Thursday, January 24, 2013

Standart Music Group recruits Soul Dive and R-EST.

Announced about 2 days ago on Hiphopplaya, Standart Music Group (previously known as just Standart Music) released their new logo after the renewal of their website as well as the new members that are to join the label. After much hype (and much speculation from hip hop fans already knowing who the new members were), it was announced that Soul Dive (comprised of members Nuck, D.Theo, and Zito) and R-EST will be joining Standart Music Group.

Soul Dive was already known to have been the top candidate for joining the music label since the news of Nuck joining 불한당 (Hooligan) a new, uprising crew led by fellow label-mates Minos, RHYME-A-, and Kebee were in it also.

When Standart Music Group had initially launched with the news of Noise Mob, a duo unit formed by Minos and RHYME-A-, the label was under fire from fans calling them the "second Soul Company" due to the majority of artists under the label having been in Soul Company, and the accusations heightened when the news of former Soul Company producer G-Slow joining the label was announced.

But with Soul Dive and R-EST joining the label, one could see it as balancing the amount of former Soul Company artists and producers, a gateway to mainstream since Soul Dive has broke into mainstream ever since their 'debut' with the song "AOAOA," or a desperate reach for revenue considering Noise Mob, the only artists promoting at the moment, aren't living up to the expectations of hip hop fans.

What makes me even more curious is that Soul Dive was doing fine under J2 Entertainment, expanding into mainstream in releasing singles and collaborating with artists like Younha. So what made them join Standard Music Group? Could this also be a balance for them to guard their title of being underground while J2 Entertainment quietly backs them up as their mainstream supporter?

Regardless, as a fan of Nuck, I haven't been really impressed with the route he's been going in (aka his mainstream route) but if he's joining Standart Music Group, I expect that solo album he's hinted at to be better than dancing on Music Core with idol clothes and hair.

Meanwhile, Standart Music Group will be celebrating the renewal of their label and begin their official promotions as a label by hosting their first label concert, "Standart Music Concert - ST.ART," which will be held at the Sang Sang Madang in Hongdae on February 23rd. Pre-orders for tickets will go on sale on January 30th through Interpark and details of the concert will be released at a later time.

Source: Hiphopplaya

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