Monday, September 3, 2012

Jerry.k releases 'Gentleman's Affair' featuring Innovator & Crucial Star

 Expecting the release of his upcoming mixtape 'Dominant Gene 2,' Jerry.k has since released two free tracks: 'A Hot Song' featuring Ugly Duck & Hwaji and 'I'm Breathless Too' featuring Huckleberry P. What's even better about the new release from just a few hours ago is not only Crucial Star, former member in Soul Company, featuring for the track but the choice of backtrack Jerry.k uses is brilliant. I mean, Jerry.k, Crucial Star, Scary'P, and Innovator (he's more so an option to me) in one track – I think we just defined perfection in music.

Personally, I love the original with Basick because he has a light voice and his rapping style is very smooth so it’s a very light listen. However, I also love Jerry.k’s rapping style in which the syllables of his words he chooses to accent are unexpected and different which makes his style unique to me aside, almost as if he’s twisting and turning a piece of clay but it still comes out to become a damn good sculpture. Meanwhile, Innovator plays more of the role of a rapper who raps straight on the beat but brings balance in between Jerry.k and Crucial Star’s rapping techniques with his true-to-beat style. Lastly, Crucial Star lays smooth this time whereas majority of the time, he raps faster in between certain lines. It was nice though, seeing how he adjusts himself to the beat in bringing consistency but still rapping fast enough where his words blend in with the beat like Basick’s does but in Crucial’s own way. One down side to it is that because he raps a little faster than the beat, the closure to the song seems abrupt but I think it was better to have him close than Jerry.k or Innovator.

Check out the song yourself and take a look at the lyrics.

[VERSE 1 – Jerry.k]
Walkin' down the street with my loose walking
I take a look at the hips, legs, chest, and eyes of the ladies
Even if they cover them in excessive smoky eye makeup I still look
I can't decipher what kind of person you are since I can't read minds
It's about the statistic, mathematics 
My experience is my operator
If you have any problems, tell them to me
Is it me that you're uncomfortable with? Then I'll coolly move aside
If you're a gentleman, you know how to make the woman that's with you feel like the wine you taste before your day off
In order to make the wine taste better, you raise the temperature of the wine glass
And by holding onto your hips, we make it hotter
Hey mami, when you're not hung over, we'll probably part as you go back
Just like alcohol, our bodies and hearts have parted too
If you want, I'll take care of breakfast but in favor, will you pick up my call for tomorrow night too?

La la la lalala la la (can't be bought)
La la la lalala la la (can't be taught)
La la la lalala la la (you move aside)
This is a gentleman's affair

[VERSE 2 – Innovator]
I don't go to clubs because I can't communicate there
Cupid's arrow gets penetrated at the park bench
For a moment, I'll take off my New Era and Jordans, wearing Converse and Polo shirts instead
She falls for my large and wide knowledge 
She's surprised by how well we communicate and I tell her I'm different
She asks me first if I'm up for a drink?
No thanks but excuse me, what were you seeing me as?
You thought of me as too easy and I seduce her even more
Time's insufficient and she wants me more with time passing
I'm different from my outside and inside with a player type, right
I'm the Korean Bruce Wayne, the hottest bachelor
My ladies know I'm gentle 
Everyone wants a scandal with me and once they pile up one by one, I start playing as king
Today is Jihyun, tomorrow is Siyeon again
And every day I 

La la la lalala la la (can't be bought)
La la la lalala la la (can't be taught)
La la la lalala la la (you move aside)
This is a gentleman's affair

[VERSE 3 – Crucial Star]
At first, my gaze is cold as if I don't care
I don't miss your each and every one of your body movement
You can't hide it, you're too obcious
I see the signs you send me since I'm quick to notice such things
This isn't assurance, but a speculation, however I show my confidence
Those who loiter and can't get on rhythm are losers of today
Gucci and Louis don't work here
I go to the center and all the ladies surround me
They debate if they should shake their butts in front of me, Baskin Robbins
I don't grind but I whisper in their ear
"What's your name? Are you 21? I'll buy drinks, I know a good bar around here."
When she's worked up from the alcohol, she looks tired
Without a word, she exits the bar in following her intuitions
A gentleman never calls back 
He quietly tucks her in the blankets and holds the memories

So far, Jerry.k’s mixtape releases haven’t been disappointing. If anything, I applaud him for not sticking to a certain sound theme and trying new themes. I can already tell that this mixtape is going to be a good compilation where you won’t have to skip certain tracks while you’re driving because they all sound the same. Hopefully the upcoming releases won’t be a plunge in his good streak (but one can never go wrong with Prima Vista, so I have high hopes).

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