Monday, September 10, 2012

The smackdown continues between Primary vs. Rhythmer

The latest posts on the Hiphopplaya board have at least one post regarding the battle between producer Primary and Korean and American hip hop outlet site Rhythmer. So, what's the buzz and why is everyone still talking about it despite the incident having started a month ago?

It dates back to the second week of August when Rhythmer rated artist Marco's album 'The Last' a total of 1.5 out of 5 for their weekly compilation reviews called 'Total Critic.' The 1.5 is nothing new, but what's new is when a challenger steps forth in provoking against the idea of not just how much points are given, but the entire idea of even reviewing and putting albums and artists on a point scale.

Our challenger Primary started off with his opening statement (and his declare of war) when he tweeted,
"Saw a review after a long while where Rhythmer did whatever the hell they wanted with it. I don't understand why people write reviews like this. I really hope that people who come across reviews like this don't become swayed by it. I personally think that they need to stop fucking around in giving shitty points and their pompous vocabulary in their review when speaking about a fellow colleague who worked really hard on making an album." (Source: Primary's Twitter, August 27th)
Roughly about two days later after getting a handful of shit from select people for him not sucking it up and others confused by what he was talking about, he tweeted again.
"Haha, people are thinking that I'm tripping balls over a review of one artist when I dissed Rhythmer, but the point I was trying to get across was that there's no right or wrong answer in what's considered good in music, and that it's disgusting for a reviewer to think that their knowledge in music is right and critiquing an artists' work in putting themselves on a pedestal as if their ears were made of gold. In putting forth a review like that out to a large community, people are bound to be swayed by the review. I've bitched about something like this 5-6 years ago and I heard from a few colleagues who had close relation to Rhythmer that they don't understand either in how a review can come up from a music community company that will never have objectivity. I can understand that they might not have respect for the artists who put their everything into their work for months and years, but I don't like the idea that reviewers run their mouths without having ever made art themselves but appear as if they did. The reviewers who come from the music company site, have they themselves ever made a song that was memorable to them? Also, this isn't just an anger release that is temporary as I remember telling Rhythmers in their face that I didn't understand this concept when they came to interview me 6 years ago, of course the interview not having followed through." (Source: Primary's Twitter [1, 2, 3, & 4])
There were other posts of Primary's comments on Facebook on fellow producer Mild Beats' status regarding the issue as he himself was against Rhythmer and the concept of reviewing as well. Primary seems well over the issue as he's dismissed it on Twitter claiming that his tweets are reflections of his opinions, not a "community board" and if people disagree with his thoughts, unfollowing him was the simplest way to resolve their hate against him.

Despite a month's time passing, the argument ceased on both ends, Primary deciding not to discuss it any further as said above while Rhythmer hasn't been "totally critiquing" seeing that their last compilation review was for the third week of August. However, this doesn't stop hip hop lovers from constantly trying to revive the topic with their two cents on community boards.

I personally don't agree too much on Primary's end because everyone critiques something and it's almost hard to not have absolutely no bias in any area of critiquing. If I can agree with his argument though, Rhythmer does make their reviews sound very pompous when in actuality, they're calling the 1.5's a piece of shit pretty much.

Do you guys agree with Primary, or are you pro-Rhythmer? Let us know in the comments on which side you're on!

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  1. I agree with reviewing music to an extent because it's no different to me than someone suggesting a good album to a friend or vice versa, just that the pieces are more drawn out and detailed to explain why.

    If you're lucky enough to find a reviewer that has similar tastes to you, then that can be a good source in finding great new music or avoiding spending money on ones that don't quite fit your musical tastes.

    Music is subjective and you're not obligated to love and respect every piece of work.

    I do, however, disagree with a ranking system. I'm not sure how you can exactly grade a piece of work on a scale like that...