Thursday, March 28, 2013

[NEWS] Nuttyverse releases single "Midnight Film" produced by Kimparkchella

Nuttyverse releases "Midnight Film" as a single from his upcoming EP which he's working on.

On the 28th (today), he released the single which was produced by Kimparkchella and mixed and mastered by both Kimparkchella and Soriheda. The single will be available on all online music sites.

Meanwhile, Nuttyverse is currently working on his EP and will promote through various performances and featuring.

The song isn't too bad considering you can never go wrong anywhere with Kimparkchella and a guitar. He kind of reminds me of a young Mad Clown from his voice, but his rapping game is a little different. The female vocals was a nice addition and was very minimal to fit with the quietness of the song. Give the song a listen and check out the lyrics below:

The pitch-black darkness approaches once again and we call that the night
The unfamiliar atmosphere I can’t approach easily traps me in the room and the moon fills up

The moon is the light that shines down on me and just stares
I think it’s looking for friends in the darkness alone
It has the same thoughts as I do and I just open up the windows
No matter how much I open the palms of my hands up, the distance is too far

This isn’t something shabby, but they’re actions that represent me
When the night approaches, I miss the touch of my first love
It’s because I can’t feel it anymore, because they’re no longer here
The night that I feel with my skin is torture

I know that saying these things every day won’t end things, but I’m okay
Instead of lying to comfort myself, I just tell myself honestly
I’m afraid of the dark so I hope you can embrace me

In the end of this cold night, I can’t see you
I’m frantically finding my way in this quiet darkness
The vision before me is unfamiliar
I can’t hold it anymore
I close my eyes again in the sound of the night growing deeper

I take my car in the freely open road during the nights my head aches
I turn up the song louder as I turn the handle
While having my windows about halfway down, I sing along to the tune

I feel the wind of the night seeping through the crack of the car window
As I feel the coldness, it reminds of the floor of my room
When I go back, I have to count more sheep
As I count and count, I have to spend the night again

Someone once said that the night is beautiful
When people in my surroundings helped mend for my insufficiency, I thought that too as I sat in front of the Han River
While whispering dreams, it blended in with the scenery

So what exactly is the problem? Let’s call it a disease even
The answer’s not coming up and the morning is too far from now
I open the window again stretch out my hand
The spotlight made by the night, the moon shines on me

In the end of this cold night, I can’t see you
I’m frantically finding my way in this quiet darkness
The vision before me is unfamiliar
I can’t hold it anymore
I close my eyes again in the sound of the night growing deeper

That moon digs deep into my heart so that in this night, I can’t reach my hand out to you
I try to find lost time and walk towards where you are in this night

In the end of this cold night, I can’t see you
I’m frantically finding my way in this quiet darkness
The vision before me is unfamiliar
I can’t hold it anymore
I close my eyes again in the sound of the night growing deeper

Source: Hiphopplaya

[INTERVIEW] Amoeba Culture's Break Project: NOWorkend NO. 4 with Supreme Team

Upon Request


After ending their long hiatus, Supreme Team returns with their digital single album “Thanks 4 the Wait” as the fourth contender for Amoeba Culture’s ‘NOWorkend’ project. After nearly 2 years, Simon D and E-Sens come back to the stage as “Supreme Team” with the release of their new song “You Just Have to Stay as You Are” featuring Crush. 

The album’s title song “You Just Have to Stay as You Are” serves as a message to those who are worried of their future and are unsure of reality. The song is also fitting with Supreme Team as this serves as a new beginning for the duo since it’s applicable to them as well. We were able to hold an interview with the two men of Supreme Team in getting a further look into their project album and new song. 

Q: We’re able to finally meet with Supreme Team after a long while through the ‘NOWorkend’ project. The expectations were high seeing that the previous contenders were Gaeko, Yankie, and Zion.T. As the fourth contender for this project, we are curious as to how you came to join this project. We also assume that there is pressure for the upcoming songs you will release seeing that the reaction from the audience was hot. 

E-SENS: In listening to how the tracks released from the ‘NOWorkend’ project were really exciting, we had thoughts of wanting to join. We’re currently in the midst of working on our official album but seeing how the time in between us working on it now till our release date will have a big gap, there’s a lot of wait time and it’s an even longer wait for me (to come back) personally. In wanting to show the public the thoughts I’m having as of right now, I decided to participate in the ‘NOWorkend’ project. Since it’s been such a long time in releasing a song, I did have slight pressure in the beginning in feeling the need to do better than before but while I was in midst of production, producing was really fun and I was able to wrap it up happily and contently. 

SIMON D: I don’t think there was a great pressure (for me), but I did have a bigger thought of wanting to hurry in letting everyone listen to it. It’s been 2-3 years since Sens and I have worked on something together and when we were writing lyrics and recording the tracks, it made me feel like I was going back in time to the beginning days of Supreme Team which was very enjoyable. During the entire time of production, all I could think about was wanting to hurry in letting everyone listen to it.

Q: The single album’s title is called “Thanks 4 the Wait.” I’m thinking that we should start from this part, so please tell us about the album title.

SIMON D: In seeing how Lil Wayne’s mixtape title was “Sorry 4 the Wait,” we were determined to make our title “Thanks 4 the Wait” for the next upcoming works from Supreme Team. We wanted to show our gratitude to the fans that’ve waited such a long time during our hiatus, so we dedicated the album title to them.

E-SENS: Just like as it’s said, it means we’re thankful for the fans waiting for us. Through SNS or replies, I’ve seen responses like “I want to see you two on stage,” “I’m waiting for an official album from Supreme Team,” etc. and I was really thankful whenever I would read or hear those things. I also want to thank those who haven’t forgot about Supreme Team and continued to wait. 

Q: Please give us an introduction of your title song “You Just Have to Stay as You Are” featuring Crush.

SIMON D: Artist Crush – who made the song and featured in it himself – is an artist of the crew VV:D, a crew led by Zion.T. I think that the song reflects the courses we’ve taken in life and the people we are today. The song’s morals are to not be too insecure about reality and to trust yourself a little more in protecting the place you’re at now. 

E-SENS: All of a sudden, I’m now in my late 20s and I see my friends, hyungs, and dongsengs around me worrying about the future and becoming insecure of reality where they fall into worries in thinking, “Is this truly the job I want to be doing? Is this the right path for me?” In our song “You Just Have to Stay as You Are,” the moral we wanted it to have is that what you’re trusting right now is the right path you’re going down so what you’re doing is sufficient enough, that you just have to stay the way you are.

Q: Despite being in the same genre, we’re curious about the two individual stories you put into your lyrics.

SIMON D: “$300,000 house, my credit card is purple swag, I have no foreign car, and I always have Lebron x on my two feet.” What’s written in my lyrics represents my life exactly as of right now. It shows what I’m doing and I make the effort to show that in my lyrics – you can say the lyrics carry my lifestyle in it. I wanted to tell those who listen to the song but also myself that through the song, I’m doing well and that if you trust yourself a little more, you can continue to do as you do now. 

E-SENS: “Whenever people ask me how I’m doing, I only have one answer that I always reply with and it’s ‘I’m good.’” This part was the only part that I wanted to show and mark as my appearance. To be honest, when people asked me that question, I would reply with that but I don’t think I was doing well at all and it was just a reply out of greeting someone. 

After writing lyrics, I truly think I actually say “I’m good” as an answer now. You can compare this song to the song I participated in Primary’s album called “Poison,” but “You Just Have to Stay as You Are” is a brighter version of it although they hold the same message. My personality is sensitive and tends to beat myself up for things but through this song, I think I really wanted to tell myself that “I’m good” and when we wrapped up in working on the song, I think the thought of “I’m good” crosses my mind more where I can say it now. 

Q: If you could, can you pick out a memorable line from each other’s lyrics? 

E-SENS: “The foot-long gap between success and failure is the first two letters of my address and the source of my money is through my sincerity.”

SIMON D: “The happiness that seemed expensive to me when I was younger was the shining Christian Dior on her wrist. Your personality changes with what you’re wearing and that’s the first impression I had of this city.”  

Q: Your second track “이릿” is unique just from the title, but the mood of the song is a completely different feel from your title track. Could you give us an introduction about this track?

SIMON D: 이릿” was written to have a trap genre with a southern hip hop feel and it was produced by one of our friends TK. You can see this song as a sequel to “땡땡땡.” If I were to explain, “이릿” has a bit of a stronger and rougher feel than “땡땡땡” and the message of the song isn’t just to “have fun,” but to “have even more fun and succeed.” 

E-SENS: If you look at most of Supreme Team’s songs, they all somehow connect with the overlapping theme being “I’ll do well, I’ll do well.” We usually go around about the theme but express it a little differently with each song and in our title song “You Just Have to Stay as You Are,” we express that we’re doing well as of right now while with “이릿” on the other hand, it’s more so that whatever comes across our way, we’ll shut up and do it. The title “이릿” is written in Korean of the English words ‘eat it.’ We thought it’d be fun to write it in Korea so that’s how we chose it as the title. 

Q: There must be a lot of anecdotes on you working together in such a long while. What was the most memorable anecdote while you were working together for this project? 
E-SENS: It took 5 times longer to work on this project than our normal producing pace. We edited a verse about 7 times before recording and I think this was the first time we’ve edited that much. Despite us telling each other that this production will be pressure-free, I think internally we felt pressured. Because it’s something that we’re putting out after such a long time, we really thought that we had to do well so we kept on editing it. 

SIMON D: Because it’s been too long since we’ve worked together, I think there was time needed to adjust and unlike our early 20s where we were more so lively, both Sens and I now realize the importance of working together. This is also why I think that we repeated going to the recording booth, writing lyrics, recording, rewriting lyrics, and recording again during the duration of production. There was a day where Sens and I both spent 8 hours at a coffee shop writing lyrics. We spent all night drinking too much coffee and energy drinks so we felt miserable when we were driving back in the morning. The distance from the car to the front gate is only 5 meters but we took 10 minutes to walk because we were wobbling as if we were wasted. I hope everyone is cautious from overdosing on caffeine…

Q: Before the 2013 Amoebahood Concert, this would be the first time you’d be standing on stage as a team in 2 years. I’m pretty sure you had a different feel than the other artists in the lineup, so tell us a little on how you felt before standing on stage. 

SIMON D: I wanted to hurry up and run onto the stage. When I was promoting alone, often times Rhythm Power did help me but the loneliness was even greater. I’ve continuously drawn the image of E-Sens and Simon D having fun on stage together and I truly missed the energy we had on stage as a team. I wanted to work hard in having fun on the stage for the fans that waited and came to see us.

E-SENS: I did have lots of thoughts of wanting to go on the stage in seeing other performances but I think that feeling grew even bigger when I was preparing for the Amoebahood Concert. As the day of the concert approached and we finished the rehearsals, I felt a little nervous. To imagine this empty concert hall that I rehearsed in front of be filled with people made me nervous but really happy.

Q: This project album is a digital single album but it’s also been a long while since you’ve released a new song since the latest one prior was “Then Then Then” from “Ames Room.” After releasing your new song, you held your first stage at the concert after such a long while. This was a song you revealed first to the fans and did you have any resolutions?

SIMON D: What I was slightly worried about was that because this wasn’t a song everyone knew, that it would bring the atmosphere down a little but the thought of it being a special song that we were revealing to those who came to the concert first outweighed it. Because it’s a song we’re revealing for the first time, I’m very nervous.

E-SENS: I was a little hesitant on revealing the song at the concert before the official release, but I did want to let those who came to the concert to see us have the chance to listen to it first since this is the first time in a long whole that Supreme Team has been on stage. 

Q: (After the release of the song) Now you’re awaiting your official release of the song. What are your plans after the digital single release? 

E-SENS: Right now, I want to do everything I can and want. I want to reveal my solo works, release our official album, and do various featuring for other artists and I’m zealous but the most important thing is to release Supreme Team’s official album which I plan on having it be released within this year as the goal.

SIMON D: I think we’ll be performing for a while after the release of the single and will focus on working on our official album. We’ll try aiming for this year, if not sooner to have it be released and as you already know, most hip hop musicians don’t keep their promises but we’ll work hard to keep those promises. 

Source: Mnet