Thursday, August 22, 2013

Deepflow & E-Sens also respond to the string of diss tracks to Swings & Co.

The Kendrick Lamar fever in Korea is B.A.D. Everyone and their moms are becoming little Kendricks in the making and in addition to the four we already had on our roster, Deepflow and E-Sens just released their own versions in response to the hype surrounding Swings vs. Everyone.

However, the two are a little different than calling Swings out directly. Deepflow tries to be Gandhi in playing peacemaker but I kind of spaced out because he just talked about how he walks around in Hongdae but E-Sens. Oh E-Sens. It's what y'all been waiting for.

He finally opens up about the Amoeba Culture issue. Although it's no press release with exact statements and evidence of contract papers, he references a lot of possibilities of why he might have left Amoeba Culture, one being that he was only guaranteed a debut for the sake of covering Dynamic Duo's empty space while they enlisted and him having to pay the company for covering him with being cozy with the media during his downtime of his marijuana scandal.

Take a look at the lyrics below and tell me what you guys think!

Deepflow - Self Control

I roamed around Hongdae so much but everyone was angry without a single trace of brush mark (clue) left behind
This is music so why do you say what you want to say but cover your ears?
Everyone's on the edge of their seats with the anime ending 
The quality that flies away; your punchlines are withering
The war that Kendrick Lamar declared
It's become world wide but why don't you know the true core of the purpose from it
You practice your poker face all you want in front of the mirror but whenever I run into you in Hongdae, all you do is smile and shake my handThe sigh of a punchline king, the humiliation of mutiny 
All the kids learned through how your ways 
History flows and and records of who held the throne are erased
Reload. I saw it, the hell where everyone is tearing each other apart
Um Seok Dae, who was chosen by the grave classroom
"That fucker is a motherfucker"; you and I are also standing
Move your hand aside because all of you aren't fucking cool
Lee Bang Won and Lee Sung Kye; Michael and Don Corleone
The possibility of a purge happening with the blood of continuous success is only possible through words
If you were the sacrifice, then you have to repay with your words also
Like MC Hwang Soo Kwan's tweets, "Let's have a question and answer session"
Every night, your albums are gone through contraception and your albums are out of the question
Who am I and where am I 
Pay attention because this is the fucking underground
META is the one who built the pillar or our home that we live in
In the end, it was ZICO and Jay Park that brings home the bacon to feed the family
Hip hop has discolored into green skin color
A bird mournfully cries after consuming a sweet melon
Raps that instigate capitalism 
Rap Hooks are extinct in hip hop
For 10 years I've watched the past and present
Although I can't predict the future, one thing's important and that's that Deepflow is alive and well
The rule to this rap game isn't war but rivalry
If skill is the thesis, then your attitude in the future is the premise

E-Sens - You Can't Control Me

Who said it, that the life span of rappers is at its longest 5 years

I think I'm going to go on longer than that, seeing how people still remember me
I'm the grave of rappers deep below them
I went in and came back out 
Some people might think this is expected of me 
You can see it as a revival, or see me as a half rotten zombie; someone probably dug me up
There's no one to fulfill my tasks for me but it's something I don't want either
This timing and this beat. The hundreds of lines I've spit could be a crisis to rappers, but also an opportunity 
With my arms crossed and my face red, I hide my face and pretend I'm at ease
I don't do that stuff. There are a type of people who are best in that<
He's not raw but just rare that was barely cooked
Meanwhile, I'm always well done
Even if you try and hurry in talking shit, it's only your windpipe that'll suffocate
Dyspnea. All the people around you are hitting your back. >
In the end, what you cough up is rubbish. If you threw up, get on your knees
The idiots who fight stubbornly and major rappers who've become cowards take up 3/4 of the scene now
Your rhymes are expired as they've become preservatives
Don't pretend you're not a celebrity in it for the money
You're a fraud in acting like you sacrifice your entire being for the juniors in the Korean hip hop scene
Companies cut off your Achilles and give you crutches
They think that the reason why I'm walking is all thanks to them
They lift me up whenever and rant about it
They said that if I listen carefully, they'll give me a wheelchair
My life that you guys tried to sell, I won't give it to you easily because I myself am my own boss
Don't be hypocritical in pretending you're a good person
You yourselves know that you're all businessmen
That itself is a disrespect to the voice inside you
Are you curious as to what kind of bullying they did?
Even the blood of a fox with his mouth shut and eyes closed will broil
I'm washing away the makeup that they caked on my face which took me 2 years at minimum
I'm going to die in keeping my word that I've said in the past
The mind state of a winner
The entire studio is my gym and you're just a bite of protein to me
I'll cut the fat that's clouding your mentality but there's no anesthesia
If you hear this, then answer me Gaeko
Treat me like how you did in the past 5 years I was under the company
Don't back out now as this is the last respect for me
Since you already rejected the offer, let's battle as soldier to soldier
Cosplaying as a nice person - fuck that, that's dirty
Be honest when you're speaking because you're cheap
No matter how much I think of it, I was a sub during the time Dynamic Duo enlisted
They used the idea of respecting a junior so explain to me now, including your retired rap beside you
To the rest of of the fuckers, I was going to pen it but it'd be a waste of ink
Everyone probably understood anyway so pass
Give you 1 million? Amoeba Culture, kiss my ass
You'll probably do it again with the media play since it's what you're good at
You'll frame me as the ungrateful fucker
I'm no. 1 so if you can't acknowledge that, then say it like an emcee instead of seeking your older sister


  1. sorry but i think i've got a better translation for the e-sens track.

    1. That's good! The khiphop scene needs more translators and it's appreciated that people would translate for others who don't knlw Korean. Also, it's E-Sens so I assumed someone out there would. Thanks for the comment anyway!

    2. It made more sense now. Thank you.

  2. DoParKim&#39;s BitchAugust 22, 2013 at 11:11 PM

    Thank you, Kang Minho. Thank you.

  3. yea, the last part is "your sister" not my sister. 니네 is your.

    1. Thanks! I'm not near a computer to fix it but I'll edit it tomorrow. I make mistakes often so I'm grateful if people who speak Korean also point them out to me. Thanks again!

  4. It was only a matter of time before E-sens called amoeba out. Ever since the termination of his contract happened I was just waiting for something from E-sens and man did he deliver. I'm glad he called them out because amoeba is straight up money hungry right now and as a result losing their integrity as a company and that's sad. E-sens didn't need to be with that type of company anyway good thing he got out. As for all the other bullshit that is happening ... It's just straight up unecessary and I'm tired of hearing the same beat over and over again. I mean shit at least switch it up and put your diss on another beat.

      "at least put your diss on another beat"!
      But what do you think about dynamic duo's new album?

  5. E-sens killed that shit. But after reading naver... there is a LOT of history that goes into this diss track that he is addressing. Apparently, the main reason E-sens is pissed is because he found out that Gaeko is the one who blew the whistle on his marijuana problem after amoeba already stabbed him in samm D in the back when they didn't follow up on their promise to them after military service despite supreme team being the main reason amoeba is so financially well off now. Tbh, judging from his earlier stuff... E-sens is defo NOT the one to mess with because his shit goes hardcore. Gaeko is going to respond though and since he is pretty much the one who conceptualized amoeba culture in the first place, E-sens is going to be fighting an uphill battle. Gaeko is wayyyy more influential and popular. However, I personally want to fight for e-sens because it's obvious that he was fucked over and that the kind of sound he makes and wanted to pursue is drastically different than the direction amoeba is taking on now.

  6. this is sad. sad for everyone involved. they're all well written but i thought khiphop community was a tight knit all smiles like everyone knows another.

    i guess im wrong. i needa read up and learn more. :/