Saturday, August 17, 2013

Jerry.k releases free song 'Declaration of Current Affairs'

On the 16th, Jerry.k released a free song titled '#Declaration of Current Affairs' in regards to the National Intelligence Service (N.I.S for short) situation.

Known for making invective remarks as he did in his previous tracks such as 'Devil Part.2' and 'Who Killed 'Em,' he's also made criticisms towards Korean politics. Running through the entire minute without a break, Jerry.k yet again speaks his mind, and this time in regards to the N.I.S controversy and the investigations gone under through his track titled '#Declations of Current Affairs.' 

With writing lyrics, composition, editing, engineering, cover art, and video, Jerry.k managed to complete it all under his hands and the photo used for his cover art was taken during the 4.19 revolution. You can listen to the track for free on Youtube or Soundcloud. 

I declare
I, Jerry.k, declare that I will be angered at the fact that some rotten group of a higher authority is trying to occupy a certain sanctified secret intelligence service, is abolishing more than half of the citizens who are going against their word, and is a puppet of the Communists
Imagine a murderer who killed one versus a murderer who killed a hundred people
Then that means that one receives a severe punishment while the other receives a lesser sentencing
How does it become indulgence when the numbers aren't that many?
How is that possible, that our dog only bites off the left arm of their owner?
Oh, sorry dogs
I apologize to the dogs who are strong in loyalty
Even dogs don't do it, in differentiating the hand who feeds them and the hand that doesn't

The first principle to democracy:
Whether it's at a plaza or on the streets, one has the right to say and imagine what they think
There are those who try to infringe those rights by doing revolting actions such as spitting and painting red paint over the lips of those who speak
Place knowledge where there is no knowledge
Place conscience where there is no conscience
Give attention to those who are looked down upon
And give rest to those who are sighing
Return what belongs in its rightful place

Congressman go forth to the floor
Witnesses go forth to the witness stand
The dirty money goes into our pockets
And the power goes back into the hands of all of us

Source: Hiphopplaya


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