Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Yang Dong Geun confirms for SMTM3

Yang Dong Geun (YDG) will be appearing on Mnet's "Show Me the Money 3."

According to Mnet, they revealed on the 10th that "Yang Dong Geun has confirmed to join Show Me the Money's season 3 that will start airing in early July" and "We plan on him appearing in the first round as a supporter but throughout the show, he'll be a producer for this season."

Yang Dong Geun spoke out about his appearance in saying, "I'm very nervous at the thought of working with colleagues who share the same dreams of hip hop as I do on a program" and "I want to go back to my roots and feel again what hip hop is."

CJ E&M producer Go Ik Jo of "Show Me the Money 3" said, "We're really glad that Yang Dong Geun will be on the show. As a rapper who has a broad spectrum in music ranging from true to trendy hip hop, we hope that on season 3, he can showcase his character exactly the way it is" and "We hope for your much anticipation for the other rappers besides Dok2, The Quiett, and Yang Dong Geun that will join the show." 

Source: Hiphopplaya 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Vasco, Giriboy, New Champ, & U.L.T to join SMTM season 3

Announced on April 2nd, it was said that musicians Vasco, Born Kim, New Champ, Giriboy, and U.LT will be joining this upcoming season according to the staff of season 3 for Show Me the Money.

Vasco had told the staff, "I want to prove my potential on my own. I hope that I can let myself be known to the greater public and receive love from them" and "I want to prove to my son and myself that Vasco hasn't died in the eyes of the public, which is why I really want to win." Meanwhile, Giriboy said, "I was stubborn on promoting underground but seeing my role model Verbal Jint on the show, it made me want to step forward to the greater public" and "I want to place first to become a son that my mother can be proud of," which was his motive for joining the show. Another musician to take part of this season was member U.L.T of Kinetic Flow, revealing his intentions of joining the show in saying, "I want to prove that I'm still alive as a rapper." Other musicians to join this season are New Champ and Born Kim.

The staff of the 3rd season spoke out about "Many acknowledged artists such as Vasco who had stuck to his style continuously over 10 years in the center of the underground hip hop scene to Giriboy, New Champ, and others have joined" and "We hope that this season can deliver great stages of these rappers showcasing their talent and harvest true victories; we're changing up the program different from last year's so we hope for your much anticipation." 

Source: Hiphopplaya