Thursday, November 8, 2012

Crucial Star set to release preview track "Flat Shoes" for upcoming album "Fall'

It was announced about two weeks ago that Crucial Star will be releasing his upcoming album "Fall" sometime in November, but it was announced even further back that Crucial Star would be releasing an official version for the track "Flat Shoes," which was originally in his recent mixtape "Drawing #1: A Dream Spokesman."

In the mixtape track, a female vocalist named Lovey had featured for Crucial Star but it looks like the newer version will be rather of an acoustic rendition, touched up by Brother Su, also fellow artist with Lovey under the label Real Collabo (and he's also Lovey's older brother).

A press release was also released on Hiphopplaya about two weeks ago regarding Crucial Star's upcoming album "Fall." The title of the album takes on a dual meaning of the literal meaning of something 'falling' but also representing the season 'fall.' The album takes on a slightly different approach with being a much warmer tone and is said to include various artworks and photographs that fit with the theme of the album. According to his company Grandline Entertainment, they announced in the press release saying, "In order to carry on his own set of emotions into the prop album, he poured his affection and effort into it" and "It's a given that he took part in the lyrics and production composition of the album, but he also took time into gathering and creating the photographs and artwork on the album himself." 

The album is set to release sometime in November (release date is to be announced), but the preview single "Flat Shoes" will be released on the 12th.

Source: Hiphopplaya (1 + 2)

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  1. Just heard the album a few days ago. Unexpectedly, my favorite track is "Real Love" with Satbyeol.