Sunday, September 2, 2012

Andup estimates album release for beginning or mid-October

Youngest member of both crews Buckwilds & Do'Main, solo artist Andup has been dropping tweets about the process of his new upcoming album lately and revealed that it could be released sometime in October.

Two hours ago, he tweeted, "Wow, now I only have one song left to work on from the album. I'm so moved. Wahhhhhhhh!!!" which caught the attention of many fans resulting in one of them to ask, "Will it be released as a CD?" The funny part is, he answered pretty much everything about the album when he RTed the fan's tweet except her question lol. He responded, "After working on the finishing productions, making the album cover, and filming the MV, it'll come out for sure by the beginning or middle of October!! Hurray!!"

Andup momentarily stepped away from the music scene in terms of new releases, occasionally dropping free tracks via his Youtube channel, primarily focused on his university life. The artist up till today released two albums on his own - 'Speaker of Teen' and 'I Keep Going' - and even featured for actor So Jisub's flopping EP 'The Throne of the North.' He's also well known for releasing the diss track against CSP from crew Soul Connection, now popularly known to be the CSP of Crispy Crunch.

Backtracking to the sentence about his two prior albums, they weren't the greatest albums I've listened to but there are some golden tracks like 'That Place (그 곳)' and 'Place (자리),' both featuring my favorite producer & vocalist Ponytail, whom now goes by his real name Kimparkchella. If you check out the tracklist for both albums, you can see the wide variety of artists he has to feature for him, such as Minos of Eluphant and DJ Tiz. But instead of focusing on which famous artist is featuring for him, I like to recognize that Andup being a solo artist and fending for himself without a company (which is just as difficult, if not even more in the Korean hip hop industry), hasn't made it not necessarily to the top but enough where he's able to hang around the big names and to have them feature for him. In my opinion, being one of the youngest rappers (born in 1993) and achieving this much, far more than what his crew members and other rappers in the scene have, I think he's pretty damn recognizable and as much as he's stepped away from music, I'm anticipating what he can bring to the floor again (and up against artists settling to release music in October, Jerry.k being one of those artists).

Source: Andup's Twitter

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