Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Epik High checks in for comeback in October

Ever since the discharge of members Mithra Jin and DJ Tukutz of Epik High, almost everyone and their moms have been following up on the future of the group and it looks like that future will be unraveled soon enough.

Revealed on YG Entertainment's official website on the 26th was an image in which the highlighted grey words "Hi! HiGH" was revealed but the rest of the remaining words were revealed today on the 27th. There's no word yet about the album and if it was produced by both members Tablo and Mithra, or personal productions compiled into this upcoming album, but it looks like YGE will be making consistent updates on the album through their blog.

If YGE & Epik High both follow through with the October comeback, this can impose as a possible threat to other artists who are embarking their releases in October, such as B-Free, Jerry.K, Andup, and Okasian. But in conclusion, this will be a bomb month with good music and it's good to see that October may be the month to kick off the hip hop scene again, possibly motivating others to revive the currently-dead hip hop scene.

In other news, I really hope that Epik High's album won't just be musically appealing (although they never really disappoint), but be visually appealing as well considering the great artwork done by Microsoft Paint.

Source: Hiphopplaya

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