Thursday, January 2, 2014

360 Sounds releases first episode 'HEADROOM ROCKERS' for 360 TV

I am dumb and I don't know how to sub things (also, I wasn't sure if I would be allowed to sub over the video in the first place without consent even if I could) so the text transcript for the episode is below. I'll also translate every episode that releases.

DJ Soulscape: There's a constant growth of music being made and the environment in which it's made in is evolving greatly. The generation has evolved into one where producers nowadays are more inclined to work from home, whether it's with simple equipment or with their own skills, techniques, or sources to produce music and deliver it through the public via the internet or through media outlets.

Mood Schula: I don't think there's a particular title for the beat making scene in Korea right now but that doesn't mean that for the people who've already created a title for themselves, that there isn't an official title out at the moment. There's not that many albums released (in the scene) and I don't believe that there's an abundance of high quality music released right now.

PeeJay: There may or may not be people I already know of in the scene but I think this could be a fun program where we can discover others who create beats as well.

DJ Soulscape: There's a limit as to how much exposure those producers and beat makers receive and there's not that many opportunities for them to meet one another.

Avantgarde Vak: Firstly, the name "Headroom Rockers" itself is awesome. We should have started this (program) earlier but what matters is that 360 is the one starting it first.

DJ Soulscape: We created Headroom Rockers" because we felt compelled to show how each and every individual beat maker creates their own music through their style and how they go about delivering their music to the public. Also, the program gives the opportunity for these producers to meet with one another and listen to each other's music and allows current musicians and producers already working in the industry to give their inputs based on what they feel from listening to their music.

In order to make it fun, we set up the program like a competition. We decided to set it up as a tournament style by drawing names and having them battle one another. Although you can't make music compete with one another like sports does, we chose this method because we wanted to make it fun.

Mood Schula: The standards that I'm judging off of isn't how much potential the track has to be a hit or how many people will like the track but solely based off of the music alone. I want to judge based on what that person wanted to express through their music.

PeeJay: I think the idea of critiquing someone's beat is humorous because each individual has their own tricks and personal skills to create their sound. As a fellow beat maker, I want to be able to think, "Ah! What kind of knowledge can I gain from this person's music? This person's music is very creative and fresh." I think by looking at the competition in this aspect, it'll make it fun for me also. I'm not looking to critique someone, just looking for good beats.

DJ Soulscape: The final round will take place at a club called "Cakeshop" located in Itaewon in the form of a live battle. As motivation, we've prepared a grand prize for the winner which is my entire fortune that I have. The cash prize is 1,000,000won but right now, the amount isn't 1,000,000won yet. I'll work a little harder to fulfill the cash prize and will deliver the cash directly to the winner.

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