Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Double K releases new single 'Rap Movement' off of upcoming mini album

Double K releases new single 'Rap Movement' off of upcoming mini album.

The beat is said to have been made by Pento and the music video garnered interest among hip hop fans and the general public with cameos by artists Eun Jiwon, Dok2, Paloalto, and Juvie Train.

The song starts off pretty strong but while translating it, the lyrics got a little weird and it seemed too jumbled, but nonetheless it's Double K and he made it work. The beat reminds me of a modern Rocky theme song but it's good also.

Here's the music video and the lyrics translated:

Is Napoleon a hero to the majority of English and Spanish people?
To the standards we've set as well as the public eye, new things are considered fears to us
Is this society a mirror that reflects us? If so, then what face is reflecting in the mirror of yourself?
Despite everyone saying you're ugly and cursing you, don't stop. I myself and everything I trust is all mine
Rap, rap, rap movement
One, two, one, two
Two, two, one, two

In the election running for mayor of Korean music, I come forward officially as a candidate
Under the hip hop party, my name is Double K
I hereby take oath that from here on out, I'll only tell the truth
Hands in the air
Rap, acrobatics, and the project to become the best body rapper in the nation 
Everyone join and shout in breaking the silence
This is the new version from the 70s-80s demo

Haters are just jealous
The rappers holding money with their teeth need to be hushed
But, to the protestors of the audience of mine who guided me, I direct their recitals on the post
Raise the power in your voices even more and today is independence day for your thoughts as today is 8.15 for you
I'm a differentiated leader in opening up a new generation for you all
Trust my rhythm and toss in your vote for me 

One, two, one two,
Rap, rap, rap movement
Two, two, one, two 
Rap, rap, rap movement
One, two, one, two, one, two, one, two
Rap, rap, rap exercise
Two, two, one, two. Two, two, one, two
Rap, rap, rap movement

I never ride off of nepotism. I do well on my own.

My rap style is like Newstapa and I only uncover the truth 
Oppa's style is Gangnam Style in targeting the entire world
I have to become one of the high-ranking officials and I like girls
I'm of course chosen for the rap election and my hobby is turning my words around
My specialty is emptying out my opponent
Damned celebrities believing that if you succeed, things will go your way
How do you believe this? You've already cheated once during your relationship
I've done things my way and I will continue to do so
Not me, but I'm trying to replace the ones that are growing old
You should stop doing things your way and notice those above you
Continue to cry and go film 'Human Documentary' and go to Broadway
There's no personal feelings - I'm just trying to win
Provoking you is just another part of my strategy of my game
In Korean hip hop, I'm on par as a heavy-weight champion. Everybody's got attitude
This is all just a part of the game. Don't hate the player, hate the game. Fu

To my manager behind the scenes going through hardship

Rap, rap, rap movement
To the idols living in luxury despite being poor
Rap, rap, rap movement
To her, who only goes to electronic clubs
Rap, rap, rap movement
To the true men who can't live without loyalty
Rap, rap, rap movement