Sunday, August 25, 2013

[Request] Tarae's 'Stop. Fighting' and Skandalous' 'ContLoL'

Tarae - Stop. Fighting

The hip hop scene used to be turned away and isolated by people but thanks to the verse Sens threw out, the scene became a source of luring onlookers
I'm not trying to claim a table full of delicious food by placing my spoon on top
According to the underground scene, they say that if you're a second generation rapper onlooking the scene for 14 years, you're just a bitch
I intervened fearlessly like a taxi driver; I'm a little pissed that I wasn't invited to the same party
You guys have fans who are there to listen to the albums you release but I'm far from the success and scandals
I wanted to keep cruising like an 8 ton truck with a broken handle but it's because of rocks like you that I end up hitting the floor
Simon D, San-E, Quiett, Zino, Dok2, Moon Swings, and Taewoon's little brother Zico
I end up remembering your title tracks and the reason why is because it's damn popular among the trainees I give lessons to
That's right, you guys are always the hot issue and have become my textbook for me to make a living every day
I released my album but I'm an old lady living alone with no husband, used rookie rapper Tarae with no motivation
When you guys ran joyfully across the stage, I had to starve from having privileges lie you and I tried starting up again but fuck now I'm too old
So even though I went on 'Show Me the Money,' everyone else besides Inchang, Mad C, Kyun, Zizo, and Swings, we're all leftovers
But what's this, I see some amateur imitating king kong bombastic reggae and his skills of course just bloomed; because of that fucker, he's the humidifier to my vision
I've seen failure and it's not all that sweet. The reason why I became an artist is slowly dissipating like 4men
Why do I keep going after something that I know I'll screw up in time and time again; a complete loss in electronic.
Also, this is my first confession but respect, respect, respect. I respect everyone and admire them.
I'm ashamed so I'm sleepy and when kids see my rap, they fall asleep ㅎㅎ
Whenever I see you guys make issues in the press I need a tissue
Of course everyone disses one another to protect their plates but go on the planes alone
It's disappointing to see the greedy seniors hit it off thinking they're the only ones who run hip hop
That's right, let's all band together but this doesn't mean I'm Gestapo
You guys add on labels like king and genius and no.1 but what am I? I'm just a crybaby
At least you guys are better off than where I am and no matter how much I rinse my eyes out, I can't see any fans of Tarae
You're lucky you're well off and your stomach is full because what happens when someone notices you? You just lower your snapback even more
Of course, that's not something to brag about because there's someone else out there living a life like me and holding it in
This is an opportunity for me to record now and to all the underlings uploading, stop and be friends with me
The rappers born in 84 that I mentioned above, when I say hi to you next time, greet me back because I never act like I'm better

Skandalous - ContLoL

This is control
Yeah Imma troll

During this chaotic time, I can't control my broiling blood
I don't talk about someone's personality if I haven't met them
I enjoy tasting and chewing from what I see, listen, and feel
I'm a thoughtless dude and all of my targets cry

All the uncool rap games rotted away
That's why everyone's popping beats by no I.D
I thought someone was really going to show something
Before I stand in front of the mic as one of the maniacs

The inferior third rates are celebrating with one another
The bitches who call themselves pros can't be more fed up with
The music that came out around the time I was born have changed up into 'Immortal Song' styles
Because there's no hip hop, they probably took $200 with them

D.O crew and Meta crew have a soccer match, so why is Usain Bolt out in the field dribbling then?
Rap isn't about running but soccer so better run smart
I think you need a rap lesson, this is chapter start

A wallowing bird is a wife sent to court
When talking about collecting pays, MC Sniper grits his teeth
According to the cunning fuckers, they're all the same with their words
I see if maybe their songs changed but they're all shit

It's the first time I've seen such thing on top of a broadcast stage where from the lips of a rapper that was from an underground label who held power before, he stammers while ignoring all lyrics on instrumentals
Although he did succeed in eye contact, he's still a shortfall rapper

Your puke-worthy vocals after the cries for oppa
It's the most disgusting, that old orange sensibility of youra
Even with hip hop bias aside, I can't see your strong point
Of course there's a reason for everything, especially why you had to crawl out to there as well

This royal rumble is boring as hell and it's like a female boxing match
Men's volleyball and WNBA
Let alone my eyes, now my ears are all rotten also
I even wasted my money so give me my TV licensing fee back

To be honest, I went on season 1 during 2012, but you can't see me and you know the reason why
I killin' all competitions in frot of Double K
But all he said to me after I was done was if I had any love songs?

After saying 16 more bars, I planted a sticker right on my chest but I went to home while the cunts who've waited for so long were the only ones happy
Fuck all the TV rappers, pussy ass rappers
Go and have it all for yourselves and I hope you screw up

You were born too late anyway
And a fuck you too to the hidden legends hiding behind sunglasses
You're also being ridiculed but it's something I can't say

You make a dedication album with your own hands but hurry up and wake up from your 20th century
It's not that great of a song and you ride off of idol artists
What's this nonsense of you being from the 1st hip hop generation

I have no fans, connections, or Twitter followers, nor do I have a company so I talk however the fuck I want
If you have a problem, then come out with a response yourself
Why are you calculating things because you only live once

Also, a fuck you to the retards lowering standards for being called here and there just because you're a girl
Your pussy isn't aromatic so stop biting Nicki and do something else

Everyone's a Yoon Mirae wannabe or a CL wannabe
For 10 years everyone's been a Yoon Mirae copycat and what makes them only different is their makeup
Even the replicas don't go blank and you better step up your game because all you are, are used for viewing pleasures

The number for that is too high for me to list names but maybe I'll make a list and post it on Facebook
I'll list it according to positions so try and guessing the shortlist
I got love for you all so Imma tryna fuck you

I heard music that reached 500 a month but are you fucking kidding me, just quit everything
Aren't you embarrassed to even hand out your business card?
Your standards are embarrassing and it's music that makes me feel sorry

Acting carelessly with your white pants and thick-rimmed glasses
Just shut up because I really have no idea what you eat that makes you that crazy
You're just a burden, so stop singing
I'm at a state of pleading you as I'm crying just like you

You're finally hearing how you're a has-been now. Isn't it so welcoming?
Have you listened to 'Nothing'? There isn't even the slightest value to it
Why don't you form a has-been trio: Nachal, Choiza, and Mithra
You've met a great match of partners and the postponement is a luxury

Dynamic Duo, Garion, and Epik High
I can only listen to 50% of the album and you know why
Because skills are our seniors, every day freshmen
Look up their discography and it's no different from trash

You guys made it on the news for dissing Sechskies
Now tie me up and go ahead in stoning me
Although you may shut up bitches, I speak what I want, even if everyone turns their backs on me
Don't ask me what to do because I'm originally microphone solo

I don't have time to care for what others think on this path I walk alone on
I make another track and Imma be your undertaker
This is a tombstone and a pile driver is my secret weapon
Uncontrollable, my inclination is senselessness


  1. Thank you, been waiting for this!

  2. LOL, Tarae still holds the grudges to Mr.Kingkong for beating and eliminating him on SMTM2

  3. when did they diss Sechskies??

  4. Indirectly asking for a twitter follow...

  5. Wahh... I just saw SMTM2 until 2nd episode cuz I don't like watching stuff without subs and.. I loved Tarae so much... I do like reggae voice and stuff.. but I preferred Tarae.. anyways.. he totally still pissed he lost.. :S

    Uh.. but Skandalous totally included a lot of more people.. will they answer as well or is he too irrelevant? :o

    Oh and does someone know if the Outsider (and you and you ect) is legit? If yes, I'll throw a party, that's just too hilarious.. telling everyone to calm the f down with just repitively saying and you for 7 minutes. xD

  6. i didnt follow up with SMTM2 because i didnt like their idea this time round plus i was too lazy to search for episodes.

    anyway skandalous was on SMTM1?? sorry bro i didnt recognize you. but i could feel his anger towards society and a few named ones. but. really. epik high, trash.

    idk man. i really dk. but it sucks to be tarae really. hiphop lessons to idols... and he was out of SMTM... damn.

    ugh idek anymore really im having a headache reading and listening >:(