Monday, August 20, 2012

Jerry.K & Huck P Release Free Track “나도 숨이차 (I'm Breathless Too)”

Jerry.K & Huck P release free song “I’m Breathless Also”

It seems like everyone and their moms are jumping on rapping above the original version “숨이 (Breathless)” by Geeks which was one of the tracks from their first mini album “아침에 (Hangover).” Just after the release of their first mini album came their second mini album which comprised of the songs from the first with the addition of three new tracks: Hold It Down, 전화 받지마 (Don’t Answer the Phone), and the remix for 숨이차 (Breathless).

But the response of music lovers of the remix came slight confusion when the original artists (Geeks and TakeOne featuring on the side) were nowhere to be heard in the track, instead friends of the artists – Ugly Duck, Fana, Zion.T, Crucial Star, Zico, and DJ Dopsh – dominated the song. Thankfully though, fans were pre-warned of this new twist when a picture of the artists mentioned above was tweeted by a staff member of Grandline Entertainment in the recording studio.

So with the free release of Jerry.K & Huck P’s version, we now have three versions of the song but personally, I think this was the best version out of the three. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of the artists and their respective versions but I guess I have been antsy for Jerry.K to release something on a hard beat after his last EP having been full of love songs and the contrast between his and Huck P’s voice made everything sound balanced – it’s as if Yin met Yang.

And this is just a peek at what we can expect from Jerry.K as he’s set to release his mixtape “(우성인자2) The Dominant Gene 2” after receiving much love from his first mixtape, “(우성인자The Dominant Gene.” Hiphopplaya hinted at the mixtape which is set to release soon and it’ll consist a total of 19 tracks, one original track (third track from the mixtape) produced by Prima Vista to be released as a digital single prior to the release of the mixtape

Check out the song and take a look at the lyrics.

[VERSE 1 – Huck P]
Before I even start running, I’m already breathless
For someone like you who has below average stamina
Think of this as a ‘ready set’ song to get you going
No matter how hard you try, you’ll still be outside the ranking anyway
Retards who depend on the saying, “An old eagle is better than a young crow.”
Fool, if you rot, that’s cavities
Stop trying to think of excuses because it’s not funny at all
It suits you more; not Korea, but the polar regions
Chanel or Louis, even Gucci can’t make you shine you retard
Because you’re so afraid to have your fearful feelings be caught,
You’re too busy hiding behind your well-off crew
Stop and shut up with that stupid mouth
If you’re going to woo girls, don’t rap and just go to a VIP room
On the other hand, Hi-Lite go hard
No matter how much we pour out, we never shrink

[VERSE 2 – Jerry.K]
Man, I’m breathless too
Is this how a human being should live, and a sigh escapes from me
The number of times my songs get played
I don’t think it’s related to how much I earn and I feel deceived
I ask my friends, “Did you even buy my CD?” and they just stare at me as if I’m crazy
I met up with a crazy MC yesterday and he scowled when saying his phone got disconnected
As I move up from my 2nd year and classroom number 9,
I took my first step into becoming a 3rd year
I'm the same age as the well-off Valentine
It means I'm thirty, in age wise it means I'm an oldie
However, instead of skills, I'm just a nylon that ages
I don't like mixing my name with the seniors
More and more, instead of being above me, there are more below
Of course, that ranking doesn't apply for just age, but at least respect
Soon those skills will result in respect, and I'll be treated like a hyung if I do really well
On Teacher's Day, I left a tweet of gratitude to The Q
I'm from Soulcom, but now I'm alone
Don't look down on me because I'm not housed under a company because I signed with Korean hip hop
I'm breathless and lacking oxygen
The altitude constantly rising, it's my rising curve
Look out to see how far up I go
My experience is a veteran, but my potential is a rookie

Source: Hiphopplaya

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