Monday, August 26, 2013

[Request] 'Control' - Nuttyverse & Donutman

Donutman - Control

I tried to stay still but I can't control myself
I can't help it that my instincts call for me
This here is the land of Korea and Seoul is my city
I was born here and was raised eating kimchi

But I was a bit different from the average set of Korean people
With that said, I listened to hip hop
I don't about your family background or where you're from
If there's one thing that gets my attention, it's what you've done

This is my one request for success
If you can't abide by it, then you best believe that I'l fail
I don't put effects in my rap, I put my heart in
As if I literally took my heart out, I can't breathe

Look, Korean hip hop is literally full of foreigners
Once you listen to it, you'll say, "Ah, of course foreigners are different"
I prove that those words are wrong on my own
Look carefully as I bite onto kimchi and rip apart these gyopo rappers

Young & gifted, my source of income depends on this mission
I can't just drink water and leave on this long journey I've embarked on
My greed is overfilling but this is a blessing to me
Also, my empty plate is none other than a blessing from the gods

I'll maintain good health and live a long life in this game
Eternal life, I live well despite not taking any medicine
Swings, E-Sens, Yasu, Ugly Duck, and TakeOne
No one can stop me, fuck it, I'm outta control

Uh if you can't agree with my words, then take me as your target for your next track
Also, C-ZA hyung and Crucial Star hyung, stop sending messages on Kakao Talk
This message is for improvement so accept it confidently

All the hip hop fans are asking for disses of anyone but you turned away from me a few years ago just because I didn't have any connections
Are you all comfortable just watching while instigating fights?
Seriously here, who was the one that faced the loss alone?

Come out Okasian, despite me not having any ill feelings towards you
I'm just annoyed because people keep comparing us two
So turn back once you listen to this all the way in America
Prove yourself this once if you're really my opponent

I'm going to survive, I'm definitely going to survive
I'll be okay even if I get beat and cornered because I lived like a retard before
How many years has passed, yet I remember each and every moment

Uh, I respect Moon Ji Hoon hyung despite him getting cursed at
This case was your real upgrade, not your EP, hyung
You're really awesome and you kept your promise at your debut
You said you'd flip Korea over and there's no one above or below you now

Hip hop is skills, motha fucka and I'll steal all the handicap seats
You're a bitch like the sound of the bell when you get off
For the bitches who aren't confident, please get off
This is Korean hip hop, hip hop that's rewritten

Nuttyverse - Mind Control

This is a good bait, but control is unbearable for the kimchi men
To those who can't seem to get on rhythm, what you need first is some mind control
These souls with no sense of identity can't seem to understand as they have an excess of excretion
After trampling over everyone, I'm ready to penetrate the Arc de Triomphe

The discolored wild apricots calculate for how to promote themselves
Get the timing wrong and you lose your entire fortune
You criticize the system but if you look at the meat fenced in, don't you see how foolish this is? Chasing your beliefs

From Lamar to Swings, this
Somebody overlooking the situation asks why a catfish is butting in a fight between dragons
What? Have you listened to 'Control' a couple of times?
This is simply just playing around, "proof" to them promoting themselves

You call that rap? They can't control their sphincters with no respects to the beats
These guys are unruly, merely fuckers with no respect wanting respect
Who's the king and who are these countrified dumbasses bringing up the king's crown

Chicks hope you express your emotions when they give you blowjobs
That's why the results you ejaculate are always murky
Respect for Kendrick; take that sour smell out
Your competence is reevaluated so don't fuck around

Don't be satisfied with where you're at in how you got there sucking on your hyungs' dicks
Up till here was the message I'm delivering to the guys jacking off
Don't ruin the picture in butting into places and don't think that this is an opportunity for you just because it's a festival

An unjustifiable diss isn't ever cool
This is the rule for the fakes who
What are you trying to earn that you're spitting everywhere? (opportunists)
What are you trying to earn that you butt in? (attention seeking retards)

An opportunity is given to those who are prepared, you know what I mean?
What you can only grasp is what's in between your legs, you know what I mean?
Oh my God, please protect my ears, God
Oh my God, please protect my ears, God

These pathetic people don't ever worry
You can already see their limits but their dreams are too big
This is why I'm going to kill the bodies now as it's a form of self-defense for my ears

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