Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dead'P hops on the 'Control' hype, targets kpop idols and ballad rappers instead

In midst of the battle that's going on within Korean hip hop scene and on top of Big Sean's Control beat, Dead'P walks in with a verse of his own but decides to choose a different opponent...or should I say, opponents. Instead of calling out a rapper for looking like a pig or digging deep into someone's history to pen into a diss track, Dead'P decides to bring one of the bigger issues that has been constantly clouding the underground scene into the spotlight which is the shallow music industry and rappers feeling the need to sell out to cater the general public's tastes.

Korean hip hop has been pretty dead for the past few years (I still consider it dead) but has been a bit lively due to the general public of Korea taking an interest to Korean hip hop thanks to 'Show Me the Money' (SMTM for short). But the problem lies in the fact that what's shown on SMTM is that they're suited for teenagers to be able to listen to which means cutting down on the cuss words, the topic of the rap being more understandable, and the list goes on. Outside of SMTM, you see rappers like Dynamic Duo not rapping about what used to be struggles and pride in the underground community but throwing in popular vocalists or rapping about how to win a girl on a smooth jazzy beat.

So what does Dead'P do? Exactly that. Except he also kind of calls out everyone else for being stupid and tries to drive the focus to where Korean hip hop needs it.

Anyway, as always, track is linked below with translated lyrics so let me know what you think of it!

Also, I solemnly swear the English parts were penned by Dead'P himself and to preserve the good nature of an artists' lyrics, I kept it in. That's right my friends, those aren't typos.

Dead'P - Rap Game Control

How can I say this
Fuck it, this is greatest
All of fake mc niggas, they just faded
No entertaining
How refreshing is it to take off all of our masks
I can fuck all you rap babies
Everyone calls themselves the rules at the place of where rules and guidelines to rap games were made
Fuck it, this game is royal rumble
Who's winner?
Yes, I talk about big men
You guys are funny, banding together, sticking together, disbanding and shit
You can't become The Rock, John Cena, or even hbk, even if you try to use your useless rap for another
Even if you count your losses after taking out your burial,even if you try to be fearless, you can't be a hero, fuckers
All of you are shitholes
So I be the undertaker, yeah I'm fucking taker
Although I've played around for 3 years, I can still win you with this one track
The shit that you've all taken becomes good nutrients
But now we can divide who the real and fakes are for sure
You raise the bar for Korean hip hop? Don't fucking kid me
The scene is burning with fuckers who are greedy and far from it
The secrets being told in stabbing, ripping apart, and dissing each other
Do we all live that life? The tragedy of a fatal war
Isn't our position already low and pitiful?
The politicians talk among themselves in debating and talking shit about us and all of this
Also, the entertainment businessmen that support them
The straw that they stuck and the borders they've made
They suck in our blood and build a castle of their own
This is the inheritance among slaves of Korean hip hop
Pat attention mother fuckers because I ask again
What's the greatest weapon of an emcee?
Where will your dagger-like words be aimed towards?
Your true enemy is not the brother in front of you but the entertainment TV shows and idol music; fuck 'em all
Electro shit, fuck it. Ballad rap, fuck it
Plastering make up on you in making you a clown, fuck it
Be a man, be a rapper. Yes you can fuck 'em all brothers
This is the rap game control


  1. Damn he really won it all with track. Respect

  2. I think he's still targeting Swings and other rappers. Man, look at those lyrics!!

  3. lollll. He needs to stop. He might be in the underground, but his rap is terribleeee. I'm sure there are a few idol rappers that can spit a line way better than this uninspired contrived piece of shite.

  4. TBH, this guy has a REALLY good argument.

  5. Really?! The n-word! Was that really fucking necessary. He needs to have a fucking seat. Saying the n-word if you are not black is highly insulting and FUCKING RACIST!!! I ask that you please edit out the full word. This is super disrespectful.