Thursday, August 2, 2012

Zion.T Signs With Amoeba Culture

Fresh off the press yesterday was the announcement of Zion.T signing with Amoeba Culture (home of artists such as Dynamic Duo, Simon Dominic and Supreme Team, recently-signed JTong, Rhythm Power, and producer Primary) all over Hiphopplaya (and my timeline on Twitter as well, courtesy of artists sending their congratulatory messages to and about him). 

According to the press release on Hiphopplaya, Amoeba Culture said,“Zion.T holds a unique voice that can't be easily found in Korea and as he showcases his matchless voice, he's also capable of producing his own songs which has him under the spotlight as one of those most anticipated musicians in the Korean hip hop scene, as he's garnered the interest of the public and music representatives alsoand “We won't hold back in our support for various promotions of skilled musician Zion.T and we as a company will work harder in maintaining the unique color we have to ourselves with the artists in our company.

Some may be shocked by the news, however it's no shock if you've been following Zion.T's activities, as he made his first unofficial debut with Amoeba back in end of last year when he collaborated with artist Simon Dominic (Simon D for short) in the track 'Stay Cool' from the album 'SNL Begins.' This obviously gave Zion.T a hell lot of more exposure than what he had from his debut single 'Click Me' and for being friends with popularly-known hip hop artists, but it also played a pivotal role to signing with Amoeba. 

After his featuring, you could say that Zion.T pretty much made himself cozy at home as he featured for the tracks '만나' and 'See Through' from Primary's recent releases. 

By maintaining the unique, lively color that Amoeba has had over the years with artists like Dynamic Duo and Supreme Team, new additions were also made with artists JTong (through recommendation by Simon D) and Rhythm Power (passing the auditions held by Amoeba Culture a few years back). So, how exactly did Zion.T become the new addition to Amoeba? It was all thanks to artist Jerry.K who made the connection happen in which he proudly announced through his Twitter yesterday with Simon D RTing and agreeing.

The tweet above says, “When Ssam D said he wanted Zion.T to feature for the track 'Stay Cool,' I'm proud that I introduced them to one another in a chat room together on NateOn while Simon D RTed with the comment, ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ That's right, he was a big help.

All in all, both parties made a good choice in signing with one another and it'll be an interesting year for Amoeba with their new edition, adding a different kind of color to their mix of artists.

Source: Hiphopplaya, Simon D's Twitter


  1. everyone loves everyone. i like this huge happy family. yay! welcome to AC, ZT! :>

  2. First of all, I got a LiveJournal account just to comment on your blog! I had no idea you existed! Count me in (as a frequent reader)!

    Secondly, I had no idea J-Tong became a part of Amoeba! (Yeah, I've been really out of the loop.) But that's a surprise to me. Congrats to Zion T on his entrance to the company as well!