Monday, February 4, 2013

Zion.T involved in a car accident with the release of his solo album nearing

Solo vocalist Zion.T was reported to have gotten into a car accident on the night of the 4th according to the report by Hiphopplaya

Zion.T, who is awaiting the release of his first solo album set for March, was involved in a car accident near the Kimchon gas station area when the car he was in had skidded due to the increasing heavy snow. The car accident took place on the night of the 4th when he was returning from a performance in Busan. 

The reports of the injuries of both Zion.T and his manager are said to be minor as it was confirmed by Amoeba Culture. Although he didn't have any serious injuries, the accident still left a shock on Zion.T and Amoeba Culture will wait to see the pace of his recovery.

Meanwhile, Zion.T is in his last stages of his album preparation and Amoeba Culture doesn't have any plans to postpone the release due to the high anticipation from fans but will do if his condition resulting from the accident worsens. 

Source: Hiphopplaya