Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Primary to release album "Primary" featuring 23 artists

Composer/producer Primary finally to end his “Primary and the Messengers” series with an official album featuring 23 artists.

The “Primary and the Messengers” series first started off with a single album comprised of three tracks: “Zoo” (featuring Supreme Team, Yankie, & Mellow), “Happy Ending” (featuring Jinshil of Mad Soul Child and Garie of Leessang), and “Word” (featuring Garion). Then Primary went on a hiatus for about a year and popped back up with part 2 of the series which includes the tracks “Meet” (featuring Zion.T) and “Far” (featuring Beenzino). What was said to be releases every month weren’t very consistent since he released part 3 three weeks later, the track “See Through” (featuring Gaeko of Dynamic Duo and Zion.T) which garnered a lot of interest and love from the public as well as “Love” (featuring Bumkey & Paloalto). Then news kind of cut off and he went back into hiding, popping back up every blue moon with his smackdown against Rhythmer and rumors of him producing for an idol group (which is still a mystery to this day).

But it looks like the news about the album and upcoming music will have been worth the wait because Amoeba Culture released a press release just recently while unveiling a killer lineup for the album. Artists Dynamic Duo (given), Double K, Dok2, Jinbo, Bumkey, Junggigo, Dead’P, Paloalto, Beenzino, Yankie, Garion, Simon D, Zion.T, Rhythm Power, Jay Park, MBLAQ’s G.O, and others were named to be taking part in the album, making it a total of 23 artists and 18 teams.

There hasn’t been other details released and it still looks like it’s in the production stage, considering he’s been tweeting about mixing some tracks (which I’m assuming is for his own album) and Beenzino dropping by the recording studio at Amoeba Culture not too long ago. I’m not even sure if this will be out by the end of the year but guaranteed, this will probably be the album of the year whenever it’s released.

Not only that, but Primary has been working with mainstream artists as well, K.Will to name a recent one. With a company like Amoeba Culture to back him up with publicity and breaking into the market already in working with mainstream artists, this isn’t just a gateway for Primary to make it big but the artists contributing in his album to do well also. Although some of the artists on the lineup are already big stars themselves, for others it’ll definitely shine a light on them. I think more than anything, I’m really excited to see how diverse of a sound this album will be by looking at the lineup because comparing some of the artists side-by-side, they definitely have a different sound. I'll keep posted on this whenever news releases.

Source: Hiphopplaya

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  1. I'm really looking forward to everyone's features! Aside from E-sens, I'm especially looking forward to Paloalto & Garion. Yay Primary!