Thursday, November 14, 2013

Jerry.k releases new album 'Dope Dyed' and MV for title track 'Pierrot'

Nominated for the best rap/hip hop album of 2012 at the Korean Music Awards, Jerry.k released his new album 'Dope Dyed' on the 15th along with the music video for his title track 'Pierrot' featuring Kim Jae Suk of Wanted.

In respect to hip hop, the album is considered an official mixtape however, it's classified as a 2.5 album in respects to the music market. This album is different from his past two, as his first focused on the problems in society while his second focused on ego The new album 'Dope Dyed' digs deep into both hip hop music and life, holding the overall theme of "holding hip hop as a way of life."

The album was sold through social funding (better known as crowd funding) made especially for the fans with a limited CD copy and in return, Jerry.k received fan service by reaching his goal of over 300% for the amount sold. The album featured artists Rico and Sleeq, who are housed in the label Daze Alive run by Jerry.k, and others like Huckleberry P, JJK, Psycoban, DJ Wegun, and more. What stood out most from all the featuring artists was vocalist Kim Jae Suk, a member of the soul and R&B group Wanted.

Jerry.k produced the tracks himself as well as other producers such as Kato, a producer from Atlanta who had worked with artists such as Dumbfoundead, Dizzy Wright, and Roscoe Dash, participating in the album. Additional producers include Prima Vista, Vida Loca, HOLYDAY, Yella Diamond, and S'WAY.D.

The title track 'Pierrot' comforts the younger generation from society's pressure of always having to smile like a clown, to be optimistic despite hardships, and the issues of not being able to be to your feelings. The collaboration between Jerry.k and Kim Jae Suk is unique, with Jerry.k delivering his heavy rap while Kim Jae Suk offers his warming vocals. The music video was produced by IPTC, who is currently active in the Korean hip hop scene and has worked with Jerry.k and his pre-release singles for the 'Dope Dyed' album.

Meanwhile, Jerry.k will be holding a showcase on November 24th (Sunday) at 5PM at Hongdae's D Dim Hall in celebration of his new album but tying it with 'Daze Alive Vol. 2.' Along with his artists Rico and Sleeq who are also under the Daze Alive label, other artists such as Huckleberry P, JJK, Psycoban, DJ Lykhan, and others will be appearing as guests for the show.

Source: Hiphopplaya

Jerry.k is always on it with the translations (the MV is subtitled!) so go check it out!

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