Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Primary releases single "Poison" featuring E-Sens

Primary releases single "Poison" featuring E-Sens.

After a teaser for the single released a few hours ago, the full MV and song was released through Amoeba Culture's Youtube channel as well as the various online music sites today at 12PM in Korea.

Although this is the pre-release for Primary's upcoming official album, I felt like this served more so as E-Sens's comeback into the hip hop scene. And what better way to come back with one of the hottest producers from the underground breaking into mainstream recently?

Not only that but you can tell by just listening to the track. Everyone knows that this isn't the greatest beat that Primary has made. You have to admit it if you've listened to his past works. This doesn't mean I'm dissing Primary, but I feel like there was a reason as to why.

It's as if he purposely just went for something soft and let E-Sens do the work with his lyrics. To me, it felt like they wanted E-Sens to speak for himself and honestly, I don't even believe he needed the beat. The man was spitting his flow effortlessly and it was almost like a poetry slam, just telling what he wanted. The beat was pretty much there to be a nice feature in adding suspense when E-Sens gets into the climax of the track as well as wrapping up the song with soothing vocals.

Going back to the lyrics, I can't say anything else other than it was beautiful. The way it was written, the analogies he makes, the emotions you can feel with the diction used...everything was perfect. I think this is also why I love E-Sens a lot, because he sounds like he doesn't even try and he's just telling his life story and that goes for most of his raps, showing how laid back he is and that he's kicking his two feet up in the air and saying to the world, "Fuck you, I'm E-Sens." 

Anyway, I'm not really a fan of Amoeba's music videos, but why does that matter when you have one of the greatest producers in the hip hop scene collaborating with one of Korean hip hop's greatest emcees? Take a look at the lyrics and listen to track, and you judge if my bias is acceptable in this case.

Many memories piled with dust with time passed by
The poison filling up my body with time passing by
Lately it’s been growing worse in wanting to be more free and exactly half of me is dead
I can’t see it, but I believe it
For sure that I’ve felt it lead me before
I remember the beginning and empty out all the things that rotted me
I have to catch it, the things I lost
The long vacation up till now
The days when faith that was clenched tightly in my fist was all I said to have had and I’d ridicule everyone in being fearful and old
And now the opposite’s happened, they gave me fear
It was inevitable that I would eventually become like one of them
And it was then when reality told me to look straight
Although it wanted to run, it said that sitting was more comfortable
Every time it’d lie to both me and you

Thanks to the comfort like cigarettes, I was able to grasp my mentality a little
The hidden message behind becoming an adult is just hypnosis and it’s never becoming clearer
I’m just living in my comfort zone and it’s as if I’m a dog being tied away
I only learned these kinds of things
I was fearful for the watch of others as much as I feared gaining courage
I was tired of those states so I told them to go just away
Where my belief pulls me is this place, right here, my home, the place where I become complete
You can ridicule me all you want for you being nothing but an empty shell with your dreams tossed aside whenever an opportunity comes your way
You can hide your failure in pretending to care about me
You, who doesn’t want to get hurt is all, stay still
You say that its common sense and it’s a world where cowardliness is a cure
Instead of you, I give respect to everyone who has scars and celebrate to those who overcame it

I’ve fallen into a deep hole before
Pretending to live without any problems to my family and friends
The loath and arrogance of mine that mixed together
I didn’t even like the eyes that looked at me from my own reflection
The depletion of passion
The behaviors that I detested more than anyone
Now that it’s become my problem, I feel like dying
I can’t really feel other things
I’ve seen myself mess up but I can’t find it to kill myself
But back then, it didn’t seem like a waste if I threw away everything I had somewhere far away
I wore myself out from digging like a maniac in finding things that can comfort me
Peace never had a relation with me
I lingered in raising my voice to hide my insecurities and grew angry when talks of pride were brought up, making me dizzy
It was a time where I didn’t even know who was next to me
At the time, I didn’t believe in god but I couldn’t believe in my messed-up self so for quite a while, I couldn’t grasp life
Mornings never felt refreshing no matter how many hours I slept
The anxiety and pressure that crushed my youth
Foam, traps, and temptations that came instead of opportunities
All those factors faced from the front; the next time I’ll make sure to hold onto those I lost from the beginning

If I try to catch up hurriedly, I slowly begin to forget which one is me
If you have to stop, then stop now
Because we lose those important to us too often


  1. Words cannot express how I feel! Welcome back, E-sens.

    And THANK YOU for the lyrics! :)

  2. have to agree with everything you said.
    the lyrics.. *clutches chest* just so beautiful.