Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Soriheda to release his 2nd official album "Soriheda 2" in November

According to a press release from Hiphopplaya today, Soriheda announced that he’ll be releasing his 2nd official album “Soriheda 2.”

Soriheda has always gone for the vintage and retro sound, in which he showed in his first album “Soriheda” but it seems like in the upcoming album, the sounds will be a lot deeper and clearer.

A representative from Soriheda’s end said, “The album is a combination of the thoughts, imaginations, and languages derived from the different environments and lives of the vast theme “us.” The different material quality and various shaped pieces all form inside this cast and inside, a new picture is created. The album is in its last stage of production and it’ll be set to release in November.”

His last album release was a concept album called “A Spring Night on the River” which was uploaded for free this past April while his first official album was released in February of 2011. Despite coming back with a new official album after 21 months, he’s been fairly busy with being in charge of mixing and mastering for other artists such as B-Free, Andup, etc.

It’s rare of producers to release albums nowadays and I’m definitely excited for this one since I really enjoyed his first album, especially the track “Confused” featuring Delicat. Also, am I the only one who thought of Brown Eyed Soul from the album cover?

Source: Hiphopplaya

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  1. I always get upset when I think of how little beatmakers Korea has compared to Japan but people like Soriheda make it all worth it