Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Crucial Star set to release mini album in October

Despite the words "Mini album in October" written on Crucial Star's Twitter profile, music label Real Collabo confirmed the release of his upcoming release in which the track 'Flat Shoes' from Crucial's mixtape, 'A Dream Spokesman,' will be remade in featuring Brother Su over Lovey, fellow artist under Real Collabo and the original vocalist for 'Flat Shoes.'

Just after the release of label-mates' mixtapes Lil Boi of Geeks and Take One, Crucial Star was the next batter up with his own mixtape, 'A Dream Spokesman.' The mixtape was fairly a chill mixtape, something I'd personally listen to if I was driving at night. However, it didn't meet my expectations because of the hype he had around it (I mean, the guy tweeted photos of his home recording studio so I thought he was going to go Beethoven on it, of course in the name and genre of hip hop). But the upcoming album definitely does have my attention, more so because it's official meaning the sound is original as opposed to mixtapes which touch up on the backtracks of other songs.

After Crucial Star's mini album release will be Geeks' turn to release their album. They've tweeted before that they've been working on their official album but nothing seems set except the release being in November (which was originally October, but it seems like it was pushed back to put out Crucial's first). Back-to-back releases, hosting shows every few months, and selectively recruiting potential artists, it looks like Grandline is also making their way up on the ladder in the music scene and they'll be wrapping up their busy year with these two albums as well as their fourth Grandline Show set for November 18th.

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  1. I really don't know much about him. I've only heard his "A Star From The Basement" album, which I thought was pretty good. Looking forward to what he's got next.