Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Gamja releases new single 'I Had an Odd Dream'

One of the original pioneers who helped kick off Grandline Entertainment, popularly known as Gamja from the duo 'Rimi & Gamja,' releases his new single 'I Had an Odd Dream.'

Beginning of this year, the duo quietly announced parting their separate ways in music through an interview Grandline Entertainment had with Hiphopplaya regarding future activities of the artists and the company as a whole, and since then Gamja has released two singles: 'My Star' released April of this year and his newest one which officially released on the 17th of this month. Gamja also was spotted as a contestant for the new hip hop audition show 'Show Me the Money' by Mnet so you can say he's been pretty active music-wise. On the other hand, Rimi released her first solo mini album 'Drive Me to the Moon' and her digital single 'Hit Song As of Lately' not too long ago. On the side, she's been promoting her album through the shows Grandline Entertainment has been hosting.

Going back to the topic of his new single, I personally find his new release much more fitting with his rap style. The beat had a lot of snares which served as little markings of where Gamja can accent his rap and his breathing. To be fairly honest, I don't find his rapping to be the greatest but he has the voice to keep you listening for at least three minutes.  And this may be really off topic but my personal preference with rappers doing love songs is that their voices be deep. It's a weird preference but I find it that someone with a deeper voice exudes more masculinity and seeing a side to them where they're not the 'manly' image their voice presents them to be in a love song creates an odd but pleasant balance. Prime example of my preferences correlating to the style shown in Gamja's single is Jerry.K's recent EP.

In addition, Nusoul added a nice touch to it but then again, Nusoul is currently the only vocalist in the Korean hip hop industry to have a soulful voice so he's probably the only person who can serve as the vocalist for this song.

Hopefully Gamja will lean towards this end of not just making love songs like this but sticking with a beat that can help his rapping style as well.

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