Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Andup confirms mid-October comeback

Since I follow him on Twitter, I have been following on his whereabouts of the release of his upcoming EP '20' and it was estimated to be around either the first week or the second week of October, and well he's sticking through it. Although Hiphopplaya hasn't covered the actual date, he said that he's aiming to have it released on the 11th, targeting the mid-October deadline that was announced.

But what Hiphopplaya unveiled today was more news than Andup has been hinting, showing the artists and producers who are involved with featurings and mixing/mastering of the EP. Artists like The Quiett, Crucial Star, Brother Su, Hwaji, Lovey, Jayrockin', Kimparkchella, Vida Loca, J.Shin, and Giriboy helped contribute to the album while Soriheda and Vasco are in charge of wrapping up the finishing productions with mixing and mastering the EP.

In 2010, Andup made his break into the music scene with his EP 'Speaker of Teens,' which showcased his stories and outlooks on life and society in the shoes of a teenager but having turned twenty recently this year, he transitions his mindset and outlook on the world as an adult.

I'm excited because it's a cool theme to prove how much one's matured not just age wise but musically as well through different experiences faced in life. I'm also keeping my eyes out for the possible track with Kimparkchella considering his past two tracks with the singer/producer has been nothing but amazing.

October is a busy month and as of right now, Andup is the youngest and first artist early in the lineup for a comeback.

Source: Hiphopplaya

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