Friday, August 23, 2013

Gaeko releases 'I Can Control You' in response to E-Sens

Not as beefy as I'd like but Gaeko managed to break away from his mainstream status to at least post something to respond to E-Sens' diss, although the track does sound like it still considers his preteen fangirls since there's barely any cuss words at all and all he does is brag about Dynamic Duo. Also, there's no explanation whatsoever with what E-Sens called him out on re: 1 million dollar pay up, Gaeko being an ass to him, etc.

Anyway, enjoy!

Gaeko - I Can Control You

This is the last promotion I'm doing for the dongseng who left me from a bad hyung
Maybe finally your pupils will grow a bit bigger after being dilated every day
Since you're on Pat Healy's level, I'll accept your offer as I'm on par with Aldo
Shake off your ashes and wash your shirt that's drenched with the alcohol you spilled yesterday
I never hesitated to give talent for half of my day, yet you gave marijuana to the hardworking rapper kids
Look at the responses on your rap that you made sober: "This fucker's on something"
Look at the photo on Naver with your head hung low: "He smoked something"
You're basically asking for the company to clean up after your shit
As if you're turning your back on Kakao Talk and betraying the hyung who's held everything in
Your mouth is always always pent and your throat is hoarse after performing one track
You said you're doing this for the sake of those around me tired of you wearing a cynical smile and being pessmism but let's get this straight asshole, you made more than I did as our sub
Because of your cynical smile and your pessimism, see the atmosphere around the people surrounding you
I'll buy a ball point pen for you since you're so sophisticated
A worm can only become a catfish or a snake no matter how well he does
I released our 10th hit album BAAAM with the help of rap's greatest*
Bang bang, the bells have run. You don't need to ddeng ddeng in this match but I'm coming for it because of this messy entertain
Your fan-like rap is on rotation mode and all that's flowing is your bluff
The only attention that you're getting is from the attention seeking patients just like you
Your being is cancerous and your entire being is just poison
Even ten years from now, Primary's 'Poison' will probably be your representative track
Or maybe you'll be remembered as "ah, the kid who dissed Gaeko," "the kid who made the critical mistake in digging his own grave and burying himself in it," or "the kid who retired without having done much"
The freehug I gave you in your pissing and crying days prior to your reappearance
I erased the memories I had respecting you prior to the laws interfering
Learn to differentiate between being bold and being an idiot, and learn to save your words like you'd do with money because all you know how to do is complain brainlessly
Soldier to soldier, don't kid around with me. I am the king so why don't you go on in dissing cunts at home
What do you think you can do, you bum.
What do you think you can do when you'll be living in prison with no windows because I'll punish you
I am not a business man but tomorrow I will be sitting on business class
I'm a fairly busy person so go fuck yourself
You always said it habitually, "Gaeko hyung is my role model"
From this moment onward, I'll become your role model again
Hip hop

*In E-Sens' rap, he called Choiza a '랩퇴물' which means 'rap has-been' but Gaeko shielded Choiza by calling him a '랩대물'


  1. thank you for the quick translation~! ^^

  2. Wow, that was really fast! I'm looking forward to what simon d has in store later on. Thanks again.

  3. thank you for your godspeed translations!

  4. gaeko didnt do shit. if all he can do is call esens out on his smoking habits he needs to sit down. he doesnt control shit. im so dissapointed he was actually someone I respected and he comes out with this shit in response to esens calling him out for a battle "soldier to soldier" ??? really??? he didnt address any of the issues esens spoke up about. so dissapointed so very dissapointed.

  5. Weak as fuck Gaeko! He basically confirmed what e-sens said was true by not even addressing it in his "diss" lmao. He basically responded with "well you're just an alcoholic pothead!!11!1 and I'm in DD so..." E-sens won this round, not even close.

  6. Thanks for translating this!

  7. No swear words??? Pretty sure I see an F bomb in the fourth to last line....

    1. And there's also cu** in there too.

  8. that was just. umm. okay. i want more gaeko. this track doesnt say much..... >_>