Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fame-J throws his last "Pride" with a bunch of featurings

Pretty sure all of the Block B and KPOP fans have jumped on the song already but I thought I'd write up on it that this is almost as bad as the time Scotch VIP had a song that featured five artists, six including himself and the song was four minutes long. Well, this is potentially worse because this song 'Pride' from Fame-J is five minutes long.

The song is fairly cliche fitting with the theme of how hip hop is life and how these artists threw down their pride for it and so does Fame-J when he has artists Zico, Okasian, New Champ, San-E, and Jo Hyuna of Urban Zakapa feature for the track 'Pride.' First off, great marketing tactics featuring all three rappers who were crowned Rookie of the Year for 2011 for Hiphopplaya. Not only that, San-E's always known to shine in featuring for tracks (but not his own tracks sadly enough) and so does Jo Hyuna, rising as one of the top female vocals in the Korean hip hop industry. However, I can't help but think the song is subtly similar to the song 'Hard Out Here for a Pimp' from the movie 'Hustle & Flow.' Of course aside from the English and being more toned down than 'Pride,' it gives out a similar vibe with nearly similar female vocalists.

Aside from that, Fame-J uses the cheesy horn sound that every damn producer has used before and the beat sounds like any generic hip hop song. Other than that, the flow of the rappers' transitions were smooth up until San-E threw down the 'N' word.

Too much disappointment but hey, I'm probably the only person complaining seeing the comments on the video being "ZICO OPPA IS THE BEST" lulz.

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