Friday, August 17, 2012

Jtong's MV release for "찌찌뽕" causes controversy

Around this time yesterday, artist Jtong released the MV for "찌찌뽕" from his upcoming official album. Once the MV made its way across hip hop artists and lovers as well as the general public, the catchy beat and lyrics weren't the only part that caught everyone's eyes and ears, as scenes of a woman's breasts were shown as is despite being deemed as the "clean version."

And within the few hours after the release, a staff member of Amoeba Culture tweeted, "Jtong's 찌찌뽕 (Titty Twister) music video...due to my mistake, the original version was uploaded instead of the clean version... if there is anyone who was disturbed while watching the music video, I truly apologize. I'll reflect on my actions and work harder to not make mistakes like this again" and Jtong simply RTed the tweet with the comment, "Ah, a mistake."

Either Jtong really doesn't give a shit or Amoeba Culture has brilliant media ploy.Why is that?

Most of you may know that the government in Korea passed a law that all music videos and videos in relation must be screened prior to uploading. If the video is deemed to have inappropriate content, it could be banned from being ever uploaded. This means that independent artists who upload music videos on their own Youtube channel can also have their video be banned simply because the Korean government can do whatever the fuck they want.

Now, apply Jtong's "leak" of the unclean version to the controversy over video uploads in Korea and you have instant gateway for Jtong to landing himself on the top 10 most searched on your resident Korean portal sites, both positive and negative interest of the general public on a rookie artist, and the stamp of approval from those against the new law in deeming Jtong as a heroic rebel for breaking the rules. Brilliant, no?

However, with brilliant media play comes consequences as activists, mainly wanna-be MOGEF peeps, are bashing Jtong and his name to the ground while even going as far as shaming the artists and fans who merely RTed the link of the music video.

The damage is done now though with the video being flagged down for nudity content but Jtong gives no fucks as he continues to tweet about going to a baseball field. Four for you, Jtong and none for you, wanna-be MOGEF activists.


  1. Whether it was a media ploy or not (by Amoeba)... I'm pretty sure J-Tong doesn't give a flip about the original getting leaked.

  2. Four for you Glen Coco and none for Gretchen Weiners :D