Friday, October 5, 2012

Jtong's "Mohican and the Barefoot" to be released on October 8th!

After going into hiding with the uncensored music video released for "Titty Twister," Jtong is back with not only the unveiling of his first official album cover but the release date as well; mark your calendars for October 8th!

To those who follow Jtong, they probably know that aside from his "tmi" tweets and tweets about music, the rest of his timeline is pretty much dedicated to Korean baseball. Well, it looks like this album seems to revolve around baseball like how his life does, considering the release date of the album (8th) is in accordance with the first day kicking off the post season for Korean baseball as well as his title track "Sajik-dong Anthem" showcasing his affection and love for Busan and Busan baseball.

Hiphopplaya as well as other record shops will start taking pre-orders beginning on the 5th, the album releasing digitally on the 8th, and physical copies of the album available in stores on the 9th. The album consists of 10 tracks in total, including "Titty Twister" along with "Sajik-dong Anthem."

Despite the artist himself not caring so much about the controversy his leaked uncensored music video reeked, it seems like Amoeba Culture, music label housing Jtong, cared when they cut off all news relating to Jtong ever since "Titty Twister" made waves around the end of August. So why drop the bomb so suddenly, especially days before the release? Well, you can probably say that it's thanks to Epik High coming back that everyone seems to be avoiding the week they're releasing their album, which is scheduled for October 19th. With the rush of artists coming back and releasing new albums, the one good thing is that all of the releases are back-to-back which means new music every week.

Meanwhile, Jtong seems to be chill about his new album, breaking toilet seats and shit.

Source: Hiphopplaya

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