Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Follow Up: Tiger JK DOES leave Jungle Entertainment and takes Yoon Mirae and Bizzy with him

Fuck all y'all who told me that when I wrote up about Tiger JK leaving Jungle Entertainment last time, y'all said he was trolling but guess what? He actually left this time, for good.

I'm a couple of days behind but Tiger JK tweeted a couple of days ago with the words, "No longer with jungle
#FEELGHOODmusic" along with a photo captioned "prison break." The caption seems to be alluding to his slave contract that was holding him back with the label as he's now "free."

No surprise here that he took his wife Yoon Mirae (also better known as Tasha) and Bizzy with him and they even uploaded a video which is supposed to be an introduction to their label with their artists in some artistic form. 

I have nothing to write about this considering the fact that my previous post about him leaving Jungle Entertainment is at stand-still on how he's going to go about his career from now on. I suppose that if I were to raise a new question with how the situation has turned now, it'd be if he's going to recruit anyone else into his label (i.e. Loptimist, producer under Jungle Entertainment who's currently inactive due to serving in the military). Anyway, never really cared for the label or the artists too much and I'm just waiting for Leessang to leave as well.


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