Friday, October 5, 2012

B-Free expected to release his 2nd official album "Hope" on the 12th

After two long years since his first album "Freedumb" released in 2010, B-Free is finally knocking on doors with his second album in hand, "Hope."

It's been a busy year for majority of the artists in Hi-Lite Records, Paloalto working with Evo, Huck P working with Suda as the project unit "Getbackers," and rookie-of-the-year Okasian constantly collaborating with other artists in putting out singles, claiming the title as possibly the busiest artist in Hi-Lite this year.

But it doesn't mean B-Free hasn't been slacking around either. For as long as I remember in following him on Twitter, he's always been working on this new album and even faced some struggles through it. Wait, struggles?

On average, majority of rappers/emcees "produce" their songs in the aspect of composing their own lyrics and rearranging them, not the actual beat as they leave that to the producers to handle but according to the report by Hiphopplaya, it seems that B-Free produced a total of 8 tracks on this album himself, most of which he co-produced alongside producers such as Vida Loca and Kimparkchella.

With the album being titled "Hope," B-Free said that he hopes this album can become a message to those facing hardships in giving them hope, like it did for him during the times he worked on producing the album despite the complications.

What's also unique is that as one of the activists for the #stopdumpingmusic campaign, B-Free decided not to release his album through the major Korean music websites. This is a critical factor in terms of an artist's income but he made a good point when he brought it up on Twitter saying,
"I opposed the flat rate system for music downloads on Korean music sites. This is also why you won't be able to purchase my album via the flat rate system. I put my everything into this album and if you're a true fan, you'd purchase my music to listen to it." -B-Free's Twitter
It's a very, very bold move and I give him all the applause because despite other artists campaigning for #stopdumpingmusic, they haven't taken this drastic step to truly go against the system, even if it means that it'll affect their income (not that artists make much income from music websites anyway).

Pre-orders have already begun on Hiphopplaya and it looks like the album itself is expected to release on the 12th. B-Free will also start kicking off his comeback with a double concert "B-Free and Okasian" at Rolling Hall in Hongdae on the 21st.

Here's the tracklist released on Hiphopplaya:

1. Talk To Me
Produced by Basement Productions

2. Do That (feat. Okasian, Hwaji)
Produced by B-Free, Vida Loca

3. Highs And Lows 2
Produced by Basement Productions

4. Loco 2 (feat. Paloalto, Huckleberry P)
Produced by B-Free, 김박첼라

5. What's Love (feat. Soul One)
Produced by 211

6. Aww Sh*t (feat. XL)
Produced by B-Free

7. Coffee Break (feat. Bizzy)
Produced by Prima Vista

8. Good Time
Produced by B-Free, 김박첼라

9. Heart (skit)

10. Let It Show (feat. Beenzino, Okasian)
Produced by Vybe

11. 우리는 움직여야해 (skit)

12. Do Your Thing (feat. Paloalto, The Quiett)
Produced by B-Free

13. Anything (feat. 김박첼라)
Produced by 김박첼라

14. 넘어가
Produced by B-Free, Vida Loca

15. New Years Eve (사람들이 잊는것) (feat. Soulman)
Produced by B-Free

16. My Dream (skit)

17. Leavin (feat. Bumkey)
Produced by The Qurious

Source: Hiphopplaya


  1. i know this is ot, but do you happen to know anything on rimi's controversy? i only know about a diss and somebody getting sued or something ( i remember skimming through this -, but my korean is very limited, so idk ;; )... could you write a post about it, please (if you take requests)?
    i love this blog~

  2. I'm really looking forward to Loco 2, esp. with Paloalto and Huck P. It'll definitely be a different vibe from the first one.