Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Basick releases 'Pretty Girls' featuring 김새한길

Basick releases 'Pretty Girls' featuring 김새한길.

Jesus take the wheel, I am in love. I am a sucker for rappers making love songs or anything that is in tangent with the theme of love (even if it means Basick is rapping about some random pretty girl) and this track has everything I ever want it to have.

The beat from the start definitely caught my attention because it reminds me of the old school songs tuned into a more upbeat version, which is hard to find nowadays. Not only that, but the beat glides with Basick's voice so it's like a match made in heaven. Aside from Basick's voice, a plus side is that Basick also is fluent in English so I don't have to look forward to nonsensical English about a Korean guy checking out girls.I usually do look out for Basick's lyrics since he writes them pretty well but I've decided to throw away my expectations since it's a shallow song about pretty girls lol. However, he makes them witty enough to keep me entertained outside of the beat and his voice. Also, 김새한길's voice was a nice touch to it and he didn't dominate the track like most featurings tend to do. Overall, great track to listen to.

I originally translated lyrics but it seems like most music portals don't seem to have all of the lyrics (a verse or two along with the hook is missing). I'll update this post with lyrics and tweet it out if I get to finding a better source. For now, enjoy the track!

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  1. Ha. I had no idea Basick was fluent in English. (I've heard a few of his tracks). The beat is catchy though. And yes, his voice <3