Thursday, August 22, 2013

Swings releases 'King Swings,' Ugly Duck, TakeOne, and everyone with their moms diss Swings

Just a few hours ago, Swings released a free track titled 'King Swings' which was made out of motivation from hearing Kendrick Lamar's recent controversial verse in his featuring for Big Sean's 'Control.'

Not too long after that, Ugly Duck and TakeOne as well as a couple of other artists released their own diss tracks in response to Swings.

The reason why these two artists are more noted for their diss tracks than others is because these two are members of the crews Buckwilds and Do'main, the two crews that Swings directly called out in his track. Also, the certain "hyung" that Swings mentions in his track is referencing Jtong, who is also the leader and founder of the Buckwilds crew.

It's funny because Jtong and Swings were once together in a crew themselves which was Illest Konfusion up until Swings left. Illest Konfusion also housed other artists in their crew such as Simon Dominic (Simon D for short), E-Sens, and Beenzino.

From my assumption after having translated and analyzed the lyrics of all the tracks below, the disses tossed back and forth are more than just calling Swings out for being fat and Ugly Duck for still being considered a rookie.

As mentioned in Ugly Duck's lyrics of Swings not having a good relationship with Simon D, what we can assume is that there was a rift probably at the time when Swings left Illest Konfusion. Another assumption that can be made is that as mentioned in my article of E-Sens leaving Amoeba Culture, Swings got involved in the rift that could have happened between Simon D and E-Sens. Last but not least, Simon D is known for being close to the members of Buckwilds, especially Jtong (as Simon D was also the one who recommended Jtong to Amoeba Culture) so it's easy to see how the Buckwilds members would go against Swings.

Anyway, the track got around pretty fast in the span of a few hours and the responses from netizens are really divided. Scanning through the comments on Swings' video, a lot of people feel that Swings is not how he used to be in the past. Not going to lie, I think this as well as I still enjoy Swings' older works but after being on the show 'Show Me the Money' and being in a powerhouse underground label going mainstream, he's bound to take a shift in his music to cater a different audience.

With underground artists who came across the diss tracks, there was nothing but appraisal. Artists like Simon D, Huck P, and Suda tweeted about how everyone did well and some believed that this may have been the better diss tracks that shook up the Korean hip hop scene in a while.

The lyrics and links to the respective tracks are below so take a look at the lyrics and enjoy!

Swings - King Swings

Kendrick's really amazing as he woke me up all the way from Cali
I got Seoul; Now I'm burning from my homeland and everyone burn in my methane
I counted the money I had and I still seem like a kid
But I'm not jealous anymore because I'm like Hammington Sam
Like a real man, I went in my bare skin under the scorching sun
Of course, now my skin as well as heart is poisoned black
I sit in front of my desk and fill the pen with my doglike drama, the sincere worries my dad has for me, and diss all the retarded emcees
Nearly all of Korea is too busy creating a trashy image
They call themselves hip hop, yet they can't even get a girl's number
Skills are your seniors, bitch; your little dick grew a wee bit
You're not even a trainee, yet you can't even release one album 
Be satisfied that being ignored by me is an honor
With your awkward gestures and talk mimicking black people 
I had a fight with a reporter in trying to defend you guys
Your skills are short like the length of Clara's shorts
You're like Minkyung wearing see through as your insides show clearly
If you don't want to be suppressed like a wheel, then why don't you move aside in trying to live
You're just a loser looking at yourself in the mirror wanting to become a celebrity
You even look like you'd lose in a fight with your girlfriend
You say swag only in front of those younger than you 
When I arrive, everyone grows quiet like it's time for service
I'm the Jack Sparrow of this game and you're just a model pirate
I'm always the skilled king but now I even have popularity
I'm the giant of advancing; that's right, your car and you yourself are a Wrangler
I don't lose, retard so why do you guys keep trying to step forward
Even if you cheat, I still shoot the ball into the net 
I take out the fire burning in me at night as it incinerates and burns you
You burn like a car that just got into an accident, fry like a French
Ride or fuckin' die, there's no one real like me
That crown is mine and take it off like a stripper
Or bow down to me like you would to your father-in-law
You're just a moldy bread, so how do you think you'll change...just like that, why don't you choke that broom-like neck of yours
Just make yourself turn grape color and explode, please explode
You wet the floor brightly beneath with the two holes missing your eyeballs
I want to even kill your crew, fucking hunchback roach
I hire foreign workers to gang rape you...that's revenge
The people who raise their tone of voice when they're scared when their tones are usually low, I'll chop both arms off
What you'll wear is a basketball shirt and I'll dunk your head inside the water..
Your oxygen supply is low so your lungs tell me, "My oxygen passed its curfew"
Are the words that the character from a novel spits real?
Because you got hit during your school years, do you spite me?
Again this year is the delicious seaweed soup my mom makes for me -
If you want to eat soup, then hop on your four-wheeled bicycle and move out of the way
This is my business and there's no positions for work
With a killer flow, I'm the right person to be in this position
Who are you trying to scare? I'm the MC eater 
This is my territory so try to come over and I'll give you a bruise on your cheek
I changed the motherfuckin' game
Your shit is motherfuckin' lame
Your pronunciation sucks and your Korean is lesser than mine
Hurry and apply for Kumon; learn with me starting from ABCs
Motherfucker you a fuckin' poser
Feature on the Playboy poser
When you walk, you walk carelessly but nowadays I'm healthy
When I meet with female college students, the discussion topic is always grades
You found a job early but I obtained skills first
Mr. Hip Hop, I declare that I'm going to run with Jang Moon Bok
No one can hear the meeting place for dummies
Don't worry, dad and mom are fine
I'm going to change the "boos" I hear with my ears to "yeah"
Instead of "fat," I'm going to become "grand"
When I make it real big, you'll see on my car on the highway with Busker Busker, Eloquent King, you get what I'm saying, right?
Whenever I won in arcades, I got hit by my hyungs
Now with age, your chin? It's going to disappear
But sometimes I'm not that bad, I'm a nice guy
My hair moves here and there like the wi-fi from a coffee shop
People say I look like Santa; Merry Christmas, jingle bells
U missed me man? It's alright because look, the king is back
If you're a rapper, then you have to rap first because that's first
You're doing the opposite in taking off your panties
With pants on, you ask me, "Swings, how does that happen?"
I don't know either but my attitude doesn't change on broadcast either so if you saw it, then acknowledge that nobody's real like me
You saw it, the corner of my mouth going up like Nike
Buckwilds and Do'main have too many members like Wu Tang
I'm still a new thing if I made my lyrics into a book, it'd be thicker and the weight of the paper would be heavier than all of yours combined
I don't hate you, I just don't like your certain hyung
Sure, I'm sorry so now follow me through rap
Except the fucking rookies because y'all are just fucking rookies
When I was a rookie, I wasn't like you guys so step it up
The politicians in the generation before me aren't that small in numbers
I don't respect you as you're just moldy rice to me
My mentality is Tupac and my mouth is a fuckin' boombox
Who's going to give me a shoulder note; the leader is the third emperor
Illionaire is my goal and of course I acknowledge Gonzo
But I'll redevelop everything as this hip hop scene is like my Songdo
Do I do this for the scene?
Fuck that, I do it for me
I did it for this scene but what did it ever do for me?
What is rivalry? I have to higher my standards
I have a lot to reflect on but it's not over this
Kang Minho, E-Sens; you left your company now
As a friend and a fan, I'll tell you that don't become a memory but a legend
VJ, we waitin' for ya, San-E we takin' OVER
We'll turn them all into dust and use them when we're ready to eat like baking soda
I'll cancel what I said about dissing the scene since I have both love and hatred for it
But, when I do become king, please accept the fact that victory is mine

There's one thing better than sex and that's succeeding

Ugly Duck - Ctrl + Alt + Del *2

Instead of feeling a sense of rivalry, my feelings of disappointment grow bigger
You're better off reminiscing on the days when I was your fan 3 years ago
You're no different than the fuckers you used to talked hella shit about
You can't open Just Jam shows without anyone famous on the lineup
You thought you were pretty tight if you labeled your works as "not mixed," huh?
You really have no sincerity, do you. Just stop making music overall
"Please understand me as I didn't do mixing for it~ This is the real RAW SHIT!~"
I can't even hear what you're saying, yet you try to rationalize
Let me make you another nickname: "Mr. Rush"
Do what you were best at, which were throwing fists and being a mobster
You think that just because your voice is loud that everything will go well for you
Stop making those pig screeching sounds and get on the rhythm
You never try to research but yet you blabber a lot
What did you say to me when I was looking up music? That I'm an otaku?
Then what are you doing making a living off of the same people who do what I do
Illionaire, Hi-Lite, VV:D, Buckwilds, & Do'main
You can't even open up Just Jam without us
Who do you think you are overlooking someone else's table of food as the world's greatest pig?
Why don't you go eat your feed with your grand left hand
And if you're trying to reference someone, do it straightforward and right,
That "Jtong! Hella hates me, Swings!" instead of "Now I'm King! Swings! So don't hate me as your hyung!"
Also, you would use Rhymer hyung as an excuse to say this and that
You're the CEO of JM who contracted with Rhymer that contracted with Loen
Where did your upgrade go?? Your class fell headlong
Whatever you do, you always say Rhymer hyung, Rhymer hyung as your excuse
Fuck, when did you have so much reasoning for yourself you pig, pig, pig
Did you seriously want to make issues, you copy cat, you crazy ass
You're a psychopath, a crazy ass, a crazy ass who's desperate for attention
There's a line to be drawn, you crazy ass feeding off of your pride in yourself
You act cool but we all know it's a gimmick and that you're just Swings the retard
You had a rift with Ssam D (Simon D) for a while and now what?
You apologize suddenly and request for him to guest in Just Jam the next day
I understand your motives but aren't you slightly even embarrassed?
I love you but I have to say what I need to say
Just because you were on broadcast for a while, it seems that you get a lot of functions calling in for you to perform for?
You seem to enjoy the fact that people recognize you now, huh?
Look at you hang around retards like Mad.C and J'Kyun
I hope your friendship lasts forever till your graves
You got qualified here, qualified there
Hey, you got qualified there too
Why don't you spend that time picking up your pride from the scripted Show Me the Money
A legend is shitting and from today on, you'll remain as just a good memory to me

TakeOne - Recontrol

Why does everyone copy Lil Wayne
It seems like even after a few years passing by, people are still sounding like Drake and Asap Rocky
Do do do do! Everyone seems to be difficult with Kendrick Lamar now since they can't rap like him
Here, before we copy Korea, we're already caught up
Why do you keep holding onto your dick in front of your female followers
It's illmatic if everyone likes fast-paced things
If you debate the core of what differentiates an official album and a mixtape, of course their quality is the same, maybe in terms of income they're not
No one recognizes musical competence, even if your popularity goes up
Don't overestimate with the influence you have because look at Beenzino. Seeing him, we know that it can disappear any day when you kiss your girlfriend
It makes no sense. Do we have to keep our eyes out because of females?
It's ironic how you mention Verbal Jint and San-E because didn't they change too?
'You Look Well' on the charts is what everyone knows about
This isn't a diss but a problem we all have
Hip hop is our preparation and our homework for when it becomes popularized
Everyone uses popular female vocalists for their singles
"They call themselves hip hop when they can't even get any game"
You're the one who uses the money from the number one music chart agency in the first place
It'll be remembered in the heads of hip hop fans that this rapper that's you is a commercial rapper
The results of Swings hyung's music is terrible just like his influence
The reason why is because he chose the wrong target to call out in the first place
There's thick smokey (makeup) lined up beneath the eyes of a rapper who acts like a celebrity
The way you talk on SNS changed once you went on 'Show Me the Money'
You claim to be the punchline king; then when it comes to your enemies, set them right with a punch
Out of those, the targets may be J'Kyun, Mad C, Din Din. Zizo, and Swings
Who knows, it could be Jindo Dog, Loco, Illtong, or even me
But out of those people, go ahead and ask around who's changed
Of whom acts cute on their Facebook
This is the Korean version of Kendrick Lamar's 'Control'
If you're going to keep your eyes out, then why do you even copy in the first place
Also, that's right, I'm a part of Buckwilds and Do'main
We're just friends but we don't pursue music with a business approach
If you have a problem with the numbers of our crew members, then go diss Bulhandang
Before you call yourself an oldie, choose who your target is
Also, I wish R-EST hyung would stop it with the tweets
No matter how much you try to break someone down, no one acknowledges you, which is why no one calls you out to performances in Gwangju

Money doesn't promote someone superior to others among rappers
"Are you considered successful just because you put out a lot of music?" is the question I want to ask
Before you make sarcastic remarks about how we're lazy, think about making an impact in history of hip hop; think of success as something you achieve in the next step up
Now that, that's the right way to create rivalry
If you fight with money and popularity, then you're rivaling idols
If you're going to talk down to us about not putting out albums, go beat up Black Nut first
Your enemies aren't that far from you - they're always right beside you
Don't diss people who are easy targets but have courage
For example, Jerry.k hyung is awesome for his 'Declaration of Current Affairs'
We're not in a rush because we're waiting for the time when we're ready
I'm ready so be ready, 'GREEN IDEOLOGY'

Yasu - Hello, Senior

Nafla - Wings


  1. lol i don't sell weed motherfucker i smoke it
    wonder how that line went over with the knets

  2. I'm curious of Nafla's lyrics. Anyone have the translation??

  3. soooooooo intense...

  4. TakeOne's diss was like a letter or something ,lol.

    He should work on writing lyrics more.

  5. Ugly Duck is really good, Swing's song wasn't even good... I don't like his rapping style or his lyrics...lame.

  6. I really hate the "hate" going on between these awesome rappers...

  7. TakeOne's fairly new (I mean, comparatively...) so it makes sense for him to still be working on his lyrics

  8. Swings didn't do what Kendrick did at all. Kendrick did it to start healthy competition, like he grew up listening to. Swings was just out to cause trouble from the start, he was taking direct shots.