Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Planet Shiver (unofficially) joins Amoeba Culture!

With the revamp of their website, a banner was present which appears to be a photo shoot of all of the current Amoeba Culture artists: (from left to right) Primary, Zion.T, Jtong, Supreme Team, Dynamic Duo, Rhythm Power, Yankie, and wait...who are those two people on the far right?

For some people, those two faces may be familiar but wait, there's someone missing, right? For those of you who may not know, those two are the members of production team Planet Shiver. Once a three-unit team, member DHstyle had left, leaving DJ Friz and Philtre (who now goes by Bart) to continue as a tag team. Although they may be new into the company, they're not unfamiliar faces for the artists as they've worked with the Amoeba artists plenty of times before.

This wasn't also the first time Amoeba has peeped the news unofficially since they were spotted in the video, 'Making of the Opening' to their mini show, 'Amoeba TV.' Not only that, but they're also listed under the Artists page on the Amoeba website.

The Korean hip hop scene is madness right now, more so like the NBA draft where everyone's trying to get their hands on recruiting potential and skilled artists to their team. Maybe Amoeba is like the Lakers right now. I mean, Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, Steven Nash for Lakers, Dynamic Duo, Supreme Team, and Jtong for Amoeba. They seem like they're up in the game and they want to win against the other competing companies, but I learned that you can't always rely on your star players like the Lakers did last season with the past few seasons but I'm definitely awaiting the playoffs this year (both basketball-wise and music-wise) to see who can and will rival against Amoeba's incredible lineup.

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  1. Ha. When I saw the image, I was like, "where's DJ FRIZ?!!" Then I enlarged it and there he was!

    Anyway, you're right about the NBA draft comparison. It seemed like it use to be all about Soul Company, but ever since their disbandment, Hi-Lite's really making a name for themselves. It will be interesting to see how these artists and their companies play out.

    Thanks for the updates! :)