did you say to me when I was looking up music? That I'm an otaku?
Then what are you doing making a living off of the same people who do what I do
Illionaire, Hi-Lite, VV:D, Buckwilds, & Do'main
You can't even open up Just Jam without us
Who do you think you are overlooking someone else's table of food as the world's greatest pig?
Why don't you go eat your feed with your grand left hand
And if you're trying to reference someone, do it straightforward and right,
That "Jtong! Hella hates me, Swings!" instead of "Now I'm King! Swings! So don't hate me as your hyung!"
Also, you would use Rhymer hyung as an excuse to say this and that
You're the CEO of JM who contracted with Rhymer that contracted with Loen
Where did your upgrade go?? Your class fell headlong
Whatever you do, you always say Rhymer hyung, Rhymer hyung as your excuse
Fuck, when did you have so much reasoning for yourself you pig, pig, pig
Did you seriously want to make issues, you copy cat, you crazy ass
You're a psychopath, a crazy ass, a crazy ass who's desperate for attention
There's a line to be drawn, you crazy ass feeding off of your pride in yourself
You act cool but we all know it's a gimmick and that you're just Swings the retard
You had a rift with Ssam D (Simon D) for a while and now what?
You apologize suddenly and request for him to guest in Just Jam the next day
I understand your motives but aren't you slightly even embarrassed?
I love you but I have to say what I need to say
Just because you were on broadcast for a while, it seems that you get a lot of functions calling in for you to perform for?
You seem to enjoy the fact that people recognize you now, huh?
Look at you hang around retards like Mad.C and J'Kyun
I hope your friendship lasts forever till your graves
You got qualified here, qualified there
Hey, you got qualified there too
Why don't you spend that time picking up your pride from the scripted Show Me the Money
A legend is shitting and from today on, you'll remain as just a good memory to me

TakeOne - Recontrol

Why does everyone copy Lil Wayne
It seems like even after a few years passing by, people are still sounding like Drake and Asap Rocky
Do do do do! Everyone seems to be difficult with Kendrick Lamar now since they can't rap like him
Here, before we copy Korea, we're already caught up
Why do you keep holding onto your dick in front of your female followers
It's illmatic if everyone likes fast-paced things
If you debate the core of what differentiates an official album and a mixtape, of course their quality is the same, maybe in terms of income they're not
No one recognizes musical competence, even if your popularity goes up
Don't overestimate with the influence you have because look at Beenzino. Seeing him, we know that it can disappear any day when you kiss your girlfriend
It makes no sense. Do we have to keep our eyes out because of females?
It's ironic how you mention Verbal Jint and San-E because didn't they change too?
'You Look Well' on the charts is what everyone knows about
This isn't a diss but a problem we all have
Hip hop is our preparation and our homework for when it becomes popularized
Everyone uses popular female vocalists for their singles
"They call themselves hip hop when they can't even get any game"
You're the one who uses the money from the number one music chart agency in the first place
It'll be remembered in the heads of hip hop fans that this rapper that's you is a commercial rapper
The results of Swings hyung's music is terrible just like his influence
The reason why is because he chose the wrong target to call out in the first place
There's thick smokey (makeup) lined up beneath the eyes of a rapper who acts like a celebrity
The way you talk on SNS changed once you went on 'Show Me the Money'
You claim to be the punchline king; then when it comes to your enemies, set them right with a punch
Out of those, the targets may be J'Kyun, Mad C, Din Din. Zizo, and Swings
Who knows, it could be Jindo Dog, Loco, Illtong, or even me
But out of those people, go ahead and ask around who's changed
Of whom acts cute on their Facebook
This is the Korean version of Kendrick Lamar's 'Control'
If you're going to keep your eyes out, then why do you even copy in the first place
Also, that's right, I'm a part of Buckwilds and Do'main
We're just friends but we don't pursue music with a business approach
If you have a problem with the numbers of our crew members, then go diss Bulhandang
Before you call yourself an oldie, choose who your target is
Also, I wish R-EST hyung would stop it with the tweets
No matter how much you try to break someone down, no one acknowledges you, which is why no one calls you out to performances in Gwangju

Money doesn't promote someone superior to others among rappers
"Are you considered successful just because you put out a lot of music?" is the question I want to ask
Before you make sarcastic remarks about how we're lazy, think about making an impact in history of hip hop; think of success as something you achieve in the next step up
Now that, that's the right way to create rivalry
If you fight with money and popularity, then you're rivaling idols
If you're going to talk down to us about not putting out albums, go beat up Black Nut first
Your enemies aren't that far from you - they're always right beside you
Don't diss people who are easy targets but have courage
For example, Jerry.k hyung is awesome for his 'Declaration of Current Affairs'
We're not in a rush because we're waiting for the time when we're ready
I'm ready so be ready, 'GREEN IDEOLOGY'

Yasu - Hello, Senior

Nafla - Wings

Monday, August 19, 2013

Kebee releases free track 'Room Inside the Whale' from upcoming new album

Kebee releases track 'Room Inside the Whale' for free from new upcoming 4th album.

Kebee, known for playing a pivotal role as the representative of Soul Company with his promotions as well as leading independent music in the Korean hip hop scene, released the single to tell his inner emotions through a speedy rap and to renounce his comeback as a solo artist after 4 years through Standart Music.

The track 'Room Inside the Whale' tells metaphors on top of a low key rhythm. It's said that Kebee played all the instruments involved in the making and this track serves as an extended production of his sentiments from his previous tracks. From the track, one can take a guess that through this new approach in music style, this will be what he will be pursuing as a music producer.

Meanwhile, with the release of his new song 'Room Inside the Whale,' Kebee also unveiled his official website He claims that he will update contents pertaining to his music promotions consistently through the website.

If you wake up after having fell asleep, open your window and you'll see the outdoors
Floating on the ocean throwing up salt water in the dark is a child
There's a song playing slower than my heartbeat on the hand that switched off the alarm
The morning scenery, the sound of music humming in the background, and the room floor thickens even more
This room is always floating on top of the planet
I'm leaning against the wind that's pushing me
A simple refuge from the times when my heart was poor
In seeing the shifting facial expression, I see the hook of the fishing rod stuck on the mouth

Even if you feel relieved of yesterday and your entire life, the knife that falls down on today is even violent
Those who flutter from dreams everyday and to those who can only let out their bound hands
Although I've pushed you away in trying not to pull me into this, I say to myself,
"If I continue to live like this, then I feel that everyone will forget me"
Of course it'll be like that but it doesn't comfort me so don't crane your neck
The dark room that I found with my own two feet
Should I lay on the floor where no stray of light is shined on?
For a moment, pull up the fence and open the windows - the moon is up

With all your strength, swim inside the whale, whale, whale (with all your strength, swim)
So with all your strength with all you've got alright, alright, alright (push me with all you've got)
Shout with all your might; really, really, really (shout with all your might)
The hook from the fishing rod that's caught on my mouth, no one pulls on it
That stray of light from the moonlight shining on me may be my only escape exit

In pulling over the ocean water entirely over me till my entire body's wet
I'm wide awake from my sleep and now I'm hastily rowing after having found an oar
During the long time that has passed by, all I've talked about was to find that shining North Star (on top of the roaring running machine)
Hope is ammunition; what if this were the opposite case where my passion, burned out from being overheated for too long, pierced through my body? 
Then this isn't inside a whale's stomach but I've already become a person in paradise
My goal endlessly grows further away and I missed it again; I can't find the u-turn

A detailed soul, an ambitious experience
A sharp defense, a grand excuse

When the sun is about to set in the evening, I kneel at the sign of my hook being pulled on and I pray that I need you
Can a half human like me escape from this maze
The waters are strong and I quietly raise myself from the trap I've fallen that is myself
I'm desperate for the path that'll save me

With all your strength, swim inside the whale, whale, whale (with all your strength, swim)
So with all your strength with all you've got alright, alright, alright (push me with all you've got)
Shout with all your might; really, really, really (shout with all your might)
The hook from the fishing rod that's caught on my mouth, no one pulls on it
That stray of light from the moonlight shining on me may be my only escape exit

My breath's too short to hide deep within
I've borrowed too much just inhaling
I can't pay off for my behalf 
My breath can't be an anchor
I've borrowed too much just inhaling
My breath can't reach it
My breath can't become an anchor

Source: Hiphopplaya

[Hiphopplaya] Fana - 'FANAttitude' Interview

[T/N: Bear with me the typos and incorrect grammar that may appear in this lengthy interview. My eyes feel like popping out but I wanted to push this out before I never get the chance to (I've had it on hostage in my drafts for 10 days now...). On an off note, I'm not sure if I want to mull over doing more lengthy translations but I'll try if I get good responses. I'll also come back sometime this week to edit the errors on this interview but enjoy!]

Arriving an hour before the interview, we were able to feel through the sense of responsibility held in his words in the duration of the interview of how he embodies the title of his album, "FANAttitude," a combination of the words 'FANA' and 'attitude.' If you want to know more about Fana's attitude, listen to his album and read the interview. A boy not afraid to look ustp at the sky; you can think of his smiling face whilst reading the interview in our delightful yet deep conversation we were able to hvae with him, as he had nothing to hide. 

HHP: How did you lose weight?
Fana: I think it was like this, in that I just lived life. I'd walk from my old house which was located in Gwangmyeong all the way to Hongdae.

HHP: Isn't that really far?
Fana:&nbspIt takes 3 hours and that was during the time where I'd live life drinking a lot. I'd walk all the way to Hongdae to drink and walk home, and so I repeated this lifestyle...nowadays I don't so much anymore. I actually gained more weight than then so I was embarrassed when the topic of my weight loss made it to the press. 

HHP: If you look at the articles online, they label you as 'good looking rapper.' Do you often get overwhelmed by this?
Fana: It's very overwhelming. 

HHP: You released an album after 4 years since 2009, but you have been actively promoting in the meantime. 
Fana: I'm not sure if it was noticed, but I did work very hard.

HHP: Are you currently housed under a label?
Fana: No, I'm not. If I did, then you can call 'The Ugly Junction' one. 

HHP: We heard that you joined the crew Buck Wilds back in June, however there seem to be a lot who may have not known.
Fana: Yes, a lot of people might not know. It's still vague if I really joined or not (laughs). I joined because I lost in a game of darts. 

HHP: A game?
Fana: Yes, J-Tong had told Ddolbae, a member of Buck Wilds, to coax 'Fresh Avenue' to join Buck Wilds. Honestly, I had no thoughts of joining. At the time, I was drinking and beside me was a dartboard so we ended up playing a game of darts, betting that I would join if he (Ddolbae) won. Because I knew of his dart skills prior to our match, I thought of how there'd be no way that I'd lose. Maybe it's because Ddolbae had a goal in mind, but he ended up hitting the S-Bull four times straight.  

HHP: (Laughs) So you really kept your promise?

Fana: Yes, that's why I joined (laughs).

HHP: So DJ Wegun just happened to follow and join?
Fana: Wegun said on that day that if I joined, he'd join too so he ended up following along.

HHP: So are you the oldest member in Buck Wilds currently?
Fana: Yes, that's right. There's also Kirin who joined recently so we're the two oldest members from what I recall.

HHP: The members of Buck Wilds participated in your bonus track for the album. So you haven't been working on the album for a long time then, correct?
Fana:  Yes, that's right. the 'Show StopperS Remix' was only revealed with the Buck Wilds members' part but other artists such as Rico of Daze Alive Music, winner Jackee.Y of the 'GALMIGHTY' auditions also participated in the track. However, in the process of editing, we found that their parts didn't fit so the two were cut off and the track ended up becoming a Buck Wilds remix. Also, Vida Loca, the producer of the track, happened to be a member of Buck Wilds as well. 

HHP: So were you originally intending on a different remix version?
Fana: No, there were no intentions like that. The remix just happened to get into the track list. After production, I listened to the album overall and it was a total of 40 minutes long. For those who listened to the tracks digitally, you might all have thought that it was short as well. So in thinking of how short it seemed, I thought of adding another track and wanted to make the track an exclusive for the CD only. Also, I actually dislike tracks with multiple people so rather than releasing it digitally, I decided to only have it released in the CD. 

HHP: You also featured in the show 'Show Me the Money' as of recently. How did you come across featuring on the show? 
Fana: Yes, I received a call from Mad Clown. He told me how he was supposed to compete with Lexy but due to her leaving the show, he could use another featuring and with the track being fitting with my style, he decided to give me a call. Also at the time, Mad Clown was on the same team as MC Meta and since Mad Clown was a former friend within Soul Company as well as MC Meta being a senior I respected and have known when I was younger for 10 years now, I debated a lot with myself since I didn't necessarily have a good relationship with 'Show Me the Money' either. So I began asking those around me, majority of them responding back to me with questions of why I'd go on such show but Ddolbae was the one who told me that aside everything, I should take up the opportunity with a pure business mentality. So as a result, I went on the show and because of the show, I prolonged the release date of my album as well. 

HHP: There were a lot of responses showing how you put on a good performance. How did you feel?

Fana: I honestly didn't look for responses. I just thought to myself of how I should work on my facial expressions better. On scene as well as on broadcast, I practically hypnotized myself to work on my facial expressions but right before going on stage to perform, I had spilled water on my clothes. I was initially supposed to be on the crane to perform but due to the initial shock of having spilled water on myself, I went on the crane and hurriedly tried to dry off the water before my performance so I just performed how I normally did, which was with a lot of effort. With effort, it shows on my facial expression so all I thought about this performance was how I should have worked on that better (laughs).

HHP: In the meantime, you were on broadcast with Fresh Avenue as well as hosting your 'The Ugly Junction Live' shows for a while now. We'll ask about each of them. How did you come across doing broadcasts on Fresh Avenue?
Fana: Originally it was DJ Wegun who was doing a mix broadcast but seeing as there were 10 guests watching, he decided he needed guests and that was when I went on, which was also when it shot up. That is, the ratings for the broadcast. So with the hits it got, I went on several times which led me to sit around all the time hanging out...yes, that's how it started.

HHP: There were a lot of issues surrounding the broadcasts of Fresh Avenue, with topics of disbandment of Soul Company, you being recruited by 'Show Me the Money,' and bringing up Mad Clown in the Fresh Avenue Awards.
Fana: He wasn't someone that was brought up just then, because Mad Clown was brought up all the time. We don't hide our words on our broadcasts as we're straightforward with our thoughts. Even with our issues with Soul Company, we said it then and there as well as the issue surrounding 'Show Me the Money.' Whenever an issue surfaced, we said it without hesitation.

Fresh Avenue - Fana & DJ WEGUN's radio broadcast

HHP: There were videos taken by you yourself labeled 'Goblin Rush.'
Fana: In college, I was a mass communications major and I ended up learning video editing during the quarter I was graduating since I never went to school nor studied efficiently. Anyway, everyone around me was swamped with contents and because it would be a waste to let them rot, I bought a camcorder and started recording. But as of right now, I'm actually really behind on those videos and I have about a half year's worth of terms but I haven't been able to release them due to being busy.

HHP: You also released a video relating to Soul Company and it seemed that you filmed it last winter. 
Fana: Yes, I think I have a term up till there so I release recent ones sometimes.

Fana's Youtube Page / [Goblin Rush]

HHP: So you started 'TUJL' since Soul Company. How did you start this up then?
Fana: I first thought of it in 2009 and from 2007 to 2009, my income as well as popularity was so-so then and it was during the time that Soul Company was soaring high up. They were at a position where no one could compare at all. Despite the label growing, even then and now, I still never had big thoughts on promoting. The label was expanding more than I had wanted and so I thought of something I could promote in by myself, which was how I thought of 'The Ugly Junction' and I believed it to be something I can take care of by myself. And so in the following year in August, I opened doors through 'TUJL' for the very first time. 

HHP: Coming back to ‘TUJL’ in present time, I want to say that it's really fun. Whether it's the World Soccer TUJL 11 competition, the Gwangju performance (TUJL 22, A Lavish Vacation), and the 'GALMIGHTY' auditions which centralized female rookie hip hop musicians. Your planning stands out in many ways through the examples listed above. Do you plan all these yourself? 
Fana: Yes, I think of all the ideas, overview them, direct, recruit, and draw the poster myself.  

HHP: That's amazing. Which performance was most memorable for you?
Fana: It had to be the World Soccer competition. Pento had one the match but we plan on hosting another competition. 

HHP: As mentioned before, the 'GALMIGHTY' auditions was a very unique case. How did you come across planning that?
Fana: Auditions weren't the first idea that I thought of. At first, I had wanted to plan a performance centered around female musicians and in midst of planning, the idea of auditions came into mind and thought, "Why not have female musicians audition?" The thing about auditions was that there's so many out there and with accepting both male and female, we thought there would be too many participants as well.

HHP: We heard that the responses were good and that a lot of female rookie musicians had participated as well. 
Fana: Yes. Although the participants who copied rap styles were all eliminated later on but including those participants, there were over 70 teams that joined which surprised me. We thought that at most there would be 30 teams but seeing the turnout, we found it very encouraging. 

HHP: How did your production go with the winner of the auditions, Jackee.Y?
Fana: The prize for winning the auditions was a guaranteed single with G-Slow and I really want to put a single out for her but she's also very driven. I know I'm not in a position to rush her but...I'm also at a point where I'm just feeding her attention. I really want to help her release a single as soon as possible. 

HHP: While carrying out your performance, you collaborated with Burn Intense as well and for your album title track, you also collaborated with CONVERSE. How did you come about your collaboration this time? 
Fana: Honestly, I have to say Ddolbae's story for this. Although I am someone who is pursuing in music and have planned events before, I'm not someone who is competent in terms of business in my opinion. Ddolbae is a friend who has worked in that route and as he discharged from the military, he decided that he wanted to start it up again in finding his place through his studies, which is why we began working together. In the case of Burn Intense, it was through his proposal letter and same goes for Converse. To be honest, 'Shoestring Blues' wasn't the title track. It was through listening to the track with Ddolbae that he told me, "We could do something with this" so he began writing a lot of proposal letters. In midst of all of them, Converse was on the roster also and according to a representative from their end, they seemed to have thought that it matched with our end as well, which is how we began working together. 

HHP: We saw that Ddolbae helped you out a lot with the promotions for this album. Could you give us a second to introduce who he is?
Fana: He looks a lot like the actor Yoo Toong (laughs). He was a former CEO of King the Records, worked under J2 Entertainment, is a junior of my school, and is now preparing to work in an agency. He came across working in this field after having been a staff of Soul Company. 

HHP: You also took on another collaboration with Jangkoal. How did you come across working together?
Fana: I was constantly trying to recruit someone to help out on the artwork for the album and Jtong had told me about how he had purchased an artwork from Jangkoal to hang at South Town. Seeing the artwork, Ddolbae threw out the idea of possibly working with the artist and after having seen his artwork on his blog, I decided to give him a call to work together. 

HHP: What was Jangkoal's response in your offer?
Fana: I think he was very optimistic about it. I let him listen to the album first and he liked it; he likes the track 'Gum' a lot. 

Jangkoal's blog

HHP: So it's alright for us to assume that you've made this album for nearly 4 years, correct?
Fana: Yes, although the entire four years wasn't necessarily dedicated to making the album, but it's close enough.

HHP: Was there a reason as to why it took so long?
Fana: There's a lot of complicated events that mix in with the reasoning. Hrm...what should I say first...first off, after finishing the production for [FANATIC], the [FANAttitude] album wasn't necessarily the next runner up that I worked on. I was working on an album titled [FANAlyze] and in the midst of working on it, the [FANAttitude] production coincided, which caused somewhat of a delay...also, I had issues with my prior label, my health wasn't at its best, and I had to graduate. I had about 2 years till graduation and my parents really wanted to me to graduate. There were a lot of work invovled in planning for 'The Ugly Junction' as well. Of course, it was something I was doing because I enjoyed it however, it was because of it that I couldn't get a grip of myself. Swamped in everything, I couldn't focus on working on my albums and to be quite honest, my drive for working on them was lost as well. I had no desire to put out albums which was why it took so long. 

HHP: The tracks you put in the album were tracks you either released as singles or sung at performances. So does this mean that for your album [FANAlyze], you worked on it separately from this release? 
Fana: The album name [FANAlyze] derived from a combination of the two words "FANA" and "Analyze." With [FANAlyze], I pushed for more of a brighter feel. Although nothing was confirmed, 'FANAttitude' was actually a track for [FANAlyze] as it was the first track I had written lyrics for off the album. If I explain this in further detail, it's that I wanted to make [FANAlyze] an album where I analyze a part of myself. I decided to start off with the theme of the path I walked on and my attitude towards life which eventually led to to working on 'FANAttitude.' But in midst of writing lyrics, I was continually reminded of the theme of my direction and attitude so I thought, why not make an album based off of this wholly so that's when I really began working on the album. The reason why I released a single was because I had expected dates of releases for them. In the album [FANAttitude], the first six tracks were all worked on chronologically. I wrote most of the lyrics in April of 2010. In the case of 'Full Speed Ahead,' I sang it as a new song in the first show for 'TUJL' and since I received a good response for it, I made a promise to the audience that day that I'll release it officially sometime in the future. So in planning for the upcoming 'TUJL' shows, I thought about how there should be a highlight within each show and that was to hopefully release a new track which led to the second show for 'TUJL' being a release showcase for 'Harmony' and 'What if I' being a celebratory track for my 10,000th day. 

HHP: So did you choose what fit the best out of what you produced? 

Fana: Yes. I tend to write up a lot of lyrics beforehand. In knowing the theme of the album, I began producing based off of what I already had in my collection and picking from there what matched the theme. 

HHP: We heard you already have lyrics to the sequel album. Will this be for [FANAlyze]?
Fana: No. This...this is something I'm revealing for Hiphopplaya first in this interview but the next album is titled 'FANAconda.' There's going to be a lot of stronger sounding music in that album.

HHP: Ah! Then the album is a combination of the words "FANA" and "Anaconda." By strong, do you mean hardcore? 
Fana: I was honestly debating between two options but because this is an issue with my indecisiveness, I can't tell you right away but I have a feeling that it'll be released really soon. 

HHP: As you said before, you write up your lyrics beforehand but you invest a lot of time receiving songs. How long does it normally take you to receive them?

Fana: Honestly, this album isn't 100% of what I had envisioned from the beginning, however I did release it because it did make it to the level where I was at least satisfied with it. But when it comes to productions, I found it that producers had difficulty with me writing lyrics prior to receiving the track. Since this production is also a form of art, I can't speak objectively of it as it's something abstract, so I think that's why it takes long. 

HHP: On Soriheda's Twitter, he wrote that The Quiett was respectable (everyone laughs). So you tend to request beats after writing lyrics as opposed to writing lyrics when you receive a beat?
Fana: Yes, I request them most of the time. With the exclusion of several tracks, I produced based off of this method for majority of them, however surprisingly enough I wrote lyrics based off of beats more than I normally do. Examples of this were 'Move Again,' 'Remove Again,' and 'B.A.M.' Of course, 'Show StopperS Remix' was definitely based off of a beat already given. That's about it.

HHP: We heard that you purposely had the members of Soul Company participate in the [FANATIC] album, however you worked alone on this recent album. Was there a special reason for that?
Fana: Just because. It was an official album with my name on the line and of course I did receive help in the areas I needed but I felt that with the areas that I could work on, I found myself responsible for it. There is a slight regret I have with the [FANATIC] album and it was with the track 'Brutal Treatment (Part I) featuring The Quiett and Kebee. At the time, Kebee, The Quiett, and I were the members of Soul Company who were cast the most for performances. So because we had to have a track with all 3 members in it, the track was...not necessarily pressure but a reflection of what the label had wanted. If I could toss in an anecdote to this, you can see that we listed that track as "Part I" of 'Brutal Treatment." However, we had actually planned on working on a "Part II." There was a Hiphopplaya radio video where I rapped with Kebee and the part I rapped was actually a verse off of 'Brutal Treatment (Part II).' It was 2010 and at the time I was preparing an album for the next term. Since the first part had 2 rappers featuring in the track, I thought likewise for the second part and so out of the rookies in the scene at the time, I was thinking of recruiting Zico and Park Kyung, who were a part of 'BLOCKBUSTER' then. Of course, the production itself fell apart and although I haven't told him due to working on the [FANAttitude] album, I do have thoughts in wanting to work with him sometime, as I'm under the same crew (Buck Wilds) as Zico and have met Park Kyung recently at a performance also. 

HHP: Is there a rookie you'd like to work with as of recently?
Fana: I'm not sure. To be honest, I'd say rap is my forte so there's no one I'd want to work with through my personal production...hrm...I honestly think there's no one I want to work with. (Everyone erupts into laughter) Although there are a lot of people I'd like to have on stage. With time passing by, there are a lot of people entering the scene who are just as talented. Since 'TUJL' is one of my personal productions, I plan on introducing a lot of rookies. I hope a lot of people can cheer for them when they do come out on stage.

HHP: Up until your last album, you worked with The Quiett a lot, however there are no beats from The Quiett in this album. 
Fana: This is actually a very simple situation if you look at it. I had actually still wanted to use beats from The Quiett so I asked him but during the time I was working on [FANAttitude], he wasn't writing any songs. That was around 2010 or 2011 so that's why there's no tracks made by him in the album. 

HHP: You seem to hang out with the Soul Company members often. How is everyone doing nowadays? 
Fana: I honestly don't see them that often (laughs). There aren't many cases where I hit them up, however there are a few I tend to see more often than others, which includes Wegun as a given or Vida Loca and Jerry.k. To be quite honest, when the news of the label disbanding hit the fan, we tried to not act like it but there was a case of discomfort that we all felt with one another. This was something I felt as well. Although I have spoken about the issue without any hesitation on broadcast, but the problem with me speaking my mind is that this means that my opinion grows bigger than the opinions of others. This was why I didn't like anything that involved Soul Company but nowadays, I don't really think much about it. As I grew older, I became more if I run into them, I'll at least say hello. 

HHP: Your title track is called 'Shoestring Blues.' Did it become your title track due to the collaborations?
Fana: There was no intention of choosing 'Shoestring Blues' as my title track. In being tossed back and forth among different producers, 'Shoestring Blues' transformed into several different tracks. There was no intention of having the track be bright as it is now. Anyway, in midst of the track being passed around, I was introduced to Kimparkchella for the first time in the beginning of this year, and the track it is today is a result of our meeting. Although the track is a lot different from the blueprint I had initially planned out, I received endless recommendations to make this as the title track from music distributors as well as Ddolbae. 

HHP: Your track gives off a band vibe to it. Was that originally intended?
Fana: I didn't necessarily have a band vibe in mind but that I wanted tracks with dynamics. I normally just write the verse first when it comes to composing but with this track in particular, I wrote the chorus instead. What I had originally planned was that during the line "Again after tying my shoes," I killed the pace but when I say "Stand up," that's when the dynamics step in, however a lot of the producers had troubles with this part in particular. Even if I tried, none of them liked it. Prior to this event, I had originally received a track from G-Slow, one being calm track while the other being a gloomy track. In that time, I had worked with Kimparkchella so I chose him because it was fun, not because of a certain vibe I was aiming for. 

HHP: We saw that the guitar was done by Kimparkchella. Do you plan on any other live sessions?
Fana: Yes, most likely when it's my own show, I'll have a live band perform with me. Right now we're in the process of recruiting a band. 

HHP: So is it something that we can see at the next 'TUJL' show? 
Fana: Yes, probably in the next 'TUJL' show, which is in mid-September. I plan on planning it as a release showcase. Since I have to focus on the performance aspect more than others as well as work with the band, I needed more time to practice, which is why I reserved the date a bit later than I normally would. I am also considering on performing with the members of Buck Wilds but I'd have to ask them. It'd probably be the first time I'd perform 'Show StopperS Remix' live. 

HHP: Your music video caused a lot of press since this was the first time you appeared in your own music video. 
Fana: That's right, since it was also the first time I filmed a music video even. In preparing for this album, the first thing I said to Ddolbae was that I'm going to do everything I could with this upcoming promotion. "Let's do everything I can, of course everything that my bank account allows." (Everyone laughs) So the music video was included with this. I was introduced to the PRODUCT 9OOD'S team, who also filmed the 'FLY' music video for Geeks. Since it was my first time filming a music video, I wasn't sure how the filming would roll out but I ended up just leaving it entirely up to them. They basically told me that the music video would be pictured out in this certain way and I would recruit certain people for that's how the music video filming rolled out. Of course, to the people I had recruited for the music video, I didn't tell them the exact details of the music video. I just bribed them with a pair of Converse. 

HHP: Then their pay was in Converse? (laughs)
Fana: Yes, that's right (laughs). 

HHP: It's not just because of 'Shoestring Blues' but I feel that your album overall has a brighter feel to it. 
Fana: I normally don't like to give off the same feel to the sequel from the original work. I find it that for me, it holds no meaning and a small thing like that actually had a great effect on me. With this album in particular, I thought about how I should make an album of "conscious rap." If I had depended on vibes with [FANATIC], I thought of how I needed to focus on delivery of the rap a bit more with this album, which is why I focused on composing tracks to meet with those standards. 

HHP: In your previous album, you composed your album in a W form. How did you compose your album this time?
Fana: This time, I didn't have a specific form in mind as I worked on the tracks according to the order they were placed on the tracklist. Although the order isn't necessarily all in order, from the first to the sixth track, I did work on them chronologically. I received 'Shoestring Blues' and 'FANAttitude' around the same time and with the seventh and tenth track, I also received them around the same time, so you can see it as I worked on those tracks simultaneously. For 'What if I,' it's the track that stands out the most out of the album, which is why I placed it last and I find it that it perfected the album in a way. Hearing from my colleagues that the composition of this album was perfect makes me happy. 

HHP: You seem to continue in composing your lyrics in identical consonant and vowel structure. If you look at other musicians nowadays, the style has changed a lot. Do you plan on attempting a different style?

Fana: I never thought of that once. Because this writing technique has become habitual for me, I normally don't talk about identical or similar consonant and vowel structures anymore. I don't feel the need to tell people anymore about how I produce based off of this theory. Anyway, I think I'm going to continue what I've done before. 

HHP: We get the impression that the first and second tracks 'Move Again' and 'Remove Again' are continuations from one another. 
Fana: I received those two tracks at the same time as well. Originally, those two tracks were stuck together. What I mean by that is that in the track 'Move Again,' the last line says, "The fanaticism of your existence also" and coincides when the second track starts to play. With the CD, there were no problems but when it came to digital releases, the music distributor said that in remastering the tracks, the beginning and ends to the respective tracks will be cut off so instead of having them be cut, I thought it'd be best to have them as their own separate tracks.

HHP: Like your performance for 'The Guiding Star,' you seem to always have a miscellaneous track you perform. How come you don't include these in your album? 
Fana: For 'The Guiding Star,' that...was first sung at the 7th show for 'TUJL.' At the time, it was some kind of promise with the people who came out to the show. I honestly didn't say that with much thought put into it. I simply asked the crowd, "Should I make this a track exclusive for 'TUJL'?" to which everyone agreed. So this is why I never made it into an official track. Even if I did, it didn't fit the music concept with this album so I wouldn't have put it in anyway. 

HHP: You seem to keep your word really well, even with the little things that are said. 
Fana: I don't want to live with the burden with not keeping my promise with the people who were there that day. 

HHP: You seem to be on Twitter often than before now. 
Fana: I used to use a 2G phone but as of recently, I purchased an iPad. In purchasing an iPad, I began to use Twitter more frequently. Because of the recent luck I had, I gained a lot of followers, which also resulted in a lot of tweets with fan arts that I retweet all of. Oh Jieun noona calls me a "retweet monster" and others call me the "ruler of the night" (laughs). This is why I purposely retweet everything at a time where there aren't a lot of people on Twitter. 

HHP: You communicate with your fans a lot it seems. Do you have any memorable tweets that you received from fans?
Fana: I don't receive diverse feedback so there aren't much that are memorable...out of the tweets however, I tend to like the ones that involve then emotions people felt through certain parts from my lyrics; the tweets that seem to be able to dig right into the core of the song. 

HHP: Do you listen to a lot of international music?
Fana: I'm not very up-to-date with the trends in rap, and trap music doesn't really suit my sensibility. I listen to more of old Korean folk and blues consistently. The music I've listened to most was my own music. 

HHP: Really?
Fana: Yes, I'm the biggest fan of myself.

HHP: Then as a fan yourself, what was your favorite track from this album? (laughs)
Fana: Hrm...that's very difficult to answer. I think it'd have to be 'What if I.' Everyone tells me that once they listen to it, it becomes their favorite track from the album. 

HHP: You said you had wanted to talk about the attitude you had towards this album. How would you describe that in words? 
Fana: It's kind of hard to explain with every track...but in regards to the album overall, I would say that it reflects the path I lived as well as  the guidelines I want to live by in the future. Also, it's an album that I worked hard on so that it can become a guide that maybe others can live by as well. 

HHP: If there's anything else you'd like to say, feel free to tell us. 
Fana: Because 'Shoestring Blues' is a very unique track, a lot of people will take it in differently from how they approach it. I think a lot of people may think it was a lucky strike that it was fitting with the other productions I had meshed with, however I beg to differ. I think the track shines more when you listen to [FANAttitude] as a whole, which is why I ask everyone to listen to it altogether. I really focused a lot on the details in the rap as well as the dynamics. I hope everyone will anticipate the upcoming album [FANAconda] as well. Thank you. 

Source: Hiphopplaya