Friday, August 23, 2013

Swings & Ugly Duck go at it again with respective responsive diss tracks 'Hwang Jung Min' & 'Format'

I'll edit this later as well as typos that may be in the translations. I'm running late but enjoy more diss tracks. 

Ugly Duck, you ugly fuck
You think you're cool? And you're the one saying I look like a pig? Hey, where's the mirror around here?
The Ssam D you so like? I saw him a few weeks ago and you remember too, right? And he said you look like me
Oink oink oink? Shut up, quack quack quack.
A lot of other kids have respect in their tracks but do you remember that day?
When I was having a hard time? And how you'd lend me money. That gave me a bit of strength
You were my fan 3 years ago but from now on, you're my bitch
I'm not going to beat you up because you're puny, but my right hand is fairly thick
I'm different from my seniors and I don't do that threatening shit
I'm eating a live duck and all I need are chopsticks
You want me to say actual names? Do you think I'm a pussy? Is that why you were only able to diss J'Kyun and Mad C?
The Son Seok Hee of hip hop and BB cream. If you diss an upright hyung, you atuomatically advance and tie, don't you?
I put bars in between my two slit eyes and I'll do what you want in dissing this 'big shot' of yours so strain your eyes open
First, fuck Jung Giseok (Simon D)
A retarded dog, this Judas fucker! You just stay where you are
You can't even stare at me straight in the eye and if you do, you get cut off like the end of a penis does
When Sens got kicked out, you joined both hands with Dynamic Duo
During the time he's asleep, you'd send in proofs of the contents
And then ㅋ you go on TV and smile while acting like the good guy ㅋ!?
A million dollar slave it his fault for rejecting the offer?
Ssam D you mother fucker, I knew it ever since you stole Jtong, you mother fucking bag of bones
Sun Jookyung, you didn't know about this, right? The one who apologized first was Ssam D and you were fooled
After siding with Dead'P, I did an interview in that I'm going to catch a big one unless they beg in apologizing first, then I'll let them off
Guess who I received a phone call oh-so-formally from? But you go on acting like you're a big shot saying I called you out to Just Jam?
Ay yo Jung Giseok, should I grab and rip your pussy right off? How could you eat Sun Jookyung, the one who always sucks on your pussy
Is that what you call loyalty?
This fucking duck tries to act manly but let me tell you something
There's only one reason as to why you dissed me and that's because I'm the enemy of an enemy that's your enemy
It's my mindset that doesn't trust anyone without an alliance
You only have one mixtape and you're saying that I'm getting ahead of myself again?
You have one mixtape. You have one mixtape. You say I'm not improving? What about you and your one mixtape then?
After I just sold Ssam D's organs, I shovel your front teeth, arm, leg, and your roach food and load
And I peel you off as I do it fast also
Why do you say I write? Because I'm damn good at it
Why am I lazy? Because that's how you get famous like Beenzino
Boogie on and on; you'll die if you ever show your scalp
I admit I suck at mixing but I can rip everything hundreds of times
I like King Swings but I rip it again with King Swings
Mad C says that you're a retard for dissing the weak
I'm the scab on top of the scab that's on top of a scab
I rip it and clean it again; my scab rams on your tongue
I force you to swallow and once it digests, then you shit, right?
If you place that shit on a platter, then Ssam D will eat it
You little fuckin' maggot. If you're trying to win against me, you need magic
You need the latest dictionary engraved in your head to be eloquent like Kim Koora, Jin Joong Kwon, and Sayuri
You fucking pig, we're brothers
Why don't you hop on over to the gay bar with Ssam D and Primary
I'm not done yet. Hold onto to the case and hang on
I took off his case, right? I'm sure that retard will cry
That fucking biaaaatch who always hid and was sensitive during the time I made a big deal
No way. Biaaaatch, okay.
You're the biggest slave and cunt of Amoeba lurkers
You probably don't know why I dissed Dead'P
It's better than fuckers who always suck up to him and ask, "Hyung, buy me a drink please"
Sun Jookyung, listen to me and put both hands on your shoulders
I love you too but gain more weight why don't you
Rhymer hyung, Rhymer hyung, I can't see to grasp myself
All the kids are right, I was a retard from the start
I'll leave if they tell me to and I'm not being sarcastic
But if they put charges on me, who's going to handle my debt?
Jtong Junghoon, I did everything you told me to do
If I screw up, then take me under your wing like a man
Fuck all you fuckin haters, you can suck my dick!
Also, fucking air, yeezees, I'm still a living king, believe me
Even if I get kicked off the floor of politics, I can still rap, fuck TV

Fuck TV man, what the fuck you know about that?
What the fuck you know about my life? What do you know about my life, you mother fuckers?
Yo, I don't like having to explain for myself so I'm not going to talk about each and every thing individually
But, I made it to the top 5 for the most noble people in the Korean hip hop scene
Seri, Hyndo, Taeji, VJ mother fucker. And who else? Moon Swings
And you say I don't improve? Damn. I don't improve? Damn.
What the fuck man. Who was the one who endured through all this in the first place?
You think you can do what I did? You think it looks easy, right? Then you try, mother fucker
Why don't you try cussing on SHow Me the Money while your mom watches, you cunts. Fuck
It's fucking Moon fucking Swings, man
This ain't no fucking joke.
I'm swimming in the sea of blood now. You understand what I'm saying?
Fuck this shit, turn it off

Should I give you another one, bitch?

Ay yo, I'll tell you about my situation now
I just dissed the top people of biggest companies in Korean hip hop
I could get kicked out from my company after releasing this
I'm releasing this behind our CEO Rhymer hyung's back, so there's no excuses, you fucker
Do you think I'm one to make excuses for myself, you retard?
You wanna know why you're dissing me? It's because you think I won't hit you
But let me tell you that I have guidelines for myself too, you fucker
You little fucker, who do you think you are trying to play me
When you see me, you always have this fear-stricken look on your face, you fucker
I'm going to piss on your face, you little fucker
Alright, let me tell you about my situation
I can get pressed charges for this and be kicked out of my company
If I don't get kicked out from my company, then I have to keep doing what I do
Why? It's because I have a contract to tend to and I'm thankful to the people who put their investments in me
This is my answer and that I just have to do well for myself
I have to think of my parents and I don't know why I have to do this shit
But it's all good man
A few days ago he said he hates me so I told him we should meet up
Why? Just tell me, why don't you like me? Hyung, you're not like how you used to fucking be
You look like a fucking retard
Okay man, I'll go back. Hyung, you don't like that company, I heard you don't like them. I heard you got backstabbed by them
Jtong, I did what you wanted me to. I'll say it fucking upfront but I fucking miss you, you fucker
This is love and hate
And to the rest of the fuckers trying to fight me, come and fight me
Alright man yo, I should have just done hip hop because I was born for hip hop
It's this. I'm going to do everything, whether it's fucking rock or fucking something else, I'm going to do it
But hip hop? It's my shit? Why? Because it's fucking meant for people who are aggressive in my opinion
Acting cool trying to hide scars
Anyway, Korean hip hop, to those who are good, fighting
Fighting to those who respect and diss me
Fighting to those who are going to come out soon
Also, TakeOne? I listened to yours. It gave me a lot of realization
I respect that shit. Thank you man
Hail Korean hip hop, hail Moon Swings, hail Just Music and Brand New, I don't know

How tearjerking

First off, say it again with both eyes open
If you thought I would've backed down for something like this, then I wouldn't have started it in the first place
Don't level me as Ssam D's hunting dog because this is my game
I went up on the ring myself and I'm more daring than anyone else
Sure, there's no other hyung that takes care of your dongsengs like you do
I enjoyed up until last week your release '500 Words' and I can't deny the influence you have
But I want to point out something and it's that you changedf for sure
You said it yourself that you weren't like this when you were a rookie
That's right fucker, you said you weren't like this then
Because I realized a lot, I do everything on my own now
I've been past the stage in hearing all the hyungs' cares
Seeing how each and every one of you changed your ways gave me great shock when I was younger
Keep slandering me as you've been doing
Buckwilds & Do'main
Although we have a lot of members, we don't stoop to your childish ways
Fake ass mother fucker, acting friendly once you're in front of people but talking shit behind their backs. I've seen it all
That's why they say being disciplined when you're young is crucial
Because I learned all of your wings, there's no sort of talking shit behind someone's back with me
All of you should come out and fight till there's dust
I'm sure there's a couple of fuckers that feel that this applies to them so come out
I never tried to control everyone because my goal is to reset
I honestly hated the fact that you guys would make excuses for yourself
So where did all the brothers from Illest Konfusion go?
The narrow-minded fuckers I was once proud of now need an upgrade, no, a format
I don't need anythinbg because I'm Buckwilds & Do'main


  1. Thank you for translating these (and hopefully more of them as they're released).

  2. last part is not 'come on' he said 평화 peace

  3. pulls out popcorn and settles down

  4. This all just seems like a fight between people who used to be friends. They obviously have a lot of unresolved issues and tbh they all should just sit down and talk shit over a couple bottles of liquor or something.

  5. Woaaa, Swings calling Simon D out. WTF with K-Hiphop scene?!! Too much drama, I can't even... (O.O)

  6. This dissing is so lame. Like unbelievably lame, bunch of people who have some personal issues between themselves are trying to gain public attention with it. And all lyrics are so lame, like in hiphop you're supposed to show the other one your rapping skils with good lyrics but all these songs show nothing special, except their ability to curse in english. So disappointed. I hope that Zico and Simon D won't get involed in this because they're just better that that.

  7. swings is an embarrassment omfg. i'm happy he made a diss track because it compelled e-sens to speak his mind... but it's really time for him to stfu now. he's becoming more of an embarrassment to himself the more he opens his mouth and spits out teenage rap lyrics.

    1. I don't even know who you are, but i really think you are my soulmate.

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  9. Dudddddeee this is so embarssing I hope this "Korean diss track" DOES NOT show up when people google kendrik lamars control

    So much embarssment as a Korean person like foreal 4minute crazy is way harder than all this shit