Thursday, November 14, 2013

Nuttyverse releases mini album 'NV Sensation' and MV for title track 'My Hood'

Having released his first single 'The Right Way' in 2012, rapper Nuttyverse released his mini album 'NV Sensation' on the 15th along with the music video for the title track 'My Hood.'

The mini album consists of six tracks in total and Nuttyverse wrote, composed, produced, and even went beyond in planning for promotions as well as sketching out the visual concept for this album.

The two tracks 'My Hood' and 'Midnight Film' were both produced by Kimparkchella, who is also being praised for his newly released, self-produced album. The title track 'My Hood' uses a hooded sweater as a theme of all genders being able to enjoy wearing it despite any weather and has a cheerful rhythm to it while 'Midnight Film' on the other hand talks about the emotions that soak into your heart each night. The track 'Midnight Film' could be considered as the more insightful collaboration between the two artists and the checkpoint to understanding the direction that the album takes. The other tracks also showcase their individual charms, like the track 'PROVE' showing Nuttyverse's unique tightness, 'You Can Talk Informally' bringing up the awkward atmosphere of when you first meet someone and trying to resolve it by talking informally, criticizing the people who claim to be rappers when they produce displeasing music resembling raucous with 'Swarm of Cicada,' and finding the importance in little things between friendships through 'Hey Guys.'

The album features female vocalist Gugustar and Dong Kyung while producers such as Kimparkchella, BLASTI, Jay Kidman, Jackeffect, and Bronchild all participated in the album, adding onto the completeness of it. Meanwhile, the music video was produced and completed by director IPTC, who is also actively promoting in the scene with various works.

Source: Hiphopplaya

[Verse 1]
Everyone's a sinner when it comes to fashion
Everyone tries to seek being fresh but seeing the items that the fashionistas sport, they all sort it by colors
Hoodie, zip up, check
Even the dogs on the streets wear hoodie as if they knew what looked cool
I always repeat in picking up and putting down the coat and in the end, I find my branded hoodie
Besides the hot summer, I wear it throughout all three seasons
This is the realest in fashion, perfect
If I had a solid colored t-shirt, you don't even have to say anything becuase I check that I'm wearing a hoodie with it
I stick my hands in the loose pockets and walk along the asphalt block, keeping my steps at a 2, 4 rhythm
My feeling right now is on high on the frequency

My stylish hoodie
My small house is my hood
My hood is comfortable for me whenever
Mix and match the colors and wear it; my hood

Red, black, grey (my hood)
Green, blue, beige (my hood)
White, brown, navy (my hood)
Mix and match the colors and wear it; my hood

[Verse 2]
It's basic but still a desirable item
I spit my raps in wanting to become like Shady, just like the opening for the Lose Yourself music video
I first found out about the coolness of hoodies
Before they became a part of coordinated outfits for kids who rap, it filled up my entire closet but now it's become a part of everyone
It's a savior in being able to cover my bare face and the skin troubles that my hair can't hide
It makes a fatty look slimmer and an anchovy look more filling, this is the charms of a hoodie
I want to live more like a cooler guy so I put my hoodie on with both fists clenched
With my hat and hand's up and hand's high up to the sky, I only need my hoodie - I don't need a coordinator (stylist)

My stylish hoodie
My small house is my hood
My hood is comfortable for me whenever
Mix and match the colors and wear it; my hood

Red, black, grey (my hood)
Green, blue, beige (my hood)
White, brown, navy (my hood)
Mix and match the colors and wear it; my hood

Although we can't sport it like Levitt or GD but everyone wants to be shone on their own ray of sunshine so start off with confidence and wear it confidently
The solution is a hoodie so don't wander somewhere else
Everyone knows this makes you look cool but don't throw away coolness by claiming we're all copycats 
Tank top, short sleeve t-shirts, and hoodies - that's fashion
What else is there to say when that itself is fashion

[Hook] x2
My stylish hoodie
My small house is my hood
My hood is comfortable for me whenever
Mix and match the colors and wear it; my hood

Red, black, grey (my hood)
Green, blue, beige (my hood)
White, brown, navy (my hood)
Mix and match the colors and wear it; my hood

Lyrics Source: Olleh Music

Jerry.k releases new album 'Dope Dyed' and MV for title track 'Pierrot'

Nominated for the best rap/hip hop album of 2012 at the Korean Music Awards, Jerry.k released his new album 'Dope Dyed' on the 15th along with the music video for his title track 'Pierrot' featuring Kim Jae Suk of Wanted.

In respect to hip hop, the album is considered an official mixtape however, it's classified as a 2.5 album in respects to the music market. This album is different from his past two, as his first focused on the problems in society while his second focused on ego The new album 'Dope Dyed' digs deep into both hip hop music and life, holding the overall theme of "holding hip hop as a way of life."

The album was sold through social funding (better known as crowd funding) made especially for the fans with a limited CD copy and in return, Jerry.k received fan service by reaching his goal of over 300% for the amount sold. The album featured artists Rico and Sleeq, who are housed in the label Daze Alive run by Jerry.k, and others like Huckleberry P, JJK, Psycoban, DJ Wegun, and more. What stood out most from all the featuring artists was vocalist Kim Jae Suk, a member of the soul and R&B group Wanted.

Jerry.k produced the tracks himself as well as other producers such as Kato, a producer from Atlanta who had worked with artists such as Dumbfoundead, Dizzy Wright, and Roscoe Dash, participating in the album. Additional producers include Prima Vista, Vida Loca, HOLYDAY, Yella Diamond, and S'WAY.D.

The title track 'Pierrot' comforts the younger generation from society's pressure of always having to smile like a clown, to be optimistic despite hardships, and the issues of not being able to be to your feelings. The collaboration between Jerry.k and Kim Jae Suk is unique, with Jerry.k delivering his heavy rap while Kim Jae Suk offers his warming vocals. The music video was produced by IPTC, who is currently active in the Korean hip hop scene and has worked with Jerry.k and his pre-release singles for the 'Dope Dyed' album.

Meanwhile, Jerry.k will be holding a showcase on November 24th (Sunday) at 5PM at Hongdae's D Dim Hall in celebration of his new album but tying it with 'Daze Alive Vol. 2.' Along with his artists Rico and Sleeq who are also under the Daze Alive label, other artists such as Huckleberry P, JJK, Psycoban, DJ Lykhan, and others will be appearing as guests for the show.

Source: Hiphopplaya

Jerry.k is always on it with the translations (the MV is subtitled!) so go check it out!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Kimparkchella releases new album 'Love Peace Revolution'

I've been waiting for nothing more than Kimparkchella's new album and it's finally here. I remember he hinted he was in the works of a new album around the beginning of this year and finally, on November 8th, he released his newest album 'Love Peace Revolution.'

Although he's put out albums before, this is his first ever solo album under the name "Kimparkchella." He's started to work under the name for producing or featuring for other people but his past solo album was under the pen name Ponytail. Anyway, because it is an official album and the first to be under his name, I think that's what took so long for it to release. With Analog Boy, Paloalto, Fana, Saetbyeol, Soulman, Huck P, and other popular artists on the album, it's no doubt that he was guaranteeing a quality album and he delivered it.

Chella decided to use the track 'Adore You' for his title track from the album and released the music video on the 12th featuring both Nuck of Soul Dive and Kream. The track had sort of a lulling sound with the guitar done by Chella and Kream's part did his job giving the track a lighter feel with his vocals. If he had more parts, it'd probably kill the song since he wasn't that great of a vocalist in my opinion. As for Nuck...I can't say anything because translating the lyrics, my fingers and toes curled from the cheesiness and yeah...let's not talk about Nuck's lyrics. Speaking of lyrics though, if you're interested, check out the translations below!

[Intro - Nuck of Soul Dive]
Chella & N.U.C.K S.O.U.L.D.I.V.E
Adore You, let's go

[Verse 1 - Nuck]
The first time I saw her was when I woke up from the sounds of my mother playing the piano for her lessons
I felt something burning up but I simply wash it away
I'd ride my skateboard along the lake
Who cares about homework and they all fade away
I keep having fun without a care of not knowing what rules and laws are
Grades? I flunk everything besides English and P.E
And that's when I saw her for the second time that day
A-F-K-N Soultrain's weekend
I've spent countless nights staying up with drumming rhythms and warm LPs would comfort me
At times I'd spend my afternoons with the unwinding cassette tapes and take out
Coffee time was the third time! She approaches me to my side in a newly way

[Hook - Kream]
Hey, Love, I'm nervous just as I used to be
Hey, Love, continue to come towards me
Hey, Love, like the times when you first embraced me
I'm calling for you again at this very moment

[Verse 2 - Nuck]
The fourth time we met was so fresh, so clean
My CDP allowed me to take both the bus and the beats
I'm drawn to the pure ladies and it was a period of time when I'd collect them one by one to fill me up
I'd lose track of day and night in trying to make her
I'd wrestle and fight with my speakers, making it cry and laugh, and the vibrations of the bass would make me cry once more
Remember that in reminiscing the days of your roots; you are music
My grandmother's voice I miss, my father's humming, and the butterflies I had in confessing to her
Also, this very moment as I stand on stage
Yes!! This is unforgettable like a love story
I'm taking you with me and going on air
We're overcoming the barrier of ethnicity across the ocean over there in delivering the strength of love

[Hook 2 - Nuck & Kream]
Hey, Love (Hey, Love) It's You
Hey, Love (Hey, Love) It's You
Hey, Love (Hey, Love) It's You
Cupid hit me 
What's your name, girl 
Music with me, I feel it whenever

[Bridge - Nuck]
Some say she's become cheap and light, and that there's no hope to her
I cry as if I'm imprisoned without a fence but I still love her
She waits for me; free the music
Yes!! This is unforgettable like a love story
I'm taking you with me and going on air
Deliver this strength of love that was able to overcome the wall of hearts 

[Hook - Kream]
Hey, Love, I'm nervous just as I used to be
Hey, Love, continue to come towards me
Hey, Love, like the times when you first embraced me
I'm calling for you again at this very moment

[Hook 2 - Nuck & Kream]
Hey, Love (Hey, Love) It's You
Hey, Love (Hey, Love) It's You
Hey, Love (Hey, Love) It's You
Cupid hit me 
What's your name, girl 
Music with me, I feel it whenever

Since I love the album so much and have been waiting for it for a while, I chose a track that was my favorite and decided to translate it. Half of it is because I'm a huge fan of Paloalto if you cant' tell but the other half was because the song was so perfect in many ways. How was it perfect? First off, everything pieced together. Usually I have this pet peeve where I'll really like a song based on how it sounds but when I read the lyrics, it's the complete opposite from what I was expecting and be thrown off by it. However, this track all centered around its theme. The theme was about an adult reminiscing on their childhood and how as an adult, they've shed their innocence over the years and found their breaking point of wanting to detach from their childhood since they no longer resemble it. I normally don't look for themes in songs but I'd like for a song to have one to bring out better quality lyrics from an artist but also give the opportunity for the artist to make the song into their own by being able to narrate their story, to which I believe is what makes up hip hop mostly, by telling and sharing your story. Anyway, the title is very interesting also. The literal translation is 'Imago' which is the last stage of metamorphosis of an insect and they attain maturity (stole this from Wikipedia).

TLDR: I really like this song and I translated it. Go listen to it.

[Verse 1 - Paloalto]
The once boy has grown into an adult now and the naive image before is growing further away
I've already changed too much for me to fit in with my memories
I go
You can't live with purely passion alone and you can't live passionately for what you want
I try to protect the things I love and in the process, I'd step over others in trying to win against them
Although that sin bothers me, I can't easily wash it away
Rather than being a shelter for others, I used my shoulder to push over the person next to me
I don't want to become a fake wearing a mask in acting nice
I wonder, what kind of person will I become and remain as in the future?
It's been a long while since the innocence in me rebelled
But one things' the same and I'm still looking at the light that shines bright

[Hook - Kream]
Boy oh boy, let go of my hand so I can soar
I beg to you oh, even if you hold onto me, I can only leave now

[Verse 2 - Paloalto]
The dreams I dreamed of when I was younger became reality
What I've achieved since then hasn't become a waste
I feel lonely whenever the friends who supported me slowly disappeared from my side one by one
But I'm not permitted to wallow in my memories or be sad because once the time of when we made our promise passes by, I end up forgetting about it
As time passes by, I grow accustomed to the small goodbyes
To become used to something makes me parched
I realize a lot of things but it's still all confusing to me right now
The only answer I know is that I don't know the answers
I'm just expressing my life out of my instincts
Although I can't see what my life looks like from the eyes of God, my resentment still breathes
I can't stop and I'm going to survive
The boy is now an adult and this isn't a joke

[Hook - Kream]
Boy oh boy, let go of my hand so I can soar
I beg to you oh, even if you hold onto me, I can only leave now

Lyrics Source: Music Olleh

Thursday, November 7, 2013

[Hiphopplaya] Yeopo - 'P.O.R.N' Interview

Ignito: Nice to see you. After the last interview with Illtal, I decided to hold it this time again. It's really difficult finding someone to interview Vitality and at this rate, I'm going to interview myself. I hope you can briefly introduce yourself.

Yeopo: Hello, I'm Yeopo, a 30 year old rapper and the youngest member of Vitality.

Ignito: How's your newlywed life?

Yeopo: It's been a year since I got married. I don't have plans on having a child yet and I'm working hard making money, mostly because I'm working harder to find stability economically.

Ignito: There's a story behind your name "Yeopo," that it's shortened for "women and porno." Is that true?

Yeopo: There's not a big meaning behind the name. I went by Yeopo way more than my real name since I was younger, and the meaning you mentioned also is included.

Ignito: This is your first interview after joining Vitality. Although it's late, let's unravel the story of how you came about joining.

Yeopo: I think it was in 2011 when Ignito hyung first gave me the offer and since I wasn't under any crew or label at the time, I was very grateful and open to his offer. Although I did have the passion to drop an album any took quite a long time for my second album to release, mainly because of getting married but also my other job so it took a long time since my focus was poured into other things. Anyway, being acknowledged as a solo artist, being understood for my lifestyle, and being able to release an album as a member of Vitality is a fortune to me.

Ignito: You released your second official album. Please tell us briefly how you feel.

Yeopo: My second album released quite a while after my first, and it's also an album that was released two years since I joined Vitality. The process was long and there were things here and there but it's thanks to my official album that I was able to record the time that passed by and it's moved me.

Ignito: I heard there were complications with the making of this album.

Yeopo: Since the beginning, I was mending the album into a project team album with Ruffcut but due to personal issues, the album planning was cancelled and it took a long time trying to find beats in my transition to creating my second official album. Also, I had a big event in my life which was my marriage and the precondition to the marriage was being employed so being able to work on this album took longer than expected, however I have no regrets in anything.

Ignito: What are you employed as for your other job?

Yeopo: Fitting with a hardcore MC, I work as a web designer for a company specializing in children's clothing.

Ignito: As a web designer, do you know when you'll be able to create Vitality's website?

Yeopo: I'm thinking tomorrow right away, of course on the condition that Ignito hyung makes a deposit upfront...

Ignito: I don't think a website is urgent for us. It's been 4 years since you released your last album so tell us briefly how this second album differs from your first.

Yeopo: To put it easily, my first album was of my greed as well as an attempt and challenge for myself. My second album shows me settling in, depth, and growth. Because it was my first album, I was greedy and attempted a lot of different things and rather than explaining, I filled the album more with emotions and feelings. This time around, you can see Vitality and Yeopo harmonize in creating its own color and showing thoughts from the perspective of someone in their 30s in this second album. You can strongly feel how much I've aged in comparison to the first album.

Ignito: Your rap style changed tremendously as well. You've released negative feedback from your rapping style for this album. What do you think of it?

Yeopo: Honestly, if you want fancy rapping or flow that flows like water, then I think Yeopo is the wrong person to suggest in this case. For my second album, I decided to aim for a rap style that's more anchored and stiff. To put in simply, I've decided to go for an older sound. I tried not to be flashy and rapped in pointing the exact things. I always think about trying to have a unique color while working on my music but I felt it wasn't really necessary to try and prove my rap skills.

Ignito: If I can add my two cents, I believe that you made an ambitious choice to choose this rap style. You rap without hesitation and get straight to the point, and I can do nothing but applaud you for your entirety being simple and honest. I've heard from people around us that also said that this rapping style wasn't easy and it was actually a really difficult style and I also think that there's no one within the country who can emulate this rapping style or tone. You can see it as a well-established rap style. I was shocked at the responses of people who begged to differ, saying that it was nothing much or that you couldn't rap. Also, I myself know personally that Yeopo is a rapper who can rap in the groove whenever.

Yeopo: Honestly, I know that I have a lot of ego in me, which makes me respect other musicians even more for being able to maintain that. I don't believe Yeopo to be another job of mine to pursue but to be another character to myself, which is why I'm continuously changing my rapping style to fit Yeopo's character and I wholeheartedly think that's the right thing to do. Also, the other egos in me are waiting for their right timing so you'll be able to see my grooved raps soon.

Ignito: I'm sure that there must have been an extreme gap between having a musical ego of a hardcore rapper and the realistic ego of an average husband, which I think shows well in your track, 'Damn Hobby.' Could you explain this track and the emotions you faced when writing it?

Yeopo: I came across the thought while preparing for my wedding. The biggest obstacle ahead of me was money. I knew that pursuing music has never brought me money but I needed to be able to survive in order to pursue music as well. During that period of time, there were countless moments where I thought of quitting but I was reminded of the feeling of when I first started music, when there was no greed but purely liking music and making up my mind that it was something I wanted to do till I died old. Also, I still enjoyed writing lyrics for no purpose during the times I'd clock in and out of work. It was also Ignito hyung who helped me realize that running away from the distance and confusion that reality brought was a pitiful thing to do, and that was when I realized and found joy in music again. Right now, the most important thing to me is pursuing the music I'm sticking with and being a part of Vitality who supports this, and being supported as a musician by my wife.

Ignito: You can see the unique color and drastic change in your lyrics. The once signature atrocious, simple, and ignorant rap of yours ceased and a contemplative side of yours came out.

Yeopo: I think the results came from harmonizing with each other. I wanted to be more provocative but also be included as a musician of Vitality, so that was the result of combining both factors, however this answer won't make sense for people who listened to the second album before the first.

Ignito: I was slightly disappointed because I personally anticipated that side of you. I hope that Yeopo can continue to promote as a strong and stubborn character while pursuing elegance in Vitality.

Yeopo: I think that my voice is the type of voice that needs to be adjusted to. I think now that people have adjusted to my voice, they can handle my atrocious, simple, and ignorant rap in my next project.

Ignito: Your album is titled [P.O.R.N]. It's a very provocative title. What's the meaning behind titling this as your album?

Yeopo: I have two reasons why this album is titled 'P.O.R.N.' One of them is what everyone's thinking, that it's the word porn we all know of and I used it to give the album a vulgar feeling. Another reason as to why I titled it this is that it's abbreviated for "POWER OF RUDE NERD." It's to express the suppressed anger of isolated but skilled people. I personally am attached to the track 'Hypnotize' which talks about a man who's being bullied but finds security in his sense of belonging, yet he couldn't suppress that anger and ends up taking revenge. I also believe that this story is parallel to where I stand in society, which is why I have so much attachment to it. For those who are weak but hiding their anger, I want you to hypnotize yourself when listening to this track.

Ignito: I was taken aback when I saw that your title track was 'I Couldn't See My Shadow.' Can you describe this track to us?

Yeopo: Humans are always lacking in something and have foolish sides to them but this track talks about how someone is aware of these things, yet they can't bring themselves to say it with their own lips. We as humans always blame our insufficiency at others and when we bring up the subject to others, we turn our backs saying that we ourselves are the only exceptions to this and feed off of this self-gratification. I wasn't any exception to this idea and whenever I showed that side of myself, my wife was the first to tell me about how I acted this way without realizing my actions. This track is an apology to the friends I would talk about when they weren't there and putting my insufficiency out there to let others know so I hope that when others are listening to this track, you can reflect on yourselves at least once.

Ignito: For the music video however, you used 'Death' as opposed to your title track. The lyrics for 'Death' seem very meaningful.

Yeopo: The track 'Death' isn't really about death but more so living life. I know that everyone associates living life to death, the end of life, but I don't believe that death is simply the end that we think of it to be. This is also the reason why I continue to pursue non-mainstream music. I don't believe the end to be the day of your death but I think of how we as ourselves continue to connect to others in what we leave behind and although what I create can't complete itself on its own, someone can make use of this incompleteness and make meaning of it through our connection. Instead of being so hung over trying to complete things, I think people should utilize their time in just living life, which is the moral of the track.

Ignito: Was there a special reason as to why you chose this track to make a music video for?

Yeopo: Honestly, I was debating a lot with myself since this was my first ever music video. I came about choosing this track because I felt that it was the most representative track of Yeopo. I used minimal lighting to express a simple and strong image for myself. In the perspective of a musician, I'm very satisfied with the final result, aside from my face looking big...I thank director Cha Jung Chul. I think this music video will have others understand what Yeopo and Vitality are about a little better.

Ignito: There were various artists featuring for this album. Tell us your experiences in working with them.

Yeopo: The artists who participated in this album were the members of Vitality (Ignito, Illtal, Banishit Bang), Dragon AT, Chaboom, UMC/UW, and Deepflow. Starting off with Dragon AT, I had always wanted to work with him but he was on hiatus at the time and when he came back, I requested to work with him. For Chaboom, he's an artist I like and he's also helped me with my first album. I remember being moved by the professionalism of these two artists since they accepted my request not too long after and we were able to get lyrics and record right away. When we were recording, I felt anticipation for their upcoming albums in the future as a fan myself. It went really great! As for UMC hyung, I requested through Ignito hyung. I've always wanted to work with him and thankfully, he made time to help out despite being extremely busy. I'm very grateful for him having fun while we worked together, and even taking my directions into consideration with his busy schedule and all. Last but not least, I received help from my longtime friend and mentor, Deepflow, which helped me complete but album. For the Vitality track, we were able to start working on it once Illtal hyung came back to Korea in the beginning of this year. While working on the track, I felt sad yet fortunate that despite being busy with our personal schedules, although we weren't able to dedicate a whole lot of time into our track, the fact that we were able to even make one was bittersweet.

Ignito: What was the process of working with beat makers and choosing your beats?

Yeopo: I think that was the toughest part about this album. I don't know anyone who makes hardcore beats and it took a while from the start for Ignito hyung to adjust to my tastes (I'm into maniac hip hop). I received beats from JA hyung and Scary'P first. I wasn't able to find beats but they were the first two to gladly help out which helped ease out the planning process of the album. Next, I was able to receive a beat from Mild Beats hyung through Ignito hyung. I was also able to naturally receive help from Banishit Bang hyung when he returned to Korea and Dazdepth hyung was busy with his corporate job but thanks to Ignito hyung's efforts and pressure, I was able to work on the song.

Ignito: If you look at tracks like 'Basic' and 'What the,' there are a lot of lyrics out in the hip hop scene looking at Yeopo negatively. What do you think about this and the current state of the underground hip hop scene?

Yeopo: I think both the listeners and artists are too shallow. I always hope for an increase in artists expressing various types of music and their class but looking at the underground scene right now, I'm amazed at how these people are all so unified in wanting name-brand artists opposed to their music and continuously pining for cool and clean music. If this is the case, then I don't think the label of being "underground" fits with what they want.

Ignito: Then what do you think about releasing official albums in this period of time?

Yeopo: It's an idiotic, pathetic, crazy, and retarded thing to do but for an underground rapper, it's a definite thing. It's a constant battle.

Ignito: What do you think hardcore hip hop is?

Yeopo: A man's music.

Ignito: That's true. With the current scene gaining female fans, it's very hard to pursue a man's music. Tell us your plans as Yeopo along with Vitality's plans for the future.

Yeopo: The hardest part in making this album was finding beats, which is why I want to get into producing. I'm also thinking of ways to create a newer album where I can produce something instant yet express in various ways. As for Vitality, currently we're in the process of preparing Ignito's second official album and Banishit Bang's first official album. Also, we'll be holding continuous performances through a brand called Black Show, which is scheduled for this upcoming December. The show will be filled with musicians who fit with the term "black." Last but not least, if time allows it, we'll be thinking of putting out a Vitality album.

Ignito: I'm anticipating it a lot. Also, Illtal and Revenans will be releasing singles any minute so I just wanted to point that out. Ah, and there's also DJ SQ's 'Just Because.'

Yeopo: SQ hyung is always with us 'Just Because' but soon there will be some incredible albums releasing...I believe that these people will come forth will amazing results to surprise us all with.

Ignito: You did well holding up the interview. Did you want to say any last words to the readers?

Yeopo: I'm always thankful for those supporting Vitality and Yeopo and I hope you know that a man's music doesn't die out that easily.

Source: Hiphopplaya

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Primary gets slammed by Dispatch with plagiarism evidence for 'I Got C'

According to a representative from Caro Emerald, a musician promoting in Netherlands, they critiqued Primary's skills fairly high and even went so far as titling him as a talented producer.

Quoted from the text above, producer David Schreurs told Dispatch, "I would like to say that Primary sounds like a talented producer. He uses our music as a template to create his own, which is an honor but on some songs, he's just going too far with it. I would like to say he should start trusting his own talent, because he sure is a good producer."

As hot as the 'Infinity Challenge Music Festival' has gotten from all the press, it's no different that Primary's head is growing hotter too, except in all the wrong reasons due to plagiarism accusations for his collaboration track with Park Myung Soo titled 'I Got C' for the popular TV show 'Infinity Challenge.' The track was accused of sounding similar to Netherland's famous musician Caro Emerald's track, 'Liquid Lunch.'

With the spotlight on Primary because of 'I Got C,' his past works were also exposed and flamed for sounding similar to Emerald's other tracks, including 'Happy Ending' from his first album, Park Ji Yoon's 'Mr. Lee,' and the sketch version of 'I Got C' that was heard on 'Infinity Challenge.'

A representative of Primary came into defense in regards to the plagiarism accusations saying that the similarity comes from being within the same genre, that the 'retro swing' genre gives a similar ambiance to one another. They also claimed that it's absurd for Primary to bring a plagiarized track on a nationally broadcast show. Unfortunately for Primary and Amoeba Culture, the public begs to differ from their defense, as suspicion still remains.

Is it plagiarism or is it all a misunderstanding? Dispatch attempted an interview on the 4th with Emerald's representatives who live in Netherlands. We raised our questions to David Schreurs, the producer of the 'songwriting' team and manager of Emerald.

◆ I Got C: "The accusations of this track mixing 3 of Emerald's tracks"

In being the center of the spotlight of controversy, Schreurs claimed that 'I Got C' had mixed 3 of Emerald's tracks into one, the three tracks being 'You Don't Love Me' released in January of 2010, 'Liquid Lunch' released in September of 2013, and 'Paris.' He claims that the track weaved the important parts of all three tracks into one. 

Of course, Schreurs doesn't go as far as claiming it 'plagiarism' however, he just pinpointed that the ambiance of certain parts were very similar. To point out exactly which parts sound similar, the into for 'I Got C' sounds similar to 'You Don't Love Me' and the melody of the line "My newly polished shoes and my pocket's abundant in a wealthy year" sounds like the 00:57 - 01:15 mark of 'Liquid Lunch.'

He also mentioned the chorus where Park Myung Soo sings, "Oo lady, oh yeah lady" sounding similar to the opening of 'Liquid Lunch.' Last but not least, the line "I'm not mad but I'm chic. I think I've fallen for myself. I just simply winked" reminds us of the electronic piano sound from 'Paris.'

Schreurs said, "The piano intro and the chorus horn sound similar to 'You Don't Love Me'" and "The chord and melody during the verse sound similar to 'Liquid Lunch' and the 'Middle 8' bridge part is carried similarly to the chords for 'Paris.'" 

◆Mr. Lee (Mystery): "The overall composition sounds similar to 'One Day'"

Park Ji Yoon's comeback track 'Mr. Lee (Mystery)' was written and composed by Primary himself while Park Ji Yoon sang the song. Unfortunately for Park Ji Yoon, this track received the spotlight in suspicion for plagiarism along with 'I Got C.' According to netizens, the plagiarism was from none other than Emerald once again. The suggested track was 'One Day,' which was a part of the album released last May. 

We were curious as to what Emerald and the songwriting team thought of this and Schreurs responded by criticizing that the overall composition for 'Mr. Lee' sounded similar to 'One Day,' from the chord system to the composition, as well as similar instruments being used. What made the similarity more noticeable was how the accompaniment and melody was carried in the intro especially. 

First off, the first claim was that at the 00:42 mark for 'Mr. Lee,' it sounded like the 00:42 mark for 'One Day' also. Next was the 00:56-01:11 mark of 'Mr. Lee' sounding similar to 00:59-01:24 of 'One Day.' In other words, the the melody for the introduction, how the first verse was carried out, the chorus, and the melody were parallel in similarity. 

Schreurs said, "I especially like this track out of Primary's tracks, as the sound is very fresh" and "But I can't erase the feeling of the chord system, structure, drum track, use of instruments, and overall sound being similar to 'One Day.'"

◆Happy Ending: "It has the basics from two of Emerald's tracks from 2010."

'Happy Ending' has also become the target for the debate on Primary's plagiarism accusations, as the timing of the release for both 'Happy Ending' and 'The Other Woman' played a pivotal role for the accusation this time. Primary's fans came into defense in saying that 'Happy Ending' was released in 2011, which was faster than Emerald's 'The Other Woman,' claiming that this round of accusations was merely because of similarity in genre.

But with further investigation, it was found that 'The Other Woman' was actually released in 2010 but was a part of Emerald's first official album later on, making it that 'The Other Woman' was released a year before 'Happy Ending.' It wasn't just 'The Other Woman' that was a victim as there is said to be another track involved.

According to Schreurs, he claimed that 'Happy Ending' was referenced from 'I Know that He's Mine,' a track released on January 29, 2010. He claimed that 'Happy Ending' sounded much more similar to this than 'The Other Woman,' adding on that everything sounded similar besides the melody.

Schreurs said, "I believe 'Happy Ending' sounds more similar to 'I Know that He's Mine.' It has the basics from that track" and emphasized "From strum guitar to the guitar solo part, even the horn sound, harmonica, baritone, saxophone, percussion, and beats, they all sound the same." 

◆"Primary, could it be plagiarism...and what are Emerald's thoughts?"

From Shinsadong Tiger's 'No No No' to Roy Kim's 'Spring Spring Spring,' as well as IU's 'Pink Shoes' and now Primary. The year 2013 seems to be an endless year of plagiarism controversies for the music industry but none of those tracks have been taken to court. With the excuse of new chords growing extinct, it seems that there's a limit to an original sound and you just can't deny it, even if you claim it's a similarity in genres.

To plagiarize is to use either some or all of someone else's copyrighted item. The political term for this is 'plagiarism.' Now, how many times did Schreurs, producer for Emerald, use the term 'plagiarism' in our interview with 'Dispatch'? 

He actually didn't claim any of the tracks were plagiarized. The closest he's gotten to phrasing something similar was when he said that it can "be seen as plagiarism." When asked if this was a sign of plagiarism, he said, "I think it's up to a judge to decide this, not us."

Instead, he said, "He uses our music as a template to create his own, which is an honor but on some songs he's just going too far with it. I would like to say that he should start trusting his own talent, because he sure is a good producer!"

Last but not least, he showed his gratitude. The representative of Emerald said, "Hopefully, Primary's current success will help introduce our music to the South Korean public, and people will discover the Grandmono philosophy of releasing luxury vinyls, deluxe CD packages, and album apps. And even better, we would love to come over and perform live and on TV!"

<Next is the comparison clips to Primary and Emerald's songs. If you listen to the two songs, there are similarities but also at times, has a completely different feel. Of course, there will be parts that Emerald claimed to sound similar but it could also be of a result from the specialties that this genre brings like Primary had claimed.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Basick releases 'Therapy' EP

Ever since the disbandment of Independent Records, Basick has occupied himself outside of his studies by releasing singles leading up to the release of his new EP, 'Therapy.' The production seems to be done by a couple of people, one of them being G-Slow and the featuring isn't anything flashy but Paloalto is on it and we all know anything with Palo is nothing but great. On a side note, I always hoped Basick to sign with Hi-Lite Records because he seems to be going down a similar route that Hi-Lite is going in terms of overall sound, just like how this new EP is centralized around trap music. He said it was trap music and he was right. The thing about EPs is that a lot of artists will create a theme or centralize around a certain sound or genre but there's always one or two tracks that are love songs that are bones to throw at the public because we all know how well that worked for some mainstream hip hop artists (cough Dynamic Duo cough).

Anyway, I'm not a huge fan of trap music but the EP was solid. Solid enough that I want to translate all of the lyrics...but I'll do the title track "Therapy" for now. If you like the album and would like for me to translate any of the other tracks, I'll update this thread. For now, enjoy!

[Verse 1]
Ugh yo bitch, you need therapy
That ain't fuckin' HIP (HOP) 
Recognize the letter "B," satisfaction guaranteed
Doctor Lee. My ID. A telepathy for you, my idea. 
You're a thoughtless parody and the wrinkles of your brain are slick like elastin
Fuck that trap, fuck dubstep, fuck your precious golden era please
The skill to miss a beat is Supreme Kai (damn humiliation)
Who on Earth told you to release a CD? Why don't you get better, bitch

Fuck yo shit, I'm out of patience. 
You sick bitch. Uh, you's a patient

[Verse 2]
Bitch I need therapy. So sick from my occupational disease
I can see my future clearly in the 3D theater
My personality's ileegal and even my career's speeding like a single parent
I'll tell it to you simply in what I urgently desire, and that's 'fortune' like a single parent
If you think I'm materialistic, go right on ahead and think I am but it's guys like them that when they look at me, my focused stance is suicidal*
I think of this music as my woman and when her and I make love, my state is always at a "normal position"
Whenever her and I see each other, we're always, chill, chill, chill like the Altair and the Vega
If you can't understand this, then you're already behind
They say that that kid's completely black 
Man, I'mma yello and I'm also not human but a bumblebee
Call the doctor. I'm out patient
I'm so sick like a patient 

[Verse 3]
Everyone says "I am sick" but instead of saying something, I just kiss the mic once more
Boniour hip hop, because you're so pretty
No need for men, so just keep flirting 
You're so charming that you mess up a man's life
Running while blind, but nobody got no guarantee 
Everyone grows sick and old, and finds me; yes I'm a therapist
The vets treat the wolf-like bastards with no euthanasia
Instead of prescription, they wake them up with the euthanasia of reality
Is it that hard to transfer over what you want to say on a piece of a paper to a mic? 
Huh? It's like piecing a puzzle together and getting frustrated where you just close your eyes; quitting is like a sweet, tempting candy 
Tang tang*, you died because you couldn't escape from your greed and your current state is 
Bang bang, I draw a cloud of smoke through my sigh in having to let you go, right when you were up on your feet 

*Suicidal...I used it because it seemed the most fitting but 자폐 is also autism which didn't seem to fit? Correct me if I'm wrong
*Tang tang is like the sound of gunshots. Couldn't use bang bang because that was used in the next line...