Saturday, October 6, 2012

Zico releases 3rd track "Sam" from upcoming mixtape "Zico on the Block 1.5"

Zico of Block B releases 3rd track "Sam" from upcoming mixtape "Zico on the Block 1.5."

With Block B's comeback coming up in the next few weeks, Zico who has also been pretty MIA in the group's prior activities surprised fans when he presented the news of his mixtape release. 

Having released "Battle Royal" and "I'll Do Better Next Time," I'm always impressed by Zico but this track won me over completely. It also seems that comparing the three tracks, his mixtape seems to take a more diverse approach into his music spectrum which wasn't really shown in his first mixtape. Either way, it's good to see that despite being an idol, he's still sticking to his roots. 

Enjoy the song and check out the lyrics below.

You think I won’t know?
I already know all of your feelings
Even the spotlight you obtained after much difficulty, you explode in inferiority because you’re still hidden by my shadow
Just say you’re jealous and I’ll give you a pat
If the protagonist is Zico, then you play the role of the follower
If you don’t like it, then play as an extra. I have a feeling you’ll suit the role well

I have reggae hair; I’m the predator and you’re the alien
It’s heavy, right? The pressure of my rise
I’m the in-law of everyone, and everyone’s envious of me
A few cases into mainstream and one mixtape
The word is already spread throughout all areas
This is not a fiction, but solely one’s bragging
Try to catch up to me, human. Bboo rrrrrrr
You’re probably so annoyed and it’s probably faster for you to accept it
The rap star is coming through so make way, honk honk
At 19, I was a main producer
I only flaunt through my rap and I don’t behave disgracefully
After a killer schedule, I head right for the studio
Your surroundings are quiet while mine is full of noise
“Who’s the ruler?”
Your insides are churning, right?

You try to act like you’re not nervous but you keep clearing your throat
You get worked up trying to win against me
But it’s far from over like Drizzy
Provoking, right? That’s the question you ask before writing up an anti-reply
With all of your efforts, you’re far ahead to put me to shame
Cock sucker, with that kind of method and behavior, you’re trying to make a weapon out of an uncomfortable rap like that?
I honestly just cracked up just now
At times, it’s a little tiring
I don’t know how to place myself underneath the attention that’s hotter than the tropics
“Failure is prohibited”

It's gonna right it's gonna be OK

Source: Hiphopplaya


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