Thursday, October 18, 2012

[REQUEST] Whatever happened to that "Awesome Bitch" Rimi?

Requested by an Anon.


So when I saw the request through the comment an anonymous person left me, I thought the Rimi diss controversy was fairly recent (because I realized she deactivated her Twitter since we were following each other), but after doing my research, it turns out that it happened quite a while ago, and the history of the diss tracks dated way further back.

It happened around May of 2009 when a guy named Unik One came out with the diss track "Goodbye Rimi." Normally, majority of diss tracks check off the criteria of listing how an artist sucks, their rap sucks, their crew sucks, their label sucks, their music sucks, their life sucks, and just everything about them sucks. However for Unik One's diss track, he himself also went off of that checklist saying her rapping and rhymes suck, but he went into a more personal level with the diss track as he briefly mentions how she had changed once she joined OVC (Overclass for short) and how she ignored the rappers she once knew before she joined them. Something smelled fishy.

After finding her written up explanation of the whole ordeal, it looked like the two were friends in the earlier years, around 2005-2006 I'd say. She knew people under his label as well as his older brother who goes by the name of "Sik Boy" and Sik Boy as well as Rimi were supposed to feature for each others' mixtapes. However, well...shit happened.

The actual shit happened around 2008 when Rimi had released her first mixtape and joined OVC at the same time. Since Sik Boy was kind of in a rush with putting out his mixtape, it looked like there was pressure for her to compose lyrics faster but in her defense, she just didn't feel it at the time since it was supposed to be some sort of romantic track but she just couldn't put out the emotions considering she also was under stress with her own mixtape release. She kind of put it off and eventually blocked both Sik Boy and Unik One on NateOn messenger. In her defense, she wrote in her explanation note that her personality isn't the type that's good with confrontation and avoids the problem, the problem here being that she clearly was not doing her part of the contribution. Also in her defense, she had a track that Sik Boy was supposed to take part in but she had taken it out of the track list so there wasn't much they were working on together. I don't know, this seems like middle school play of taking each other off of their Myspace top 8. Anyway, the ridiculousness of this whole issue ends with Rimi apologizing about it and admitting that it wasn't the best method of solving the issue. Sik Boy accepted her apology and so you'd think, everything's good, right? Wrong.

We forgot about Unik One! I hope he doesn't write a diss track about me because I forgot about him, wherever he is in the wonders of the nuguland :( Anyway, he didn't listen to Rimi's apology, continuing to argue that she changed when she joined OVC and how she neglected the people she knew before she "rose to stardom" you can say. Then all of a sudden, Sik Boy also began talking smack about Rimi behind her back with Unik One, along with YP (a friend of Rimi's who took part in her mixtape, whom she also blocked on NateOn messenger at the same time as Unik One and Sik Boy, and accepted her apology) growing distant from her saying she's a traitor. Drama-rama.

Anyway, the middle school child play wasn't the only issue. Possibly the biggest issue in the diss track from Unik One itself was the fact that he was kind of (okay, he was) a sexist. He starts off verse two of "Goodbye Rimi" with “The Prada you liked enough to spread your legs, I’ll give that to you. Instead, take your smelly bra.” The diss track doesn't serve as enough to prove that he was sexist but what can you do when you're kind of a nobody dissing about a somebody? Talk actual shit. Rimi admits that she enjoys having a sex life and that people shouldn't look down on her for it because everyone has their own form of exploring their sexual pleasures (sorry this is sounding like 7th grade sex-ed), but it doesn't mean that others need to know what she does and that they don't need to fabricate it either. The solid truth of Rimi just enjoying sex became massively fabricated in the underground scene into people seeing her as a slut, a whore, and a cunt you can say. She was slut-shamed, not that it isn't hard enough for women to survive in a predominantly male hip hop scene, it was just a huge mess. So Rimi decided to take action.

She sued them. She sued them for defamation. A lot of people were disappointed by her actions saying that she couldn't handle the situation like a true musician would. But that's the thing, she did. After "Goodbye Rimi" made waves around Hiphopplaya, Rimi countered back with her diss track "Well Off Rimi" and it looked like Unik One had a lot of time on his hands because he made another diss track called "You Just Need to Apologize." I can understand her position when she mentioned that if she constantly put out diss tracks, the situation would go nowhere and it would just be a waste of time and effort on her end because this guy wasn't willing to give her the time of day for her to apologize about it nor was he willing to accept it. A lot of people saw it as a publicity stunt for him because having no name in the underground scene while she really was the "awesome bitch" then, it was a chance for him to ride off of her fame, even if it meant that he got negative feedback on his end for it. 

Anyway, she sued both Unik One and Sik Boy, explained the whole situation about the underground scene, how she was defamed and slut shamed, and exactly the details of the ongoing argument to the police, who in return took the case off of her hands for them to solve. She also had to clear that up in her explanation note because a lot of people assumed that she went to the police and just sued them without explaining the whole ordeal.

Finally, the case comes to a close when Unik One and Sik Boy are being investigated for the case and they truly realize the deep mess this became which could have ended with the simple acceptance of her apology for what happened in the past. They somehow got a hold of a member in her crew Cookiz and asked for her number so that they can apologize to her for what happened but she said that she had rejected their apology. She didn't want them knowing her number, but she also didn't want to accept the apology any longer because the damage was done.

It's been roughly three years since the incident and it looks like it's well rested, but it's kind of one those cases where if a new case rises that's similar to this one, Rimi vs. Unik One is the first case to look over, kind of like how the Supreme Court system works. Since then, Rimi came back with her solo album this year and received fairly mixed reviews over it.

The mix of reviews were half-half. Half was positive in the sense that they liked her singing and rapping, and that it was a new approach. The other half was disappointed that she wasn't that same "awesome bitch" she was before, that she's turned soft and it can be alluded to the incident of her against Unik One of it being the reason why.

I honestly don't know what happened now since this happened a few years ago while on the other hand, she deleted her Twitter about two months ago. Maybe she's going through a phase again where it's hard for her to commit to music (because she mentioned that during the 2005-2008 era, she went through a lot of family troubles and personal problems which resulted her to take time off of music to study abroad) but if anyone's really curious, I can ask Grandline Entertainment directly. Sorry this was such a late post, sorry there aren't much direct translations, and sorry this was so long. Hope it was informant enough but if you need more information like direct translations of the diss tracks, feel free to e-mail me! I'm going to leave in the source a link to the diss tracks you guys can listen to and the actual explanation post Rimi wrote on Hiphopplaya. If you guys have other requests, feel free to leave it in the comments or e-mail (e-mail is best though!).



  1. " I don't know, this seems like middle school play of taking each other off of their Myspace top 8."


  2. "We forgot about Unik One! I hope he doesn't write a diss track about me because I forgot about him, wherever he is in the wonders of the nuguland :("

    i'm the op of the request and thank you so much, it was very clear!