Monday, November 4, 2013

Basick releases 'Therapy' EP

Ever since the disbandment of Independent Records, Basick has occupied himself outside of his studies by releasing singles leading up to the release of his new EP, 'Therapy.' The production seems to be done by a couple of people, one of them being G-Slow and the featuring isn't anything flashy but Paloalto is on it and we all know anything with Palo is nothing but great. On a side note, I always hoped Basick to sign with Hi-Lite Records because he seems to be going down a similar route that Hi-Lite is going in terms of overall sound, just like how this new EP is centralized around trap music. He said it was trap music and he was right. The thing about EPs is that a lot of artists will create a theme or centralize around a certain sound or genre but there's always one or two tracks that are love songs that are bones to throw at the public because we all know how well that worked for some mainstream hip hop artists (cough Dynamic Duo cough).

Anyway, I'm not a huge fan of trap music but the EP was solid. Solid enough that I want to translate all of the lyrics...but I'll do the title track "Therapy" for now. If you like the album and would like for me to translate any of the other tracks, I'll update this thread. For now, enjoy!

[Verse 1]
Ugh yo bitch, you need therapy
That ain't fuckin' HIP (HOP) 
Recognize the letter "B," satisfaction guaranteed
Doctor Lee. My ID. A telepathy for you, my idea. 
You're a thoughtless parody and the wrinkles of your brain are slick like elastin
Fuck that trap, fuck dubstep, fuck your precious golden era please
The skill to miss a beat is Supreme Kai (damn humiliation)
Who on Earth told you to release a CD? Why don't you get better, bitch

Fuck yo shit, I'm out of patience. 
You sick bitch. Uh, you's a patient

[Verse 2]
Bitch I need therapy. So sick from my occupational disease
I can see my future clearly in the 3D theater
My personality's ileegal and even my career's speeding like a single parent
I'll tell it to you simply in what I urgently desire, and that's 'fortune' like a single parent
If you think I'm materialistic, go right on ahead and think I am but it's guys like them that when they look at me, my focused stance is suicidal*
I think of this music as my woman and when her and I make love, my state is always at a "normal position"
Whenever her and I see each other, we're always, chill, chill, chill like the Altair and the Vega
If you can't understand this, then you're already behind
They say that that kid's completely black 
Man, I'mma yello and I'm also not human but a bumblebee
Call the doctor. I'm out patient
I'm so sick like a patient 

[Verse 3]
Everyone says "I am sick" but instead of saying something, I just kiss the mic once more
Boniour hip hop, because you're so pretty
No need for men, so just keep flirting 
You're so charming that you mess up a man's life
Running while blind, but nobody got no guarantee 
Everyone grows sick and old, and finds me; yes I'm a therapist
The vets treat the wolf-like bastards with no euthanasia
Instead of prescription, they wake them up with the euthanasia of reality
Is it that hard to transfer over what you want to say on a piece of a paper to a mic? 
Huh? It's like piecing a puzzle together and getting frustrated where you just close your eyes; quitting is like a sweet, tempting candy 
Tang tang*, you died because you couldn't escape from your greed and your current state is 
Bang bang, I draw a cloud of smoke through my sigh in having to let you go, right when you were up on your feet 

*Suicidal...I used it because it seemed the most fitting but 자폐 is also autism which didn't seem to fit? Correct me if I'm wrong
*Tang tang is like the sound of gunshots. Couldn't use bang bang because that was used in the next line...

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